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Companies, on average have 95% of their customer data in the form of unstructured text; in emails, surveys, online reviews, Twitter posts, comments in different forums and more. Natural Language Processing service applies complex algorithms to read text and voice data. Natural language processing applications assist in interpreting, understanding and using human language and language patterns. Natural Language Processing engines highlight grammar and words to find meaning in large quantities of text and speech. This is achieved by fragmenting text and speech into components and interpreting these to understand their meaning by linking the occurrence of terms to the Knowledge Graph.

Folio3 offers robust Natural Language Processing (NLP) Service Apps, built using superior algorithms

Partnering with Folio3 for your Natural Language Processing needs will ensure you get a tailored solution that enables you to get better value from your data. We offer our clients easy-to-use, sophisticated text and speech analytics solutions. Our Natural Language Processing service application can process unstructured data that has no form or pre-defined format.

Our hybrid Natural Language Processing application utilizes both linguistic and statistical algorithms. It follows a step-by-step process to exhibit high levels of accuracy to identify, understand words, phrases and the connection among words in a way that is comparable to the manner in which individuals assign meaning to things that they read.

This can be paired with sentiment analysis techniques for enhanced accuracy and sophistication.

Converse Smartly® – A Cognitive Services Product by Folio3

The development of an advanced speech recognition web application Converse Smartly® helped establish Folio3’s strong footprint in the use and application of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

Converse Smartly® enables organizations and individuals to work smarter, faster and with greater accuracy. The advanced features of the application can be used to analyze dialogue or speech from team meetings, interviews, conferences, seminars and even lectures into text - feel free to give it a try today!

Innovative Natural Language Processing As a Service Tech

Global Recognition in the Cognitive Services Arena

Thanks to the talented team of Folio3, this innovative solution stands out in the realm of speech to text and enabled Folio3 to stand out as a global leader in delivering cognitive services - According to the "Cognitive Services - Global Market Outlook (2017-2026)"

How Can Folio3 Help?

Our Natural Language Processing applications and enhanced Machine Learning capabilities can transform text into structured data.

We provide you with an opportunity to analyze and process unstructured data in real-time.

Automatic speech recognition based on adaptable acoustic models and combined with language models for more accuracy.

We offer unparalleled Machine Learning & Deep Learning skills, along with complete backend, front-end, and IoT app development for a custom solution.

Our Deep Learning and Computer Vision techniques can capably extract information from videos and images.

Automatic speech recognition based on adaptable acoustic models and combined with language models for more accuracy.

We also provide full-fledged support services - get in touch with our team to find out more.


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    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

    Where is natural language processing used?

    Natural Language Processing (NLP) helps millions of people do some of the most common tasks, even without even knowing they’re using it. Spell check, predictive text, text-to-voice and vice versa, auto-replies and spam filters all use NLP to code, sift and sort through digital written material and automate these functions.

    Which companies use natural language processing?

    NLP far exceeds humans in the sheer volume of language and data that it can process. In more specific cases, NLP helps websites and other service providers adapt their site for people with disabilities. Furthermore, security companies can identify potentially sensitive data and alert you if you happen to be providing such information in an unsecured forum.

    Livox is an app that helps people with disabilities communicate in more than 25 languages
    SignAll converts American sign language into text and allows individuals in the deaf community converse with those who cannot understand sign language.

    Google Translate’s machine translation overcomes barriers in communication around the world by automating the translation of technical manuals and catalogs written in a foreign language.

    One of the still-emerging uses of NLP is in police work. The technology can help identify, analyse and interpret all kinds of text to determine to mean based on algorithms rather than human understanding and intuition.

    How many companies invest in natural language processing?

    There are hundreds of companies that provide NLP services directly or as part of another function. Around the world, both established companies and startup use this technology to deliver quality services. Organisations such as Folio3, are leaders in this field with strategic partnerships all over the world. For a more broad overview, you can visit