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Utilizing AI in Retail To Transform Your Business

Although retailers have an abundance of data at their disposal that can aid them in understanding this complicated landscape, functional silos and a scarcity of effective data governance make it challenging to obtain enterprise-wide data insights.
Retailers need to be really data-driven and complete their retail digital transformation because they are apparently missing the broad picture.

Benefits of AI in the Retail Industry

Utilizing AI for Retail comes with multiple benefits, some are listed below:

Demand Forecasting/Supply Chain optimization

Through AI in retail, you can review your past customers’ buying patterns and forecast which product will be needed in the near future. Optimizing supply chains based on buying patterns provide a seamless customer experience.

Improving Customer Experience

Answer customer questions, provide feedback, and respond appropriately using AI and machine learning. Assist your customers with all their purchasing needs and queries.

Loss Prevention

AI has also become a vital loss prevention component. The AI is designed to flag any suspicious transactions or even alert your staff to shoplifting that is potentially happening in real-time through scanning and video systems.

Our AI Services for Retail Business

Folio3 offers scalable solutions that integrate with our clients' current infrastructure due to its considerable experience building customized AI solutions for the retail sector.

Customer Turnover and Profitability

Understand client profitability, loyalty, and purchasing patterns for each interaction, creating a detailed customer view.

Supply Chain
Demands and Analytics

Stay up with the supply and demand cycle, mitigate risks and examine comprehensive data and analytics on consumer habits and purchasing habits.

Data Insights for New Business Models

Discover a new business model proposal and plan, dig into the data and share key insights with all stakeholders.

Theft Detection and Prevention

Through scanning and computer vision technology, potential thefts are immediately detected and reported.

AI in Retail Use Cases

Our solutions can be tailored to match any particular scenarios you're considering and can be applied to a variety of use cases.

Fraud Detection

Prevent eCommerce fraud attempts by detecting illegal activities performed by cybercriminals on your website.

Customer Support

Support your customers through AI-based chatbots that can assist them with purchasing decisions, questions, and support tickets.

Predictive Analytics

Predict your customer preferences by data driven AI solutions and create more targeted offers and promotions.

Theft Detection

Computer vision based systems lets staff analyze customer behavior in real-time to detect theft attempts and take early actions.

Cashier Less Checkouts

Make purchasing time saving and seamless for customers through cashier less checkouts through AI applications.

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Why Choose Folio3?

15+ Years of Experience

15+ Years of Experience

With over 15 years of experience in delivering deep and powerful insights to our clients that help maximize performance, we have worked in a range of scenarios that help us identify your problem quickly and deploy insightfully-built smart solutions!

Certified Experts

Certified Experts

Our certified experts in AI help companies address key issues that lower their performance with original strategies and solutions that are devised specifically for them.

1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

By working for over 15 years in the industry, we are proud to have built a vast network of highly satisfied clients!

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