AI Content Moderation Solution

Automatically filter user-generated images and content that don’t conform with your user safety standards and general regulations.

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Why Automated Content Moderation with AI

Most online platforms accumulate tons of user-generated content, comprising images, videos, text, audio, etc. Some of that content can be inappropriate, obscene, explicit, or even illegal. Without active moderation and regulation, this data can damage brands and other users. Companies need protection from this form of content and need to moderate and regulate aggressively. Allocating human resources to do this takes a lot of time and can’t be scaled as efficiently.

Folio3’s AI Content Moderation Solution

Folio3’s content moderation solution flags inappropriate content by returning a probability score. The solution enables active protection for online businesses and communities from the pitfalls of massively generated user content.

AI Content Moderation for All Media

Our Solution can be customized to detect and flag custom violations in content whether images, videos, or text. Flag issues on the fly and scale with ease as the volume of user-generated content grows.





Our solution is built with agility and flexibility in mind and can be easily deployed on top of your infrastructure and customized for the best results.


Precisely detect violations and classify accordingly.


Don’t worry about scaling, we can help you scale the solution to fit your usage.

Built for You

Our solutions can be customized for your specific use case to create the best fit.

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