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Fraud Detection Solutions – A Savior in the Digital Age

The biggest threat the corporate sector has to counter today is that of cybercrime and fraud. By hacking into the systems and misusing the sensitive information, these cybercriminals are making it challenging for businesses to survive today.

Folio3 serves as a savior in the digital age and provides companies with seamless fraud services that are perfectly customized according to the needs of the business!

real time screening

Real-time Screening

The solutions for fraud detection by Folio3 are the perfect option for all companies as they provide real-time transaction and user screening. It is designed to monitor incoming data, saving business owners’ time and efforts to review each order themselves.

deep insights user behaviour

Deep Insights into User Behavior

The fraud detection system by Folio3 is an entirely reliable option as it can spot correlations between user behavior and fraudulent activities. Smart solutions can monitor streaming data and detecting fraud patterns.

accurate detection

Accurate Detection

Businesses end up ruining the user experience for many customers through false positives. Folio3’s solution is a perfect way to address the increasing fraud positives. It helps businesses provide their customers with perfect user experience.

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Prevent Fraud & Attract Genuine Customers with Folio3

With high-tech solutions, we can provide our customers with the highest quality comfort. While, on the one hand, we are trying to add convenience to the lifestyle of our customers, we are exposing ourselves to the biggest threat to the corporate world – Fraud!

The fraud detection center comprises of fraud analysts who respond to fraud complaints. They evaluate a claim and investigate to detect fraud and help people regain their stolen details.

Pioneer in the tech industry, Folio3 is providing seamlessly designed fraud prevention along with fraud monitoring services!

fraud detection solutions

Build a Fraud Detection Shield for Your Business

Prevent fraud, and save your business from falling apart!

Type of Enterprise Frauds

There are four common types of enterprise frauds that businesses have to deal with while providing their customers with top-notch user experience.

identify theft

Identity Theft

For e-commerce merchants, the biggest threat is identity theft. A fraud takes up the identity of someone else and uses it to make transactions. The most common type of identity theft is credit card fraud.

charge back fraud

Chargeback Fraud

Chargeback fraud is another form of fraud that enterprises have to prevent. A fraud uses a debit or a credit card to make a purchase. Immediately after, the purchase puts in a claim that the credit card has been stolen.

affiliate fraud

Affiliate Fraud

The third on the list is affiliate fraud. An entity involved in affiliate fraud will trick a company in paying illegitimate commissions. It includes a fraud cloning a company’s website to steal traffic and income.

Account Theft

One of the most dominant forms of theft in the digital world is account theft. It not only financially damages a company but even ruins a company’s reputation.

Fraud Prevention Services – Detect, Catch, Secure

With fraud prevention services offered by Folio3’s seamless solution, companies can detect fraudulent activities way before they turn into a significant loss. As soon as a user visits the company’s website or app, the fraud detection solution will provide real-time data about the behavior of the visitor.

risk authentication

Risk-Appropriate Authentication

Authentic all customers to cater to the risks of fraud. With the account takeover feature, you can deliver risk-appropriate authentication and authorization, regardless of how the customers are interacting.

mobile application fraud

Mobile and Application Fraud

Do not let the frauds penetrate the mobile devices and to commit mobile fraud through your mobile applications.

bonus promotion abuse

Prevent Bonus and Promotion Abuse

Prevent bonus abuse before it begins to impact your business and incentivize negatively. Grow your network of customers with ease and utmost convenience.

prevent credit card

Prevent Credit Card

Do not upset your customers with unnecessary steps and false decline. Reduce credit card fraud to provide your customers with the best experience.

Fraud Monitoring Service Prevent And Secure Your Process

The fraud monitoring services today are letting companies not only helping in the detection of fraudulent activities, but they are assisting companies in taking preventative measures. Companies can enjoy high-tech solutions, provide their customers with an exceptionally satisfying experience, and save their business from the threat of fraud!

fraud monitoring

Folio3 Game Changer Solution

Folio3’s fraud detection solutions are a game-changer in the industry!


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    Fraud Detection Solution FAQs

    Explain this error: "This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be"?

    In case the e-mail is legitimate, but you still see this error, it is due to an incorrectly configured Sender Policy Framework (SPF) or when you do not have a DMARC record set in their Domain Register DNS.

    Which of the following fraud detection steps could be performed without AI?

    - Identifying the exposures

    - Identifying symptoms of occurrence

    - Behavior indicators

    - Detective processes to look for symptoms

    What is credit card fraud detection?

    In identity theft, credit card fraud is the most common type that businesses have to deal with. A third-party makes a transaction using the credit card without the consent of the account holder. Credit card fraud detection is a technique that helps a company reduce the risks of credit card fraud. The typical credit card fraud detection techniques include over-the-phone payments, request for card’s CVV, asking for the shipping address, and contact number.

    How can neural networks be used to detect fraud?

    The neural networks can capture and represent input/output relationships that are complex. It creates an artificial system that can perform intelligent tasks, similar to the human brain. It acquires knowledge through learning, and it stores knowledge as synaptic weights.

    What is the fraud detection center?

    The fraud detection center comprises of fraud analysts who respond to fraud complaints. They evaluate a claim and investigate to detect fraud and help people regain their stolen details.