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Effective utilization of big data and predictive analytics has become vital in today's data-centric world for businesses to achieve their goals. It applies a range of machine learning techniques to identify and understand patterns in historical data and utilize these to make future predictions. Predictive analytics applications provide product and training services that can be used for fraud detection, business forecasting, customer behavior prediction, analysis of life sciences data and credit risk assessment. Government bodies, research, and academic institutions and commercial businesses can use predictive analytics applications to make more informed and appropriate decisions that incorporate historical information.

Predictive Analytics Solutions by Folio3

Predictive analytics solutions offered by Folio3 produce effective and fast results, enabling you to identify opportunities and anomalies in your business processes and strategy. Moreover, you can eliminate risks and reduce uncertainties using analytics by Folio3 Predictive Analytics Solutions.

Predictive analytics applications by Folio3 can effectively analyze customer lifecycle and help strategize customer service better. Customer preferences through data, collected from both internal and external sources, can be used to improve offerings. Apart from understanding customer behavior and attitudes; it is also helpful for identifying critical factors and enables customer categorization based on various attributes. Predictive analytics solutions also facilitate service-based companies to predict the kind of service or deal their customers would prefer in certain situations.

Folio3 combines machine learning expertise and sophisticated data gathering techniques to implement predictors. This can be used to take appropriate measures, whereby the predictor-intervention sets can be analyzed within the same data warehouse environment.

Our Featured Work

Customer Churn Prediction

A solution based on Predictive modelling provides a data driven insight for businesses to identify potentially unhappy customers with business process validation.

computer vision company

Automated Authentication for Drive Thrus

Multi-Modal Automated Authentication for Drive-thrus via fine-grained car’s make/model classification and person identification using deep learning.

computer vision company

Departmental Efficiency with Predictive Analytics Applications

Folio3 offers Predictive Analytics Solutions that can be used to improve different business areas like HR, Marketing and overall business performance. Analytics generated by predictive analytics solutions can help identify deficiencies in the marketing mix and make more accurate forecasts. Moreover, various factors and patterns can be analyzed to restructure the business model and bring about operational efficiency.

Predictive Analysis - Machine Learning for enhanced sector analytics

Predictive Analytics Solutions by Folio3 can be applied in various sectors like retail, banking, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, amongst many others. For healthcare service providers, it can capably identify the risk of developing health conditions in patients. Financial service providers can identify discrepancies in transactions and thefts. While manufacturing and retail firms can keep track of customer behavior and improve their offerings accordingly.

Predictive Analytics - Machine Learning Key Capabilities


Our expert business analysts and data scientists build sophisticated predictive analytics solutions using automation. These can be embedded in business processes in no time.


We offer end-to-end predictive analytics solutions management, whereby regular updates are provided for better performance.


Provide predictive models for different frameworks to fragmentize variables, analyze them and facilitate predictive scoring in real-time.


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