AI Drone Solar Panel Inspection

We provide AI-powered drone inspection solutions that enable quick, frequent, and accurate inspection of your solar energy farms to ensure longevity and reduce costs.

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Utilizing AI for Solar Panel Inspection Drone

Elevate your solar energy production with our cutting-edge AI drone inspection solutions. Streamline your operations, detect issues with unmatched precision, and maximize your solar farm's potential.

AI-powered solar panel drone inspections can cut down inspection times and costs drastically and quickly identify potential defects that could compromise power yield by catching them early on.

How Folio3’s AI Drone Inspection Solution Works?

Folio3 AI’s solutions are designed to utilize different drone hardware like thermal imaging cameras to identify various anomalies while conducting complete solar farm inspections. The solution identifies hotspots on cells, diode failures, detect shattered or dirty solar panels, other panel coating or fogging anomalies, etc.

We build bespoke systems for our clients that are specifically developed for their operations and requirements, therefore, each one of our implementations creates a unique advantage for our respective clients.


Thermal Vision Support

Utilize thermal imagery to identify hotspots, anomalies, and potential defects in your solar farm installation.

Analyze Mapping & Geospatial Data

Leverage AI to accurately map terrain and identify any anomalies within your solar farm.


Insightful Analysis & Reports

Get in-depth analysis and reports regarding the health of your solar farm and operations.

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Utilize drone-captured footage to identify various anomalies while conducting complete solar farm inspections

Key Features

Folio3’s Solar Panel Inspection model utilizes drone-captured footage to identify various anomalies while conducting complete solar farm inspections.
The solution offers the following features:

Detection of hotspots on cells

Detection of shattered or cracked panels

Detection of dirty solar panels


Additional Features

Additional features available via customization (charged separately) are:

Live footage processing

Terrain mapping

Custom reports


AI-powered drone inspection provides great cost and efficiency advantages to solar energy farms and operations. Traditionally, inspections would involve a team of experts checking each individual panel with thermal cameras and recording faults which in the case of most farms may take from several weeks to months just for inspection.

Minimize Cost of Inspection

Minimize Cost of Inspection

Find Problems Faster

Find Problems Faster

Conduction Inspections with Ease

Conduction Inspections with Ease

Maximize Equipment Longevity

Maximize Equipment Longevity

Manual Solar Panel Inspection Challenges

Overcome Operational and traditional inspection challenges with AI powered solar panel drone inspection

Logistical Constraints
Logistical Constraints

Traditional inspections struggle with covering vast solar farms. AI drones overcome this challenge by swiftly and consistently covering large areas without any logistical hassles.

Adverse Conditions
Adverse Conditions

Environmental factors like weather or terrain can hinder human inspectors. AI drones operate in adverse conditions, ensuring inspections are conducted consistently regardless of external factors.

Human Error Reduction
Human Error Reduction

AI eliminates the potential for human error, ensuring a higher degree of accuracy in identifying issues and recommending maintenance actions.

Prompt Action
Prompt Action

Instant data processing enables quick identification of panel issues, allowing for timely maintenance and repairs that improve overall energy output.

Safety Enhancement
Safety Enhancement

AI drone inspections eliminate the risk to human safety in hazardous environments, ensuring inspections are conducted without any harm.

Other AI Drone Applications

We have built solutions to cater to a number of different use cases and scenarios.

01_Terrain mapping


Utilize drones to identify and map terrain characteristics and anomalies. From identifying buildings and structures using LIDAR tech to detecting anomalies like landslides, etc.


Precision Agriculture

Leverage AI to detect pests, diseases, and other factors like water distribution to maximize yield and efficiency while driving down the costs and wastage.

Livestock Management

Livestock Management

Maximize the efficiency of your ranch by keeping a count of your cattle and livestock, identify predators in your geofenced area, and monitor the quality of pastures.


Pipeline Inspection

Conduct timely and quick inspections of your pipeline infrastructure by identifying anomalies such as damage, spillage, illegal encroachment, and theft.


Wind Turbine Inspection

Conduct quick and accurate inspections of wind turbines for the timely detection of damage and indications of wear.

AI Drone
Solar Panel Inspection

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And standard features.

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Vehicle Detection

Detect, identify, and count vehicles in video and image data.

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Person Detection

Accurately detect people in video or image data.

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Face Detection

Face Detection

Accurately detect and identify human faces in video and image feeds.

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Apparel Detection

Apparel Detection

Detect and identify clothing and accessories, such as shirts, trousers, shoes, and headgear, etc.

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Food Detection

Food Detection

Detect and recognize food items in image and video feeds.

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Animal Detection

Animal Detection

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    AI Drone Solar Panel Inspection FAQs

    AI enables drones to do more than just capture images or videos captured with the mounted camera. With AI, drones can now perceive and identify areas enabling them to map areas, track objects, detect anomalies, and provide analytical reports.

    Once the visual data is captured by the drone, the AI-powered software analyzes the footage/images to identify specific characteristics like objects, anomalies, or other factors like temperature ranges and after crunching that data presents it in insightful reports. Thereby, greatly reducing the time and effort required by conducting a manual inspection.

    For drone surveying, accuracy can mean different things. Like, for conventional photogrammetric tech it can be higher resolution images as those are used to create 3D planes. Whereas advanced LiDAR technology might offer the same pixel sizes but offers a lot more useful data of topological characteristics. So, the technology being deployed goes a long way in determining the accuracy of the surveys.