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How Synthetic Data Generation is Transforming
Big Data & Privacy

Data Anonymization has always faced challenges and raised quite a few questions when it comes to privacy protection. This is where Synthetic Data Generation has revolutionized the industry by enabling businesses to protect data, ensure privacy, and at the same time generate data sets that mimic all the same patterns and correlations from your original data. Being completely anonymous synthetic data is exempt from data protection regulations.

Folio3’s Advanced Synthetic Data Generation Solution

Folio3’s Synthetic Data Generation Solution enables organizations to generate a limitless amount of realistic & highly representative data that matches the patterns, correlations, and behaviors of your original data set. Our solution can create synthetic data for a variety of uses and in a range of formats.

Use Cases

Our synthetic data generation solution is capable of generating accurate data that is based on the patterns and behaviors of the original data set. Therefore, it serves a synthetic data generation tool that enables you to create anonymized data at scale without risking your customer’s privacy or denting your reputation. 

Producing 3D Tracks

AI Training

Generate accurate data at scale to train your advanced machine learning and AI algorithms.

3D Labeling

Testing & Development

Test and develop your next-gen products and services with accurate data at scale

Sensor-Friendly Services

Data Monetization

Monetize by sharing data assets with the fullest detail without risking the privacy of your customers.

Identifying Objects and Analysis

SaaS Product Validation

Test drive SaaS seintervices by creating real-world conditions with synthetic data and safely test new offerings.

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Our solution can be used for a multitude of industries and businesses, backed by a suite of services designed to serve individual client needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Image Recognition


Image Classification
Data Labeling


Land Surveys & Inspections

Image Analytics

Livestock & Animal Care

Pattern Recognition

Autonomous Vehicles

Visual Search


Image Analytics

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15+ Years of Experience

15+ Years of Experience

Folio3 offers extensive expertise and experience by leveraging in-depth industry insight. We help clients achieve maximum potential by predicting loss points and providing actionable vision.

Certified Experts

Certified Experts

Our team of professionals includes more than 300 skilled developers with the right certifications and qualifications to address your every requirement.

1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

Our extensive list of satisfied customers includes companies from a wide range of industries both public and private, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail and traffic management.


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    AI-Powered Synthetic Data Generation FAQs

    what is synthetic test data generation?

    Synthetic Data Generation is the creation of data that is generated artificially by algorithms based on an original data set. It is used for a wide range of activities like testing new products, tools, or validating different AI and machine learning models.

    what are some synthetic data generation applications?

    Synthetic Data can be used in the process of data mining or testing and training complex systems like fraud detection, confidentiality systems, or any other type that works with Big Data.