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Advanced AI-powered solution for image analysis, which can be implemented in various industries. Our AI software for image analysis is capable of various functionalities like Image recognition, image classification, data labeling, pattern recognition, and visual search.

Achieve Over 90% Accuracy with Folio3 AI’s Prebuilt Models for Image Analysis

Folio3 creates AI-backed software solutions with the capability of real-time image analytics with excellent accuracy. We develop advanced AI-Powered solutions for the image analytics process, which could be implemented in various industrial and other activities. Our data analytics image processing solution is capable of various functionalities like Image recognition, image classification, data labeling, pattern recognition, and visual search.

Our AI solutions for image analytics work in a systematic way to ensure the accuracy of results and predict the right analysis.

Road Traffic Analysis

Our road traffic analysis solution can differentiate various types of vehicles and classify them through deep learning. The road analysis system developed by Folio3 uses surveillance cameras and specialized software to manage feed and intelligent data analysis.

Medical Image Analysis

We deliver error-free Gel Electrophoresis image analysis for accurate Thalassemia identification. Our state-of-the-art image analytics solution revolutionized the error-prone manual diagnostic process.

Automated Authentication for Drive-Thrus

Our solution incorporates AI and image analytics to increase workflow efficiency and avoid time-consuming drive-thru activities. The solution removes choke points from the manual drive-thru process and offers a substantial increase in efficiency.

Facial Recognition System

Our system provides real-time results using HOG (Histogram of Oriented Gradients) and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). It also makes use of dLib for face recognition and object-oriented detection, our model is capable of accurate image analytics in real-time.

Logo and Brand Detection

Our AI logo detection model is designed to help businesses and individual marketers automate real-time brand identification recognition on images, broadcast video streams, and pictures, as well as enable automated brand visibility analytics.

Explore our other pre-built models

Vehicle Detection

Vehicle Detection

Detect, identify, and count vehicles in video and image data.

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Person Detection

Person Detection

Accurately detect people in video or image data.

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Face Detection

Face Detection

Accurately detect and identify human faces in video and image feeds.

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Apparel Detection

Apparel Detection

Detect and identify clothing and accessories, such as shirts, trousers, shoes, and headgear, etc.

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Food Detection

Food Detection

Detect and recognize food items in image and video feeds.

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Animal Detection

Animal Detection

Accurately detect, classify, and count animals such as livestock in video and image data.

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Rich AI Image Analysis Features Tailored to Your Use Case

Our Image analytics solutions address growing challenges for businesses like the absence of a seamless solution for the extraction of objects, patterns, and various other types of data from images.

Image Recognition

Image Classification

Data Labeling 

Image Analytics

Pattern Recognition

Visual Search

AI Image Analysis Across Industries

Sporting organizations generate a huge amount of data all the time which sits around not being used productively. This data from different sources can be used to drive value, from automated and focused training programs and performance analysis to selling more tickets. AI in sports has the potential to create lasting advantages at scale.

Retail Industry: Enhancing Customer Experience

  • Smart Shelf Management:
    Optimize product placement and inventory levels through real-time monitoring of shelf conditions, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

  • Customer Behavior Analysis:
    Understand customer preferences and behaviors by analyzing footfall, dwell times, and product interactions, enabling targeted marketing strategies.

Healthcare Sector: Improving Patient Care

  • Medical Imaging Diagnosis:
    Aid healthcare professionals in accurate diagnosis by analyzing medical images, and facilitating early detection and treatment planning.

  • Patient Monitoring:
    Ensure patient safety with AI-driven monitoring systems that analyze visual data for anomalies, alerting healthcare providers in real-time.

Manufacturing and Quality Control: Ensuring Precision

  • Defect Detection:
    Improve product quality by implementing image analysis for identifying defects in manufacturing processes, reducing errors and waste.

  • Process Optimization:
    Analyze production lines through visual data to identify bottlenecks, enhance efficiency, and ensure optimal workflow.

Hospitality and Tourism: Elevating Guest Experiences

  • Facial Recognition for Personalized Services:
    Use facial recognition to enhance guest experiences by personalizing services, from check-in to in-room preferences.

  • Crowd Management:
    Analyze crowd movements at tourist attractions and events for efficient crowd management and improved visitor satisfaction.

Technologies Used by Folio3 Image Analytics Solution Services

Folio3 makes use of various cloud-based and open-source technologies in the development of its sophisticated image analytics solutions. These technologies are categorized and listed below:

Cloud-Based Technologies

Folio3 uses some of the biggest cloud technology platforms for the development of computer vision systems. These technology platforms are listed below:







Open-Source Technologies

Following technologies are used for the purpose of machine learning and algorithm implementation in the development process of image recognition systems by Folio3:






These cloud-based and open-source technologies enable us to come up with sophisticated AI image analytics solutions.

Boost your Company’s Efficiency and Transform Processes with Folio3’s Image Analytics software Solutions!

Why Choose Folio3’s AI Image Analysis Software?

Precision in Data Extraction

Our image analysis services ensure accurate data extraction from images, offering you meaningful, value-driven insights that drive business success.

Comprehensive Image Processing

Experience image enhancement, restoration, segmentation, labeling, object detection, and classification—all in one powerful solution.

15+ Years of Experience

We have developed purpose-built AI solutions that help maximize performance based on more than 15 years of experience. We have worked in various scenarios that help us identify your problem quickly and develop insightful solutions!

Certified Software Engineers

With innovative tactics and tailored solutions created just for businesses, our AI professionals assist enterprises in resolving critical issues that limit performance.

1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

Over the last 15 years, we've built an extensive client base of delighted customers!


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    Image Analytics FAQs

    Quantitative Image analytics or image cytometry includes a variety of techniques used for extracting objective, quantitative information from microscopy images.

    There are a variety of techniques used in image analytics, some prominent techniques machine learning, and artificial intelligence.