Cattle Gender/Breed Identification Solution

Leverage Computer Vision and AI to revolutionize your cattle management operations.

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Accurately and Efficiently Detect Cattle Gender and Pose

Folio3’s proprietary Cattle Gender and Pose detection app enables you to accurately determine the gender and pose of cattle in images enabling you to swiftly process thousands of images of cattle/livestock and categorize them accordingly.

How Our Solution Works

Our solution utilizes deep learning frameworks and complex computer vision algorithms to accurately and efficiently process images to identify cattle gender and pose. Our solution can process live feeds and captured images to correctly label them.

Producing 3D Tracks

Producing 3D Tracks

Folio3’s image segmentation solutions are designed to produce 3D tracking by accepting sequences of temporally linked frames.

3D Labeling

3D Labeling

The seamless 3D labeling functionality is what makes Flio3’s image segmentation solution capable of supporting a growing number of labels for 3D labeling.


Sensor-Friendly Services

The platform provided here is sensor-friendly, regardless of the type. You can send over data from any kind of sensor, and Folio3 will offer a complete 3D scene.


Identifying Objects and Analysis

Our AI Segmentation Solution turns your unannounced images into annotated images with bounding boxes around objects of interest.


Our application caters to different industries that have to process a huge number of images on a daily basis. Our solution can automatically label images with accuracy to save up a lot of time that is lost in manual operations.


Livestock Management





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We have over 15 years of experience in developing and deploying digital transformation solutions for our clients, ranging from AI solutions, enterprise applications, and mobile apps.

With our expertise in the animal care and livestock management sector, we can create applications that create the necessary advantages that you need.

01. Highly customizable

Highly Customizable

Our solutions are completely customizable and can be configured to meet your specific needs.

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Competitive Rates

We provide the best value for services delivered so you don’t have to break the bank.

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Our solutions are built to be ready to scale as your enterprise grows larger.

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Enterprise Ready

Our solutions are built to be ready to scale as your enterprise grows larger.


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