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Big Data Solutions And Services We Offer

Personalised Data Analytics Services

Personalised Data Analytics Services

A comprehensive toolkit of big data analytics services geared towards converting data in several formats to useable insight to drive your company into the future.


ETL Services (Extraction, Transformation, Loading)

ETL is an essential part of today's business intelligence (BI) processes and systems. Collect data from several different sources to analyse and discover business insights.

Enterprise Metrics Management

Enterprise Metrics

Understand and manage Enterprise Metrics better using quantifiable measures derived from big data. We help you track and asses the performance of a specific business process.

Event Monitoring

Event Monitoring

Event monitoring yields useful information for assessing organisational usage trends and user behaviour. You can integrate event log data with your back-end storage.


Regular and Ad Hoc

Generate both regular and ad-hoc reports. You can use BI for monthly or annual performance evaluations or answer specific business questions as the situation calls for it.

ERP Data Warehousing Services

ERP Data Warehousing

Data warehousing services for ERPs to extract data from disparate sources, clean it, and organise it for aggregated and comparison analysis to enable business decisions.

Performance Management Solutions

Performance Management Solutions

Performance management solutions that help businesses understand their employees’ performance and productivity to manage compensation and career planning better and align them with company goals.

Data Migration and Integration

Data Migration &

Innovative solutions to help businesses surmount the complexities of successful data migration and integration. Streamline the processes end-to-end to ensure quick and painless data migration.

Big Data Infrastructure Set-Up & Support

Big Data Infrastructure
Set-Up & Support

Set-up and support services for Big Data infrastructure to ensure optimal performance in any situation. We help you achieve the best utilisation of resources.

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Products made using IBM Watson Big Data Solution

Converse Smartly - Speech to text converter

Folio3 developed Converse Smartly (CS) to enable both individuals and organisations alike to improve efficiency and accuracy. Based on the IBM Watson Speech API and the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK), CS automatically identifies audio and transforms it into fully transcribed text. The transcription also includes a list of top keywords, themes and topics along with sentiment analysis and a summary.

Folio3's IBM consulting services enable you to process dialogue or speech from team meetings, interviews, conferences, seminars and lectures into text with its advanced Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology.

Converse Smartly - Speech to text converter

We Cater to Big Data Solutions Across Industries

Big Data Solutions


Folio3 provides Big Data solutions that use large volumes of historical data coupled with a robust Logical Framework (LogFrame) to define the factors that cause certain diseases, how to prevent them, and so on.

Big Data Education


Folio3 helps educational institutions improve both education delivery and content absorption by identifying how we learn and subsequently providing better teaching strategies.

Big Data Public sector services

Public sector services

“Smart cities” use Big Data combined with analytics and the IoT to offer optimised public sector services and utilities.

Big Data Hospitality


Analytics in the hotel industry revolve around yield management. Folio3 can help ensure that each room attracts the optimal price while taking into account all external factors that impact the inflow and outflow of guests.

Big Data Sports


Big Data and analytics enable superior performance tracking. Folio3 offers Big Data solutions geared towards making sports analytics as productive as possible.

Big Data Professional services

Professional services

Folio3 brings together advanced data, analytics, machine learning, robotics and artificial intelligence to enable you in delivering superior service quality as and when the customer needs it.

Big Data Retail


Big Data services offered by Folio3 can use Big Data to help you better understand your customers and how to recommend products most likely to be purchased by any particular consumer segment.

Big Data Manufacture


Folio3, Big Data services improve the manufacturing processes by improving the coordination between operations and demand.

Big Data Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management

Folio3 uses data obtained through business operations, and video feeds from cameras to provides restocking alerts generated through machine learning algorithms and AI

big data solution farming agriculture

Farming and Agriculture

Big Data can be used to provide farmers access to crowdsourcing, real-time monitoring of fields and yield ratios collected from thousands of users.



The energy sector uses Big Data as much as any other sector. Folio3 offers Big Data services that can help predict ideal locations for everything from exploration to refining techniques and marketing approaches.

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Why Choose Folio3 as you Big Data Solutions Partner

Folio3 offers the best in Big Data with a robust integrated framework for analysing data and deriving actionable insight. As one of the top Big Data services companies providing Big Data consulting services, we have a wide range of expertise and experience working with numerous emerging technologies and tools. These include SAP Business Objects, Informatica, IBM Cognos, Informatica, Pentaho, Oracle Business Intelligence, MS SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS), Server Integration Service (SSIS), Server Reporting Service (SSRS), Mondrian and Jaspersoft. Our Big Data consulting services team can help you build and maintain solutions for Big Data management on any platform you require.

  • Services for data integration
  • Readiness for AWS Redshift
  • Highly compatible database technology
  • Integrated information access with Single Sign-On (SSO) technology
  • Individualised access control
  • Web portal customisation
  • User-role specific dashboards for visualisation
  • Download adjustable reports
  • Automate scheduling and email circulation of reports
  • Modelling business processes in preparation for data integration
  • Secure public cloud services
  • Support for Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) for data streams
  • Comprehensive archiving for all types of data
  • Robust architecture for data offloading functions
  • Storage, control and protection of data
  • BI and Discovery self-service facilitation
  • Tactics roadmap and strategy development
  • Evaluation of tools and prototypes
  • Data Integration, access and services
  • Facilitating construction and Go-Live technology
  • Data Ingestion in real-time
  • Adaptable Data Processing and Storage services
  • Automatic alerts, analytics and dashboards

What is Big Data?

“Big Data” refers to the field of data management that deals with ways to systematically analyse and extract information from data sets that are far too large or complex to be managed by traditional data-processing applications and software. The implications of this relatively new technology are far-reaching and affect the way we approach customers and approach the business process as a whole. And that is why we at Folio3 offer Big Data solutions for harvesting actionable insight from large volumes of data and enabling rapid decision making. As a business intelligence company, we provide data mining and warehousing, coupled with analytics and reporting services to help gather and organise and centralise data from across the enterprise.

Big Data Server

Folio3’s offers services for Big Data with great focus on integration and its intricacies. We provide a combination of solutions with most any type of server. Use the links given below at the end of the page to find out more and let us know how Folio3 can help you by developing solutions for your Big Data needs.


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    Big Data Solution FAQs

    Does Facebook use big data solution?

    Facebook is one of the biggest providers of Big Data. It relies on a vast setup of Hadoop, a highly scalable open-source framework that uses clusters of low-cost servers to solve problems. Hadoop provides a common Facebook infrastructure with both efficiency and reliability. In 2012, Facebook has reported that it produces approximately 500+ terabytes of data on a daily basis. In which there were 2.7 billion likes and around 300 million photos a day. Users send 31.25 million messages a minute, and view 2,77 million Facebook images. Another interesting aspect is that every half hour Facebook scans around 105 terabytes of data.

    What does Google use for big data service?

    It won’t be wrong to state that Google knows everything about us and all credit goes to Big Data analytics. In fact, Google has mastered the domain of big data analytics and it has developed a number of tools and techniques to capture the data of users which includes their preferences, likes, dislikes, area of specialization, requirement etc. Google not only collects these vital data, but it also processes it quickly and efficiently to deliver the required search result for any specific query. Google processes 3.5 billion requests per day, and each request queries a database of 20 billion web pages. 40,000 search queries are made on Google every second, i.e. 3.46 million searches a day.

    What is an example of Big Data in 2020?

    2020 will be another year for Big Data advances and further developments. New concepts can be seen in some of the trends of big data. While others combine and integrate various Big Data-based computer technologies. Few examples include Blockchain combined with IoT. And machine learning being merged with real time speech analytics.