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About Folio3 AI

We are alums of Intel, Silicon Graphics and Qualcomm; techies from MIT and Caltech, entrepreneurs and inventors from Silicon Valley. We are enthusiasts for all things digital - big believers in technology’s potential and even bigger believers in human potential.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an overarching term for building  intelligent systems; systems that can sense and think like humans, take actions and improve their decision making ability by continuously learning from the environment. Today, AI embedded software are helping unlock new possibilities by delivering intelligent and automated solutions.

We at Folio3, believe that conducting research into this cutting edge innovative field, applying AI to business solutions and exploring new domains is the way forward - that is why we have fostered a team of experts that can help companies grow in the futuristic world of Artificial Intelligence.

What do we have to show for it all?


Clients (banks, booksellers, software giants, game start-ups) that trust and value us enough to be our best spokespersons.


Web and mobile solutions made with love, integrity and lots of caffeine.


Employees who understand the dual commitment at Folio3: Customers first, Employees forever.

Some of our Featured Clients

Why Folio3

Folio3 offers unparalleled innovative technology solutions with a continuous support service provision. Our highly trained team of professionals have years of experience in empowering companies with solutions that meet their unique business needs. Here is what Folio3 brings to the table when it comes to technology solutions:


Solutions offered by Folio3 are customized to meet your specific business requirements.


We can offer flexible solutions and add functionalities across multiple platforms to aid business growth.


We are a one-stop-solution for all your enterprise innovation and technology needs.


We believe in maintaining sustainable relationships with our customers, whereby our aim is to provide budget-friendly quality services.

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