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Specialized solutions and services that help you transform the
unstructured image and video data into key insights

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One of the Best Computer Vision Services Company

Folio3 offers specialized services and solutions for Computer Vision that give you a jump start on your AI lifecycle
to transform your unstructured data into clear actionable analytics and insights. Leverage the power of AI to use your
Big Data as a driver for profitable growth for your business.

Maximize Workforce

Use Data to Make
Better Decisions

Create a Competitive

A Wide Range of Computer Vision Services

We offer a variety of Computer Vision services and solutions, from end to end, for a range of different scenarios and industry verticals. We help enterprises implement AI solutions with ease and accelerate their AI lifecycle and create lasting competitive advantages.

Data Labeling

Instance Segmentation

Semantic Segmentation

Bounding Boxes

Visual Search

Model Training

Looking for Pre-built Computer Vision Models & Solutions

Folio3 also offers pre-built computer vision models that are built to tackle key problems and help you quickly move to the training & implementation of your solution rather than spending time in the design phase.

We’re Experts in Building Solutions Across Industry Verticals

We have almost 2 decades of experience working with organizations from across industries on unique problems
and projects. We’ve built tailored solutions for different use cases for key industries that are designed to create lasting competitive advantages.







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