Folio3 AI Success Stories

From Vision to Victory with AI Industry Experts

Locked in Lacrosse – Player Performance Analysis App

AI Powered Workforce Activity Detection

Drone Solar Panel Inspection Solution

AI-powered Sponsorship Monitoring and Omni Channel ROI Calculation

AI-Powered Chatbot for Mental Health Support and Therapy Recommendations

AI-Powered Logo Detection and Sponsorship Monitoring Solution

Up To 40% Fewer Counting Errors With AI Cell Counting And Classification Solution

Real-time Tennis Ball Detection with 90% Accuracy Rate

Automated Content Moderation Solution for Fairsquare UK

Automated Cattle Counting with AI-Powered Animal Detection Solutio

Autocomplete Saved 10+ hours of Manual Labor Using AI Powered OCR

30% Reduced Customer Wait Time At A Uk Based Niche Restaurant

30% Increase in user engagement and 20% More users On Platform

How Aiden Enhanced Their Software Functionality by 50%

Vitiligo Progression and Regression Analysis with Computer Vision

How Ludex Saved 10+ Hours of Manual Work and Scaled Its Business

Years Of Data Fetched Within Minutes Instead Of Hours

Venture Capital Company Increases Sales Revenue by Upto 40%

Time Series Forecasting with End-to-End MLOPs Service


Field Capacity Prediction

E-Learning Platform

Crack Detection Solution

Multi-Tech Support for an Experimentation Platform

Completion Time Estimation

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