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Image Segmentation Service by Folio3 AI
Highest Degree of Efficiency and Accuracy

Folio3, a pioneer in the field of Computer Vision, AI, is revolutionizing the industry with the seamless image segmentation services. It is a solution that the world has been waiting for, and that is Human-powered pixel-level image segmentation and annotation by API. Folio3 has the best professionals on board, and it further enhances its performance by incorporating machine learning in unique ways.

Whether it’s an image, video, or a 3D shape, Folio3 will turn your unannotated images into annotated. Submit your data and get segmented and labeled ground truth data.

Producing 3D Tracks

Producing 3D Tracks

Folio3’s image segmentation solutions are designed to produce 3D tracking by accepting sequences of temporally linked frames.

3D Labeling

3D Labeling

The seamless 3D labeling functionality is what makes Flio3’s image segmentation solution capable of supporting a growing number of labels for 3D labeling.

Sensor-Friendly Services

Sensor-Friendly Services

The platform provided here is sensor-friendly, regardless of the type. You can send over data from any kind of sensor, and Folio3 will offer a complete 3D scene.

Identifying Objects and Analysis

Identifying Objects and Analysis

Our AI Segmentation Solution turns your unannounced images into annotated images with bounding boxes around objects of interest.

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Detect, identify, and count vehicles in video and image data.

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Accurately detect people in video or image data.

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Face Detection

Accurately detect and identify human faces in video and image feeds.

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Apparel Detection

Detect and identify clothing and accessories, such as shirts, trousers, shoes, and headgear, etc.

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Products made using IBM Watson

Converse Smartly - Speech to text converter

The development of an advanced speech recognition web application Converse Smartly® helped establish Folio3’s strong footprint in the use and application of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

Converse Smartly® enables organizations and individuals to work smarter, faster and with greater accuracy. The advanced features of the application can be used to analyse dialogue or speech from team meetings, interviews, conferences, seminars and even lectures into text - feel free to give it a try today!


Applications of Image Segmentation

Watson is well-suited for a wide variety of applications and IBM is working closely with partners to address more and more of them. Folio3 can work on the in the following applications of IBM Watson

Self-Driving Cars

Self-Driving Cars

Our tools and workforce are trained to assign semantic labels such as “road”, “car”, “sky”, or “person” to power the future of autonomous vehicles.



Careful semantic segmentation teaches drones to navigate around rooftops, trees, and birds.



Computer vision enables robotics to tackle new horizons in manufacturing, energy and health-care.



Identifying people and images thorough AI and processing images based on the data. Can also segment images from a video, picture or any other form of content.

Advanced security governance and control


Detecting and categorizing the type of disease and the condition of the patient by looking at x-rays, MRI and other reports.

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Image Segmentation Solution for Enterprise
Every Image Has Purpose

Mage segmentation is a revolutionizing computer vision and is paving the way for a high-tech future. It is due to efficient image segmentation that the world has high hopes of rapid innovations such as autonomous vehicles, drones, and robotics.

Image segmentation solutions are helping the tech world proceed with advancements much rapidly today. The things that were once considered miracles are now possible with technology. The manufacturing and automotive industries are the industries that are under the strong influence of technology.

In no-time, image segmentation will allow driver less cars on the roads, and the world will see highly advanced robotics! Folio3, with its smart image segmentation services, is contributing to a better future of the world.

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Why Choose Folio3 as your IBM Watson Partner?

15+ Years of Experience

15+ Years of Experience

Folio3 offers extensive expertise and experience by leveraging in-depth industry insight. We help clients achieve maximum potential by predicting loss points and providing actionable vision.

Certified Experts

Certified Experts

Our team of professionals includes more than 300 skilled developers with the right certifications and qualifications to address your every requirement.

1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

Our extensive list of satisfied customers includes companies from a wide range of industries both public and private, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail and traffic management.


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    Image Segmentation Services FAQs

    What is image segmentation technique?

    Image Segmentation Technique Classifications

    • Structural segmentation techniques
    • Stochastic segmentation techniques
    • Hybrid Techniques

    Image Segmentation Techniques

    • Threshold Method
    • Edge-based segmentation method
    • Region-Based Segmentation
    • Clustering Based Segmentation Method
    • Watershed Based Methods
    • Partial Differential Equation-Based Segmentation Method
    • Artificial Neural Network Based Segmentation Method

    What is thresholding in image segmentation?

    The simplest technique in image segmentation is known as thresholding, which involves dividing image pixels based on intensity levels. There are basically three types of thresholding, including global, variable, and multiple.

    What is watershed image segmentation?

    One of the seven image segmentation techniques is the watershed image segmentation. It works upon the concept of topological interpretation. The intensity here represents the holes in basins having minima. It is the point from where the water spills. At the borders, adjacent basins merge. The pixels with a higher gradient serve as continuous boundaries.

    What is point detection in image segmentation?

    There are several discontinuities in a digital image, and the most basic one is the point. Point detection is an approach to finding discontinuities is to run an (n n) mask over each point in the image.

    Image Segmentation – Helping Devices Understand the World

    The most complex yet phenomenal innovation in technology is Artificial Intelligence – AI. It is safe to say that AI will be the future of the world as it is brining high-tech solutions to the world, adding convenience, comfort, and peace of mind in our lives. It is gaining popularity in all major sectors of the world and has paved the way for a powerful computer vision.

    A product of advanced computer vision is image segmentation, which is laying the ground for a high-tech future, where technology will rule every aspect of our lives!