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How AI Revolutionizes AgTech

AI can help agribusinesses boost their yields and drive down costs across the board by delivering key insights about soil health, crop assessments, and computer vision-powered crop monitoring systems.

With modern technology, like drones, IoT sensors, etc., becoming more commonplace, businesses can utilize these tools to monitor crops with ease and utilize our custom solutions to crunch data, discover insights about soil quality, and receive alerts about any anomalies.

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Benefits of AI in AgTech

AI and machine learning applications that are tailored to your business needs can dig up key insights and patterns using sensors and imagery that can help you maximize yield.

lower cost

Greatly Reduce Costs

Utilize smart agriculture techniques powered by AI to create cost efficiencies and maximize ROI.


Maximize Sustainability

Greatly lower dependencies on pesticides, herbicides, etc. to reduce resistance in plants and greatly reduce the impact on the environment as well.

optimize water

Optimize Water Usage

Utilize data from IoT sensors and AI to predict soil content such as moisture to optimize the usage of water in irrigation.

Some of Our Work in AgTech

field sales

Field Capacity Prediction

The client was a California-based irrigation solution provider that helps farmers improve overall crop yields, optimize water usage, and sustainably preserve other scarce resources. Folio3 developed a complete machine learning model to accurately predict field capacity based on soil moisture and water content data picked up by IoT sensors.

superior farm

AgriERP for Superior Farms

North America’s largest lamb processor and marketer, Superior Farms is all about sustainability and transforming the animal care landscape. The great minds behind Superior Farms are dedicated to responsible.

progressive beef

Progressive Beef

Progressive Beef is one of the largest USDA-certified beef marketing programs has certified nearly 6 million cattle through the program. Folio3 developed a cross-platform mobile app, desktop browser, and an admin web app automated data entry processes and performed compliance audits smoothly, reducing human error and time to perform tasks.



A precision genetic livestock solutions company, Vytelle serves cattle farms and feedlots in 34 countries globally. A responsive web app developed a seamless data sharing and communication network among Vytelle and its customers.

Deployment Options

We offer complete flexibility in terms of solution deployment, whether you’re simply looking for the solution to be deployed on the cloud or set up on-premise behind your firewalls.

On-Premise Deployment
Cloud Deployment

Why Choose Folio3?

15+ Years of Experience

15+ Years of Experience

With over 15 years of experience in delivering purpose-built AI solutions to our clients that help maximize performance, we have worked in a range of scenarios that help us identify your problem quickly and deploy insightfully built smart solutions!

Certified Experts

Certified Experts

Our AI experts help organizations resolve key issues that hinder performance with out-of-the-box strategies and solutions that are developed specifically for them.

1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

By working for over 15 years in the industry, we are proud to have built a vast network of highly satisfied clients!

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