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Utilizing AI in Telecom To Transform Your Business

Most AI-supported technology is consistently being transformed to achieve optimum and efficient results which encourages entrepreneurs, corporations, and small businesses alike to incorporate AI into their respective functions.

AI in the telecom business utilizes advanced calculations to search for designs inside the information, empowering telecoms to both recognize and anticipate network peculiarities. Hence providing the telecommunication businesses with a comparative advantage over other competitors.

Benefits of AI in the Telecom Industry

Utilizing AI for Telecommunication comes with multiple benefits, some are listed below:

Network Optimization

AI in the telecom business utilizes advanced calculations to search for designs inside the information, empowering telecoms to both recognize and anticipate network peculiarities. Involving AI in telecom, CSPs can proactively fix issues before clients are affected in a bad way.

Improving Customer Experience

Also called virtual assistants. AI reception in telecom battles with the enormous number of help demands for the establishment, set up, investigating, and maintenance, which frequently overpower client support focuses.

Fraud Prevention

AI and machine learning (ML) calculations can recognize irregularities progressively, actually diminishing telecom-related deceitful exercises. The framework can naturally impede admittance to the fraudster when a dubious movement is identified, limiting the harm.

Elevating Growth

By expecting client needs utilizing constant setting, telecoms can make the ideal proposal brilliantly over the right station. Utilizing AI-driven information investigation, telecoms can expand their pace of supporter development.

Our AI Services for Telecom Business

Folio3's extensive expertise in developing tailored AI solutions for the telecom industry enables it to provide scalable solutions that are compatible with our client's existing infrastructure.

Network Enhancement

When the KPIs go beyond a specific level, employ AI's auto-tuning capabilities to maintain an optimum network. Address Antenna coverage issues by using an automatic antenna layout.

Client Support Services

With the use of our AI-based solution, a question that is frequently asked can be instantly answered, or the most frequent response can be put at the top of the search results.

Fighting Fraud

Our AI fraud detection models adapt and develop new fraud detection criteria with the help of ML, which lowers the exposure to fraud and financial losses. With our machine learning capability, detect changes in identified fraud trends.

Traffic Rerouting

Traffic can be redirected to available capacity and resources as utilisation rises in a certain area or during a specific time of day.
To meet dynamic demand, virtual elements can be instantly added or removed.

AI in Telecom Use Cases

Our solutions can be tailored to match any particular scenarios you're considering and can be applied to a variety of use cases.

Managing RAN Upgrades and Capacity Forecasting

With the help of enterprise AI, CSPs can more precisely forecast the load at each Radio Access Network (RAN) site, sparing them from investing in costly improvements before they are required.

Demand Shifting

Operators may benefit from AI's ability to better predict which new services customers would pay for.
Operators can better understand where and when capacity is needed and if that capacity can be met by already-existing resources, resources from partners, or would require extra engineering by forecasting demand.

Customer Experience Management

Answer customer queries and complaints quickly and efficiently with AI-based solutions. Record requests and analyze complaints and queries for improving services

Traffic Management

In the event of an emergency or unforeseen traffic volume, reroute traffic to available capacity and resources to meet the customer needs.
If there is an issue, customers may also be alerted instantly.

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15+ Years of Experience

15+ Years of Experience

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Certified Experts

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1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

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