AI Computer Vision Solutions for Search
and Rescue Drones

Leverage AI to increase the accuracy and response times for
your search and rescue efforts

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Utilize AI to Transform Search
and Rescue with Drones

Our expertise in building bespoke AI Solutions that enable you to improve your search and rescue ops significantly. Our solutions enable you to utilize different drone-mounted enhanced cameras, like thermal, etc., to efficiently detect and locate individuals in distress, allowing you to focus efforts efficiently and improving overall response times.

How Our Solutions Help?

We build bespoke solutions around our core Machine Learning model to enable you to transform your rescue ops by creating a system that detects individuals in distress using mounted camera systems. We can work with different types of cameras, like thermal, etc., to help provide the speed you require in your rescue and extraction efforts.


Detect Individuals

Accurately detect individuals in distress with a range of different camera equipment


Capture Location

Mark and geofence location of victims accurately to enable rescue personnel to extract them


Notify Authorities

Quickly notify the relevant emergency services or authorities with the relevant info.


Search and rescue operations are highly critical missions where time is of the essence and can result in life or death scenarios. Leveraging AI and computer vision techniques coupled with hardware such as drones we can quickly detect distressed individuals, thereby enabling rescue services to act smartly and focus efforts to save more lives.

Other AI Drone Applications

We have built solutions to cater to a number of different use cases and scenarios.


Terrain Mapping

Utilize drones to identify and map terrain characteristics and anomalies. From identifying buildings and structures using LIDAR tech to detecting anomalies like landslides, etc.


Precision Agriculture

Leverage AI to detect pests, diseases, and other factors like water distribution to maximize yield and efficiency while driving down the costs and wastage.


Livestock Management

Maximize the efficiency of your ranch by keeping a count of your cattle and livestock, identify predators in your geofenced area, and monitor the quality of pastures.

04_pipeline_insp copy

Pipeline Inspection

Conduct timely and quick inspections of your pipeline infrastructure by identifying anomalies such as damage, spillage, illegal encroachment, and theft.


Solar Panel Inspection

Enable faster, frequent, and accurate inspection of your solar energy farms to improve longevity by timely maintenance.


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    Search & Rescue Drone FAQs


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