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What is AI Image Processing?

Image processing is the method of manipulating an image to either enhance the quality or extract relevant information from it. AI Image Processing Services combine advanced algorithmic technology with machine learning and computer vision to process large volumes of pictures easily and quickly. Folio3 offers tailor-made solutions for all your Image Processing needs regardless of the amount and nature.

ai image processing service

AI Image processing Services Offer by Folio3

Identifying objects & Patterns

Identifying objects & Patterns

Machine led visualisation to identify objects and patterns not visible to the naked eye.

Image Restoration

Image Restoration

Restoration and improvement of image quality to enable object identification.

Image Tagging & Database  Creation

Image Tagging & Database

Tagging images with characteristics data to facilitate the creation of a dataset and subsequent image retrieval system.

Analyse and Alter Images

Analyse and Alter Images

Counting, measuring and analyzing objects in images and videos automatically, and modifying using predefined rules and dynamic data.

API Integration

API Integration

We can integrate APIs of any Image Processing Software you like in your App, tool or product.

App/Tool Creation

App/Tool Creation

With deep understanding of Image Processing Tools, we can create custom Apps for your business powered by AI.

Explore our other pre-built models

Vehicle Detection

Detect, identify, and count vehicles in video and image data.

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Person Detection

Accurately detect people in video or image data.

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Face Detection

Accurately detect and identify human faces in video and image feeds.

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Apparel Detection

Detect and identify clothing and accessories, such as shirts, trousers, shoes, and headgear, etc.

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Food Detection

Detect and recognize food items in image and video feeds.

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Animal Detection

Accurately detect, classify, and count animals such as livestock in video and image data.

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AI Image Processing Services for Enterprises and Businesses

AI Image Processing Services can become critical for a large number of organisations, both private and public. Because the human visual system cannot perceive the world as well as digital detectors. Thus for accurate and comprehensive results, businesses employ AI Digital Image Processing services.

The most commonly applicable industries/departments include

Life Sciences Research

Life Sciences Research

Manufacturing and Assembly

Manufacturing and  Assembly







Surveillance and
Monitoring System

Surveillance and  Monitoring System



Operations and Logistics

Operation and Logistics

Enterprise Resource
Planning Software

Enterprise resource

AI Image Processing Technologies we have expertise in

Open source AI Libraries for AI Image Processing

Open CV


Facial recognition, object identification, human action classification, tracking movements and objects in video among are only some of the many ways in which Folio3 can help you with OpenCV in your AI Image Processing.



Stereo, video, structure from motion, probability modelling, GUI design, classification, robust estimation, feature tracking, topology, 3d imaging, and much more offer by folio3


Image processing, Neural networks, Genetic algorithms, Fuzzy logic, Machine learning and robotics are also some of the common services offered by folio3 using AForge.NET open-source libraries.



Robotics, Object recognition, Sign language and Gesture recognition. The primary goal of the LTI-Lib by folio3 is to provide an object-oriented library in C++, which simplifies code sharing and maintenance yet still offers fast algorithms for real-world applications.

Machine learning frameworks and platforms for image processing



Using TensorFlow service by folio3, you can efficiently train and deploy models in multiple platforms, including the cloud, on-premises, browser-based, on-device regardless of the language used. Lastly, TensorFlow also provides an environment for research experimentation with a simple and flexible architecture.



Folio3 is an expert at using the full range of features Pytorch has to offer. TorchScript provides a seamless changeover between eager mode and graph mode to quicken the track to production. The second feature is scalable distributed training and performance optimisation in both research and production.


Processing Toolbox

MATLAB Image Processing Toolbox customization offer by folio3 lets you automate routine or typical image processing workflow, thereby improving efficiency. You can also interactively segment data, compare image registration techniques process large data sets in batches. Similarly, the Visualisation function allows you to explore images and videos while enabling contrast adjustment, creating histograms and manipulating regions of interest (ROIs).

Microsoft Cognitive

Computer Vision by Microsoft

You can enhance content discoverability, improve text extraction speed and create products that visually interact with the world and the people using them. Folio3 will use MS computer vision api to label content automatically, extract printed and handwritten text from scanned (or otherwise) images and recognise familiar subjects such as popular brands and landmarks.

Google Cloud Vision

Google Cloud Vision

The Google AutoML Vision powered by folio3 enables automated training of custom machine learning models depending on your particular use case. All that is necessary is to upload the images and train custom image models with AutoML Vision’s easy-to-use graphical interface. You can also optimise your models for accuracy, latency, and size with the option to export each model to your application in the cloud or other devices.

Our Featured Work

We love the mix of clients we have, from start-ups to blue-chip companies. We don't hide, we're proud to showcase and share the details of our work. Please feel free to go through our case studies below and contact us if you'd like to find out how we can support your business.

ATM Cash Forecasting

The system helps banks in avoiding both out of cash and over stock situations. It is a per-ATM cash outflow predictor, proposing LSTM-based deep learning models on time-series data.

computer vision companyscreen-shot-ATM-cash-forecasting

Breast Cancer HER2 Subtype Identification

Our system provides an automated pipeline for cell segmentation and spot counting from a Computer Vision-based diagnostic-aid for the Fluorescent In-Situ Hybridization test.

computer vision companyslider pro slide screen

Road Traffic Analysis

A Vehicle Counting System Based on Vehicle Type and Classification which is Using Deep Learning Method to differentiate different types of vehicles along with the total count.

computer vision company

Thalassemia Identification

Our system provides automated analysis of Gel Electrophoresis Images Predicting Thalassemia and tests for mutant gene expression involving fine-granularity medical image analysis.

computer vision company

Converse Smartly ®

Converse Smartly allows you to make your conversations smart, intelligent and productive with use of machine learning, artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

computer vision company

Automated Authentication for Drive Thrus

Multi-Modal Automated Authentication for Drive-thrus via fine-grained car’s make/model classification and person identification using deep learning.

computer vision company

Facial Recognition System

A highly accurate facial recognition system which provides real time results, it is based on Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN).

computer vision company

Customer Churn Prediction

A solution based on Predictive modelling provides a data driven insight for businesses to identify potentially unhappy customers with business process validation.

computer vision company

Completion Time Estimation

Machine Learning powered solution which helps our client for an accurate and effective estimation of their digital marketing campaigns. It also simplifies the automation process for scheduling.

computer vision companyMachine Learning Company

Multi-Tech Support Experimentation Platform

Folio3 provided the client with an on-going multi support to develop their highly configurable dashboards, analytics dashboard with the ease of integration with the platform itself.

computer vision companyMulti-Tech Support for an Experimentation Platform

AI Digital Image Processing Service Advantages

AI Image Processing advantages are far-reaching. Every sector, both public and private benefit from using AI and ML to track, analyse, and interpret images in real-time. As more powerful organisations come to realise what AI Image Processing and ML can achieve, the more AI will become a standard. Below are some of the advantages AI Digital Image Processing can bring

Improved Online Merchandising

Improved Online Merchandising

Merchandising online relies heavily on tagging images with appropriate keywords and understand what the customer wants. A Gucci bag, for example, may come attached with several keywords such as “bag”, “Gucci”, “polyester”, “double strap”, “black” so that the search engine can match keywords with the most relevant result. AI Image Processing compares the actual physical characteristics of the objects in each image which enables finding similar products as well.

Seamless Store Experiences

Seamless Store Experiences

One of the best examples of this is Amazon and its removal of waiting in long lines. AI Image Processing can help make the entire process of dealing with cashiers, counting items, making payments and checking out seamless and painless. By automatically detecting items in the trolley or basket, the cashier will already have a list of items entered against which to verify contents rather than physically scanning each item.

Unique Customer Experiences

Unique Customer Experiences

Many social media applications such as Snapchat and Animoji aim to provide quality user experience through appealing and entertaining products that are intuitive and dynamic. AI Image Processing, in this case, enables facial mapping, augmentation of digital filters to change the shot rather than the picture afterwards. Manipulation that was previously unheard of has become mainstream.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Google Glass was singled out as the next significant innovation in how we interact with the world and bridging the gap between reality and virtual space. Although it didn’t turn out to be an excellent success story, it wasn’t too far. For instance, if you saw a bike when walking to your closest grocers, you could scan it using Google Glass and get information about the specifications and all the places where you can buy it through AI Image Processing. In the same way, google translate can translate pictorial words through the same technology.

Folio3 Offers Object Detection for Companies
Using AI Image Processing

Folio3 is a leading AI integration and implementation company that offers unmatched solutions with innovative features and continuous support service provision. Our highly skilled team of professional’s boast year of experience in helping companies with solutions that meet unique business needs. That is why Folio3 delivers AI Digital Imaging Services that are customizable, scalable, comprehensive and affordable. Two of the best services offered by Folio3 include Face Recognition and Road Traffic Analysis.

Road Traffic Analysis is an intelligent road safety solution that helps analyse the road condition and traffic situation at any given time. By making using advanced AI Image Processing and deep learning, Folio3 developed a system for vehicle counting based on vehicle type and classification to differentiate between various types of vehicles accurately. The video surveillance system included also enables remote monitoring of traffic movement.

Similarly, Face Recognition is a highly accurate and real-time facial recognition solution which provides results based on a Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). By using dLib for identification of facial structure and object-oriented detection, Folio3 enables the use of the human face as a key. With a wide variety of applications in law enforcement and other civilian organisations, Face Recognition captures images from a distance without the need for any physical interaction between the system and the user.

How Does the Folio3 AI Image Processing Model Work?

Folio3’s AI Image Processing system is relatively simple. It is a combination of object identification, localisation and description. In other words, the system identifies objects within the picture, pinpoints the exact dimensions, location and characteristics, then attaches the relevant keywords. Also, depending on the need, the system can automatically improve image quality. Below are the eight critical phases of the process:



In the image, acquisition phase, we first capture a picture with a sensor and convert it into a manageable entity (a digital file with specific properties in most cases)



Next, through analysis, the AI identifies hidden details within the photograph through a set algorithm.



The restoration process removes any flaws an image to get a cleaner version based on probabilistic and mathematical models.


Colour Processing

Involves changing the colour scheme of a copy. This process can include converting to grayscale or RGB in case of black and white photos.


Size Manipulations

Involves compressing or decompressing a picture by adjusting the size and resolution depending on the intended use.


Morphological Processing

This phase adds a description of the object within the image in terms of general shape and structure.



This phase involves identifying the particular features of specific objects.


Representation and description

The last step consists of visualising the processed data to enable a better understanding.

Furthermore, in simpler terms, Foilo3’s pattern recognition process can be broken down into the following procedure:


Single Object Images

  • Classification – involves identifying and categorising the image.
  • Classification and Localisation – consists of classifying the image as well as identifying the approximate location of the object within the image.


Multiple Object Images

  • Object Detection – it is the classification and approximate location of multiple objects within the picture;
  • Instance Segmentation – involves object detection with the exact dimensions and parameters of each object.

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    AI Image processing FAQs

    What are the Digital and Analogue AI image processing services?

    There are two types of image processing:

    - Analogue

    - Digital

    Analogue image processing refers to handling physical photographs, printouts and other forms of hard copy images. These are processed manually, usually only to enhance the quality of the picture. Any additional tagging of information is subjective. On the other hand, digital image processing involves the manipulation of digital images by using computer algorithms rather than human judgement.

    For analogue, the output will always be an image due to the difficulty in manually extracting data. On the other hand, for digital processing, the output will be an image alongside information of the image characteristics and geo-tags through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Computer Vision (CV).