Automatic License
Plate Recognition Software

Automatically detect and read license plates in different environments and conditions.

AI Powered License Plate Recognition Software

Our license plate recognition software will facilitate efficient and frictionless detection and recognition of license plates. With use cases across verticals and industries such as law enforcement or public administration, the solution creates automations that maximize productivity.

The license plate reader software is designed to work in a range of conditions and use cases. Leveraging the power of AI, organizations and authorities can improve their existing systems and maximize operational efficiency.


Solution Features

Our license plate reader software allows you to capture, read, record, and analyze the relevant data to keep track of the license plates on your premises. We offer the following features


Detect license plates and vehicle features (model, color, and make in image and video feeds)


Read license plate numbers from data, analyze vehicle images and gain valuable insights for countless business use-cases.


Tailor the software solution to your specific needs and enhance your security measures with ease. Fully customizable to meet the unique requirements of your business


Take control of your premises by easily flagging and reporting unauthorized vehicles and license plates.

Use Cases

Our license plate reader software can augment a wide range of vehicle monitoring and management systems

Traffic Management

Traffic Management

Detect and read plates to flag vehicles violating traffic rules

Security & Monitoring

Security & Monitoring

Monitor vehicles that enter/exit the premises


Efficient Drive-Thru Management

Boost drive-thru efficiency & performance to avoid abandonment and excessive wait times

Toll Management

Toll Management

Detect and read plates on cars at toll gates.

Parking Management

Parking Management

Ensure vehicles adhere to parking rules on the premises

Add ons


Remove number plates from image


Whiteout or blur number plates from images

false positive

Remove false positives from images

Watch Our Demo for License Plate Detection Solution

Keep track of the license plates on your premises with Folio3’s License Plate Detection Solution

Streamline Your Project with Our Step-by-Step Approach



Identify the problem


sucess criteria

Define success criteria



Determine the solution



Collect training data



Train & Evaluate



Deploy and test



Iterate on the solution

Watch Our Demo Video for License Plate Blur Solution

Anonymize the vehicles in the video feed with the license plate blur solution

Solution Efficiency

Our solution is trained to work in a range of different conditions and factors like

Blurry Images

Insufficient Lighting

Fast Moving Vehicles

Images at an Angle

Images with Multiple Vehicles

Frameworks We Use for License Plate Recognition

We ensure the return on your investment by using the best platforms and latest technologies. We will choose the frameworks best suited to your needs to ensure seamless integration and maximum benefits.

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    What is License Plate Recognition software?

    License Plate Recognition software is a cutting-edge technology that can read and identify license plates of vehicles using cameras and artificial intelligence. It can help enhance security measures and automate various processes such as parking management, toll collection, and more.


    How does License Plate Recognition software work?

    License Plate Recognition software uses specialized cameras and algorithms to capture license plate information from vehicles passing through a designated area. The software then processes the captured data, performs searches, and matches the information with a database to detect any violations or unauthorized vehicles.


    What are the benefits of using License Plate Recognition software?

    License Plate Recognition software can offer numerous benefits to businesses and organizations. It can help streamline operations, improve security measures, reduce manual labor, and increase efficiency. It can also aid in preventing crimes and identifying suspects in criminal investigations.


    Can License Plate Recognition software be customized to specific business needs?

    Yes, most License Plate Recognition software is highly customizable to meet the unique requirements of businesses and organizations. Features such as data capture, search algorithms, reporting, and more can be tailored to specific needs to ensure maximum functionality and effectiveness.


    Is License Plate Recognition software a cost-effective solution?

    Yes, License Plate Recognition software can be a cost-effective solution for businesses and organizations. By automating various processes and improving efficiency, it can help reduce labor costs and increase revenue. Additionally, it can aid in preventing costly incidents such as theft, unauthorized access, and more.


    Can license plate recognition software work in real-time?

    Yes, license plate recognition software can operate in real-time. With advanced algorithms and powerful hardware, it can process images or video streams in real-time, allowing for instantaneous license plate detection and recognition.


    What are the factors that can affect license plate recognition accuracy?

    The accuracy of license plate recognition software can be influenced by various factors, including lighting conditions, camera angle and positioning, plate size and style variations, image quality, vehicle speed, and the presence of obstructions or reflections.


    Is license plate recognition software privacy-friendly?

    License plate recognition software raises privacy concerns since it involves capturing and processing sensitive vehicle information. However, privacy regulations and guidelines can be implemented to ensure responsible data handling and usage, such as data encryption, secure storage, and adherence to applicable laws.


    Can license plate recognition software integrate with other systems?

    Yes, license plate recognition software can integrate with other systems such as access control systems, parking management systems, law enforcement databases, surveillance systems, and third-party applications through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for seamless data sharing and interoperability.