Folio3 AI Success Stories

From Vision to Victory with AI Industry Experts

Automatic License Plate Detection Solution

Car Detection and Tracking Solution

Object Detection and Blur With Computer Vision

Face Anonymization and Passenger Counting Solution

Locked in Lacrosse – Player Performance Analysis App

AI Powered Workforce Activity Detection

Drone Solar Panel Inspection Solution

AI-powered Sponsorship Monitoring and Omni Channel ROI Calculation

AI-Powered Chatbot for Mental Health Support and Therapy Recommendations

AI-Powered Logo Detection and Sponsorship Monitoring Solution

Up To 40% Fewer Counting Errors With AI Cell Counting And Classification Solution

Real-time Tennis Ball Detection with 90% Accuracy Rate

Automated Content Moderation Solution for Fairsquare UK

Automated Cattle Counting with AI-Powered Animal Detection Solutio

Autocomplete Saved 10+ hours of Manual Labor Using AI Powered OCR

30% Reduced Customer Wait Time At A Uk Based Niche Restaurant

30% Increase in user engagement and 20% More users On Platform

How Aiden Enhanced Their Software Functionality by 50%

Vitiligo Progression and Regression Analysis with Computer Vision

How Ludex Saved 10+ Hours of Manual Work and Scaled Its Business

Years Of Data Fetched Within Minutes Instead Of Hours

Venture Capital Company Increases Sales Revenue by Upto 40%

Time Series Forecasting with End-to-End MLOPs Service


Field Capacity Prediction

E-Learning Platform

Crack Detection Solution

Multi-Tech Support for an Experimentation Platform

Completion Time Estimation

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