Vehicle Counting – What is it and Why is it Important in 2023?

Vehicle counting system is a solution that automates the process of vehicle detection and classification.
what is vehicle counting

Recent years have seen tremendous growth in practically every field and the transportation sector is no exemption to this.

With each year seeing an increase in the number of vehicles on the road, road traffic accidents are also on an all-time high, and road safety is perhaps more important than ever. 

So, what is an effective method to monitor road traffic, prevent accidents and keep transportation systems running as efficiently as possible? 

The answer lies in vehicle counting. 

Vehicle counting is a computer vision solution that automates the process of vehicle detection and classification.

Vehicle counting software focuses on keeping track of the number and type of vehicles that enter and leave through a particular route for accurate monitoring of traffic. 

Vehicle counting is a huge leap towards achieving a safer environment on traffic-heavy roads. 

Computer vision is a branch of artificial intelligence that allows computer systems to imitate human vision. Computer vision has helped in automating data collection and processing, making it a valuable asset in practically any industry, including, of course, the transportation industry.

Vehicle Counting

What is Vehicle Counting?

Vehicle counting is a computer vision solution that focuses on automating traffic monitoring. Automated vehicle counting is an integral part of maintaining the transportation structure of modern-day cities.

Vehicle detection software uses surveillance cameras to track vehicles in real-time and record the type and number of vehicles passing a certain point at a specific time in the day. 

Here are some of the key features of vehicle detection software:

  • Detect and classify vehicles without making physical contact with them
  • The ability to accurately track a large number and wide variety of vehicles
  • Compile collected data and sync it to other devices
  • Process the data and analyze it to generate an accurate image of traffic flow in a specified area

Vehicle counting software enables traffic to flow with ease and efficiency by generating an accurate image of traffic flow throughout the day. This can be used to predict any blockages or bottlenecks in the traffic, which allows people to avoid that route, preventing overcrowding and any potential accidents that can be caused due to it.

Along with this, the software also runs deep analytics on the data it has gathered that compiles the number and type of accidents in an area so that local authorities can work to overcome any weak links that may create hazards leading to these accidents. 

Folio3 Vehicle Counting System

An example of a great vehicle detection software is the folio3 vehicle detection and counting system.

The folio3 vehicle detection system is a computer vision solution to modern-day traffic problems and a way to decrease the incidence of road traffic accidents. 

So how exactly does the folio3 vehicle detection and counting system operate? The software works on a computer-vision generated algorithm that automates the monitoring of traffic. 

Computer vision is a branch of artificial intelligence that allows computer systems to imitate human vision. Computer vision has helped in automating the process of data collection and processing, making it a valuable asset in practically any industry. 

Based on computer vision, folio3’s vehicle detection and counting solution focus on automating the process of overseeing traffic and maximizing transportation efficiency.

5 Best Vehicle Counting Software in 2022

With the importance of automation in road monitoring, the use of vehicle counting software has rapidly increased. Here we have compiled a list of the top 5 vehicle counting software in 2022. 

  1. folio3 Vehicle Detection and Counting Solution

One of the best vehicle counting software on the market is the folio3 Vehicle Detection and Counting Solution. This is a computer vision-based program that helps automate overseeing traffic flow.

folio3’s deep learning method enables users to recognize different types of vehicles, from trucks to cars to bikes, and even identify different models of cars, along with keeping track of the total number of each type of vehicle. 

The software allows for live streaming of traffic flow as well as recording specified clips of traffic footage that can be analyzed later. 

Along with this, folio3’s solution is extremely customizable, since it offers a wide range of features, such as the ability to blur or focus on number plates, zoom in on individual vehicles and blur background scenery.

The software also easily syncs gathered data with cloud and android devices. 

  1. intuVision VA- Vehicle Counting

intuVision VA- Vehicle Counting is a great option for vehicle counting software. 

The software can identify four types of vehicles, that include, bikes, cars, trucks, and medium-sized vans and buses. The app can run in-depth analysis on traffic flow and also possess the ability to monitor traffic in any location at any time, even during the night, with its special night-vision camera.

The software allows you to monitor traffic in multiple lanes at one point in time and it offers high customizability, which makes it a flexible option. 

  1. TrafxFLOW

TrafxFLOW is another excellent option for vehicle counting software.

The app allows you to monitor all sorts of vehicles and run analytics not just on the vehicles but also on the surrounding environment, the incidence of traffic accidents in the area, and road statistics like average speed of a vehicle and number of cars crossing the speed limit.

Because of the detailed analytics it provides, TrafxFLOW is a great option for planning construction on roadsides or for studying the reason behind road traffic accidents to think of strategies that can be deployed to prevent them 

  1.  Camlytics

Camlytics is a great software solution that focuses more on automating the monitoring of traffic with the wide range of cameras it offers.

Camlytics uses webcams, NVR, and CCTV cameras to record the flow of traffic in real-time and paint an accurate image of the traffic density of a given area at a given point in time.

The software also can distinguish between pedestrians and vehicles accurately, which can be very useful when studying a road traffic accident case. Along with this, Camlytics offers thermal cameras, that can operate during the night and even during heavy rainfall.   

  1. Delta Software Solutions (DSS)

Delta Software Solutions (DSS) is another example of an excellent vehicle counting solution on the market that focuses on meeting each client’s requirements due to its high customizability.

 The software records and analyzes each lane of traffic and can run for periods as long as a week. 

Along with this, DSS can run deep analytics on traffic recordings and generate hourly reports on the types of vehicles passing a point as well as their speed.

What is a vehicle counting sensor?

A vehicle counting sensor is a device that enables you to monitor the flow of traffic at a given point in time at a specified location. The sensor can count the number of vehicles traveling in opposite directions, which is a useful feature to study a traffic scene during traffic jams and at intersections.

What is a vehicle counting algorithm?

A vehicle counting algorithm is a computer vision-based solution that processes traffic information and reports data based on this information. Reports can include details regarding traffic flow, the incidence of road traffic accidents, and times more prone to traffic jams.


With the increasing number of road traffic incidents and the general rise in traffic on the roads, especially in densely populated cities, installing vehicle counting devices is a great way to automate monitoring the flow of traffic.

Vehicle counting enables you to receive detailed and accurate reports regarding your traffic situation in real-time so that you can plan your route. Along with this, the data gathered is a great way to study local traffic patterns and identify risk factors that can be overcome to avoid road traffic accidents. 

The type of vehicle-counting software you use depends on your location but with the wide range of vehicle counting devices available in the market, you are sure to fine one that matches your needs and aids the flow of local traffic. 

Vehicle Counting

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