License Plate Recognition Software

Automatically detect and read license plates in different
environments and conditions.

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AI Powered License Plate Recognition

Our software will facilitate efficient and frictionless detection and recognition of license plates. With use cases across verticals and industries such as law enforcement or public administration, the solution creates automations that maximize productivity.
The solution is designed to work in a range of conditions and use cases. Leveraging the power of AI, organizations and authorities can improve their existing systems and maximize operational efficiency.


Solution Features

Our solution allows you to capture, read, record, and analyze the relevant data to keep track of the license plates on your premises. We offer the following features


Detect license plates in image and video feeds


Read license plate numbers from data


Flag plates from a predefined list


Customizable to the unique requirements of any company

Add ons


Remove number plates from image


Whiteout or blur number plates from images

false positive

Remove false positives from images

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Our Demo for License Plate Detection Solution

Keep track of the license plates on your premises with Folio3’s License Plate Detection Solution

Use Cases

Our solution can augment a wide range of vehicle monitoring and management systems

Traffic Management

Traffic Management

Detect and read plates to flag vehicles violating traffic rules

Security & Monitoring

Security & Monitoring

Monitor vehicles that enter/exit the premises

Toll Management

Toll Management

Detect and read plates on cars at toll gates.

Parking Management

Parking Management

Ensure vehicles adhere to parking rules on the premises

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Our Demo Video for License Plate Blur Solution

Anonymize the vehicles in the video feed with the license plate blur solution

Solution Efficiency

Our solution is trained to work in a range of different conditions and factors like

Blurry Images

Insufficient Lighting

Fast Moving Vehicles

Images at an Angle

Images with Multiple Vehicles

Frameworks We Use for License Plate Recognition

We ensure the return on your investment by using the best platforms and latest technologies. We will choose the frameworks best suited to your needs to ensure seamless integration and maximum benefits.

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