Vehicle Sensors and Detection System for Security

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Because of advanced technologies, many business owners and supply chain managers now have substantially easier lives. Inventory management, site safety, and resource allocation professionals can all benefit from the capacity to precisely, dependably, and quickly detect cars as they enter or depart the complex. They are also perfect for controlling traffic.

Many sensor systems that provide a high level of comfort and safety are installed in modern cars by delivering notifications about their condition; each sensor communicates with the car’s electronic control system.

To detect human movements, high-resolution cameras are typically utilized; however, they are both expensive and demanding maintenance. Motion sensors and wireless connectivity are being used more than any other technology. High-resolution cameras and video-based detection are used with the current technology.

Thus, your organization needs the right technology, which is Computer Vision services. But figuring out what kind of technology you require can be difficult. 


The Executive Summary 

You must consider various aspects, including the sensing range, vehicle size, and mounting of the sensors. Therefore, if you’re considering purchasing sensors for security and detection purposes, you must go through the articles to understand the basics of the Vehicle Detection system stated in our article today.

What Is A Vehicle Detection System?

In order to identify the presence of vehicles and send outcomes to operators or other equipment that really can produce volume, availability, and speed data, the system activates and monitors wire implanted in the road surface (detection output).

How Does A Vehicle Detection System Operate?

It gauges the variation in the magnetic field brought on by a moving object. Both presence and vehicle passage detection are possible with it. The passive form of detector only counts the fluxes of the magnetic field on earth that changes as a result of a passing vehicle.

What Are The Different Types Of Sensors Used In A Vehicle Detection System?

The most popular vehicle detection sensors that are worthwhile purchasing are listed below. You can find all of them here, whether you’re looking for one that alerts you when a car approaches or one that counts the number of vehicles that pass the gate.


  • Mobile Microwave Sensor

A microwave sensor uses electromagnetic radiation to identify movement. It sends out waves that are reflected back to the receiver. The receiver can then inspect the waves that have returned. As a result, you can easily recognize an object that is moving across a room by how it affects the waves.

These sensors’ sensitivity to motion varies. But altogether, these are ideal in terms of security. They can detect even the smallest changes and email you the information. Therefore, you can utilize such sensors to detect automobiles as they approach your area.

In order for it to detect vehicles in its area of vision if you buy one for vehicle detection, you should mount it on top of a signal pole. They are, therefore, excellent for spotting traffic and fast-moving cars.


  • Burial Sensor

Get a buried sensor if you prefer something more discrete and don’t like the idea of placing a conspicuous sensor. As the name implies, it is often covered in soil and buried beneath the ground.

  • Photoelectric Sensors

A vehicle’s existence and the presence of an axle or tire are detected using photoelectric sensors. This is the sensor you want if you want to be able to count cars.

Such a sensor employs a light projector and photoelectric sensors to measure any item’s distance, presence, and absence. A single modulated light beam or an ensemble of light beams can also be used to count how often an object interferes with the beams quickly. So, it is simple to obtain information on how often the beam strikes a moving object.

The sensors are positioned above or next to a roadside. When using an overhead installation, the sensor should be mounted directly on a building, such as an overpass. Additionally, you must direct it downward in order for it to detect every time the light is broken.

When mounted on a roadside, the sensors are placed next to a traffic lane with the light facing the road. However, locating the optimal spot where the beams could identify all vehicles from a sideway is challenging.

If you intend to buy a photoelectric sensor, try installing it over a building or gate so it can detect all the vehicles coming into or going out. You will get a better view of the road and all the cars from this special location.

  • Alert Alarm

Do you require a security alarm? If so, an alarm alert sensor is required. Most of these use aural signaling tools to tell you if someone has unintentionally entered your area. To allow you to see who entered, it will set off audio warnings, turn on cameras, and turn on lights. Depending on your preferences, they may even be able to open or close a driveway gate immediately.

Therefore, you need this security system if you want one that activates whenever anyone accesses the property without authorization.

  • Exit Wand Sensor for Vehicles

The motion of autos and other vehicles is detected using sensors, sometimes known as sensor probes or Vehicle Exit Wand Sensors. It employs an electromagnetic sensor to track all vehicle movement in a given area.

They are typically installed above or below the surface. Consequently, you could locate them on unpaved driveways or rocky gravel walkways.

They are perfect for anyone looking for a cheap product because they are on sidewalks rather than in the middle of a road. To install the sensor, the concrete won’t need to be removed. Just set it up directly by your driveway. The total cost of installation will be minimal as a result.

These are additionally ideal for closing and opening gates. They are useless for safety purposes, nevertheless, as a car’s proximity to the entrance can result in erroneous triggers.

However, you can also add them for security if you utilize a highly sophisticated exit wand. The sensor can regulate the radius along 3 axes (x, y, and z). Regrettably, you would be required to spend more for a product of this caliber.

The sensor can identify disruptions brought on by various ferrous objects using 3-axis and magneto-resistive detecting methods. The sensor estimates the Earth’s magnetic field and aids in detecting anomalies. As a result, you can readily see any car that enters or leaves the area at any moment.

They are also incredibly sensitive, economical, and small. They are perfect for those seeking a dependable and economical vehicle detection sensor.


Final Thoughts – The Vehicle Sensors And Detection Systems

These days, car detection sensors are a requirement—whether for traffic control or company security, a vehicle detection system provides customers security and eases your mind. Nobody would be able to elude the vigilant sensors without being seen.

Make sure to consider the range of Computer Vision services that will cover your requirements while making your choice. For instance, you might require a security sensor with a closer distance if you are placing one in your driveway. However, if you want to manage the traffic in the immediate area, you must choose one with a huge range.