Vehicle Detection

Vehicle Detection & Counting Solution

Automatically detect, classify, and count vehicles in your image and video feed.

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Our Traffic Analysis solution enables automatic detection, classification, and counting of vehicles in your image and video feed

Transform Road Traffic Analysis with our Vehicle Detection Solution

Our solution is a must-have for road and safety, as this traffic analysis system automates vehicle detection and counting while identifying the type/category of the vehicle as well. This enables you to monitor traffic/congestion with great ease and make informed decisions to alleviate key inefficiencies.

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Vehicle Detection System Features

Our vehicle detection system identifies vehicle type by utilizing the Deep Learning method to differentiate vehicle types (like car, sedan, truck, SUV, etc.) along with the total count.
Out of the box the solution offers the following:


Detecting and counting vehicles in a video or image feed.

classufiying vehicle based

Classifying vehicles based on different types (based on client requirements). 

processing pre processors

Processing pre-recorded feeds of video. Live feed processing is also supported via additional customization. 

mutiple employement option

Multiple deployment options (on-cloud, on-prem).

Vehicle Detection & Counting

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And standard features.

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Monitor traffic/congestion with great ease and make informed decisions to alleviate key inefficiencies with our vehicle detection and classification model.

Available Add ons Via Customization

adds on via customization

Background Blur

number detection plate

Number Plate Detection

number plae ocr

Number Plate OCR

remove or blur plate

Remove or Blur Plates

SmartVision ®

Scan, Detect, & Read license plates with AI

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You Choose the Deployment Model

Whether you want the solution deployed on premises, on the cloud, or integrated via APIs, we possess the flexibility to help you setup your solution the way you want.

On-Prem Deployment

Cloud Deployment


Streamline Your Project with Our Step-by-Step Approach



Identify the problem


sucess criteria

Define success criteria



Determine the solution



Collect training data



Train & Evaluate



Deploy and test



Iterate on the solution

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Frameworks We Use for Vehicle Detection

We work with the latest and greatest technologies, to ensure that we provide the best fit for your requirements. Our recommendations are based on technology viability, maturity, and investment needs.

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" I am very happy about how Folio3 gives 100% in the work dedication and has a very organized and energetic team who thrive with innovative ideas for our business. We are still using Folio3 on a regular basis and also get excellent updates from any usage left so that we can utilize our monthly allowance which is great teamwork. "



Vehicle Detection & Counting Solution FAQs

Vehicle detection works on the principles of object detection technology that is a field of computer vision technology. The vehicle detection system uses a supervised or unsupervised classification system using deep learning models to identify, count, and track vehicles in image or video data.

Folio3’s vehicle detection system uses deep learning algorithms to perform various tasks, including vehicle counting, vehicle detection, and traffic management. Our system is based on the latest technologies and offers custom solutions to meet unique client requirements.


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