Face Recognition Service

Implement low-friction and advanced facial recognition functionalities
in your apps for a seamless and secure user experience.

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Seamless Facial Recognition

Folio3’s experts excel in the design and development of advanced computer vision and AI solutions for clients to help them stay ahead of the curve. Our team of computer vision professionals has expertise in deploying seamless facial recognition, image recognition, and other image similarity solutions.

Identifying objects & Patterns

Advanced Facial Recognition

Seamlessly recognize faces based on a range of attributes

Image Restoration


We deploy facial recognition within your apps with ease using APIs

Image Tagging & Database  Creation

Enterprise-grade Security

We ensure the security of your data and trained models to protect the privacy of all parties involved

Do More with Facial Recognition Services

Leverage Folio3’s facial recognition technology to detect and identify faces in images and videos. We can help you build detailed business scenarios using facial recognition, like authenticating access, counting people in spaces, or gathering crowd insights.

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Face Detection

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Face Identification/Verification

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Face Liveliness Detection

Looking for a fully tailored Facial Recognition solution?

Our prebuilt models and solutions are fully customizable and can be tailored to specific client requirements.

You Choose the Deployment Model

We can deploy the solution and make it available as needed.

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On-Prem Deployment

Cloud Deployment

Cloud Deployment



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Video and image recognition is made easier with Folio3's facial recognition technology

We Work with the Best

We offer advanced image similarity solutions to businesses across the globe, ranging from e-commerce, fashion, healthcare, real estate, and manufacturing industry. Using the latest tools and platforms we deliver consistent and reliable image recognition services that enable you to boost your conversion rates and drive customer satisfaction. 

Microsoft Cognitive
Google Cloud Vision
Open CV


Facial recognition, object identification, human action classification, tracking movements and objects in video among are only some of the many ways in which Folio3 can help you with OpenCV in your AI Image Processing.



Stereo, video, structure from motion, probability modelling, GUI design, classification, robust estimation, feature tracking, topology, 3d imaging, and much more offer by folio3


Image processing, Neural networks, Genetic algorithms, Fuzzy logic, Machine learning and robotics are also some of the common services offered by folio3 using AForge.NET open-source libraries.



Robotics, Object recognition, Sign language and Gesture recognition. The primary goal of the LTI-Lib by folio3 is to provide an object-oriented library in C++, which simplifies code sharing and maintenance yet still offers fast algorithms for real-world applications.


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