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We have worked for a wide range of global clients from diverse business verticals. Our clients comprise of start-ups, enterprises, blue-chip companies and multinationals - we're proud to showcase and share the details of some of our successful projects. Please feel free to go through our case studies below and contact us if you'd like to find out how we can support and effectively serve the interest of your business.

Here's a look at some results of our expert team’s outstanding work:

Time Series Forecasting with End-to-End MLOPs Service

Time Series Forecasting with Deep Learning for volatility in oil prices with End-to-End MLOPs Services

Schlumberger is the world’s top oil field service company having average annual revenue of around $30 Billion. Folio3 works with SLB to develop their AI infrastructure and support them with various time-series forecastings having end-to-end MLOPs services on sales data.

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Digital Sales platform with AI-Generated Avatar Creation

Digital Sales Platform Development with AI-based customized avatar creation and wallet integration

A US-based blockchain solution provider company was looking for a technology partner who could help them create a platform for NFT sales with AI-based customized avatar creation. Folio3 AI developed a customized NFT sales platform for them with AI-Generated avatar creation for an engaging and smooth user experience.
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End-to-End Data Pipeline

S3 to Delta Tables in Databricks

Being a software company that collects canine data through sensors, makes it useful and feeds it to their ML algorithms for further insights, Kinship had to face challenges while fetching data older than 90 days for their Machine Learning Algorithms. Folio3 augmented its staff with an experienced Data Engineering team for faster deployment, reduced system errors, and a smooth integration on the cloud.

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Race Car Detection Solution

A Swiss tech company with many clients in the IT industry was looking for a technology partner who could help them develop an AI solution for race car detection throughout a race course. Folio3 AI developed a customized vehicle detection solution for them with the ability to track and identify race cars throughout the race-course area.

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End-to-end MLOPs Service With AI Automation

Ludex is a sports and trading card scanning app that helps card collectors identify and track the value of their collections. Folio3 worked with Ludex to develop their AI infrastructure and support them scale their business with end-to-end MLOPs services.

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Wireless Camera Manufacturing Company

Activity and Object Detection for Tennis

With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, this organization is the top manufacturer of wireless portable digital magnification cameras that provide real-time video transmission and works with resellers and dealers worldwide.

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Hamzavi Dermatology

Vitiligo Progression and Regression Analysis with Computer Vision

Hamzavi Dermatology, a leading provider in skin cancer, surgical procedures, and pediatric and ethnic dermatology, aims to simplify the process of vitiligo treatment. The treatment has two main goals: to halt the progression of the disease and to re-pigment affected areas.

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Aiden Enabled

End-to-End MLOPS Service

Being the first and only software company that collects vehicle data through sensors and makes it useful for consumers, Aiden had to face challenges while managing the machine learning workloads of the software projects. Folio3 augmented their staff with an experienced MLOPs team for faster deployment, reduced system errors, and a smooth integration on the cloud.

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Opsis Health

AI based food detection and health tracking application

Using Human-centered technology, data science, and AI Opsis Health works to improve human health and well-being everyday. Opsis needed an AI-based application to help customers keep track of their calorie count and carb intake by tracking their serving size and nutritional facts.

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AI in Restaurant

UK-Based Niche Restaurant

Reducing customer waiting time and improving system efficiency

Based in the UK and known for its food quality, taste, and great customer service, this restaurant serves the highest quality food at affordable prices. To make the customer experience even better, Folio3 designed a computer vision-based solution that would allow customers to check out seamlessly.

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AutoComplete OCR

Computer vision-based OCR Solution for Data extraction and management

Autocomplete is a US-based startup company that enables its users to choose their own automobile insurance plans. Combining artificial intelligence with strategic partnerships they have enabled a user experience that provides zero-effort auto-protection. Folio3 developed a state-of-the-art computer vision-based AI solution that processed the data from multiple insurance providers and input the extracted data into autocomplete application.

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Cattle Counting Solution

Powered by Computer Vision

An independent, privately held Australian Company was looking to maximize its operational efficiency when managing and monitoring cattle. Folio3 developed a state-of-the-art computer vision-based AI solution that processed high res images and videos of cattle in pens and pastures to provide the total count of animals.

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FairSquare UK

FairSquare UK is an online car dealership that provides buyers with car financing options as well. Folio3 developed a computer vision-based content moderation solution that was responsible for monitoring the user uploaded data and enforcing content rules and guidelines at scale. 

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Field Capacity Prediction

Field Capacity Prediction

Accurately estimate field capacity by considering factors like moisture, water content, and soil content.

Folio3 developed a complete machine learning model to accurately predict field capacity based on soil moisture and water content data captured by sensors for a California based irrigation management solutions provider.

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AI and big data

Govzilla provides a platform that leverages AI and big data to make government data more accessible and usable for organizations for inspection, regulation, and enforcement of required compliances. Folio3 AI developed a user-facing portal that enabled their users to easily access data like forms, inspection, and FDA warning letters while tracking their entire inspection process on the platform.

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Emmersion Learning

E-Learning Platform

Folio3 developed a complete audio-to-text transcription service

Folio3 developed a complete audio-to-text transcription service that compared the transcripted text with the targeted text and provided a score based on accuracy.

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Crack Detection Solution

Crack detection solution in app for a US-based insurance

Folio3 AI developed and deployed a crack detection solution in app for a US-based insurance provider for electronic devices and appliances that allowed their customers to take a picture of their cracked phones to claim or activate warranties.

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Converse Smartly ®

Natural Language Processing

Converse Smartly allows you to make your conversations smart, intelligent and productive with the use of machine learning, artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Converse Smartly is a cutting edge solution for recording meeting minutes and automatically converting them from audio speech to text words.

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Facial Recognition System

Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG)

Our solution offers a highly accurate facial recognition system which provides real time results based on Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). Utilizing the dLib for face recognition and object oriented detection, we were able to accurately showcase results in real-time.

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Facial Recognition System

Road Traffic Analysis

Deep Learning

Based on vehicle type and classification, this Vehicle Counting System was created using the Deep Learning Method. It can accurately differentiate between different types of vehicles and conduct a total count. It is a must-have solution for road and safety, offering video surveillance and comprehensive video data analysis.

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Multi-Tech Support for an Experimentation Platform

Fullstack SDKs (Libraries)

Folio3 provided the client with an on-going multi support to develop their highly configurable dashboards, analytics dashboard with the ease of integration with the platform itself. A full-stack team of developers to Support in on-going development of their Fullstack SDKs (Libraries). As the on-going requirements involve support from Open source and Proprietary development according to their needs.

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Completion Time Estimation

Machine Learning

This tailored Machine Learning solution has enabled our customer’s Digital Marketing Team to substantially improve the effective delivery through precise schedules and outcome of marketing campaigns, while meeting the weekly associated deadlines. A key element of the solution was accurate and precise estimation of the completion time of the campaign.

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