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Transforming Healthcare Through Data, Technology And Expertise

AI in healthcare has the potential to aid providers in many areas of patient care and operational procedures, enabling them to build on current solutions and handle issues more efficiently. Folio3 is supporting enterprises to create a more resilient future via technology and knowledge.

Benefits of AI In Healthcare

Find the right treatment for every patient and elevate your patient care. With the capabilities to automate key practices and processes, AI and Machine Learning are being used to solve the healthcare problems of today.

Quicker and Improved Diagnostics

When AI examines a large volume of medical images, it can swiftly and consistently spot patterns, even deviations that humans are unable to.
Early diagnosis and treatment may not only improve patient outcomes but also save costs.

Better Patient Care

Providers can quickly access medical data, evaluate patient history, see patterns, and suggest therapies thanks to interpretable AI.
These features support focusing on specific symptoms and classifying the degree of the risk for each patient while maintaining an emphasis on the patient's well-being and the standard of treatment.

Automated Administrative Tasks

In order to reduce the strain on healthcare workers and consequently improve their monetary benefits, AI can automate some administrative duties including pre-authorizing insurance, tracking down outstanding invoices, and maintaining records.

Facing Challenges? Leverage Healthcare AI to Stay Ahead

Healthcare challenges can face a host of challenges that hamper their growth. Leverage AI Healthcare solutions to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Manual Data Handling

Manual workload introduces inefficient data handling and inaccuracy in the system.

Compliance & Regulations

Maintaining compliance for healthcare data handling and security (HIPAA & HL7).

Legacy Infrastructure

Traditional system infrastructure slows down operational efficiency.

Data Security

Ensuring the safety of critical data against potential security breaches.

Data Extraction

Difficulty in smoothly extracting data from multiple healthcare systems.

Applications of AI in Healthcare

We have in-depth experience in building bespoke AI and machine learning applications tailor-built for our clients. Some use cases are

Computer Vision for Medical Image Analysis

Using computer vision techniques that leverage medical imaging as a source of case-related medical data.Radiologists may develop studies, create metrics, and analyze the patterns of digital imaging to diagnose every patient quickly and accurately.

Predictive Analytics for Patient Records & Treatment

Using specially designed algorithms extract insightful and useful patient data through EHRs and EMRs. ML is used to collect pertinent information in the medical history and record of treatment to further aid in decision-making.

Quicker and Improved Clinical

Using our AI solutions makes possible innovations that are fundamental for transforming clinical trials, such as seamlessly combining phases I and II of clinical trials, developing novel patient-centered endpoints, and collecting and analyzing Real World Data.

Discover How CV Can Help with Image Analysis
for Faster and More Effective Diagnosis

Some of our Work


A reproductive genetics company that was interested in integrating its healthcare data in regulation with HL7 standard protocols. Through HL7 integration and engine development, Folio3 streamlined their healthcare data from different regions.

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The Neuro Plan

A healthcare app designed to optimize brain health and cognitive performance by evaluating patient brain function. Folio3 designed and developed the end-to-end healthcare mobile solution that created daily activities for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s to improve cognitive function.

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SightLine empowers your field organization to deliver improved client outcomes. Folio3 helped in the field service implementation along with integration between different platforms to streamline business processes.

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Hiplink is a secure, wireless alert management digital health solution that provides text and voice-based wireless alert management solutions for emergency response. Folio3 developed the entire messaging platform and delivered tailored features to ensure the seamless delivery of healthcare operations and services.

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Breast Cancer HER2 Subtype Identification Computer Vision

Breast Cancer HER2 Subtype Identification
Computer Vision

This system was created to provide an automated pipeline for cell segmentation and spot counting from a Computer Vision-based diagnostic-aid for the Fluorescent In-Situ Hybridization test. For this solution, we developed a computer-aided assistance system that allowed practitioners to perform the test more quickly and accurately while enabling them to digitize and store the images for later usage.

Breast Cancer HER2 Subtype Identification Computer Vision

Thalassemia Identification
Image Analysis

Our system provides automated analysis of gel electrophoresis images to predict thalassemia and test for mutant gene expression with fine-granularity medical image analysis. It can accurately predict the thalassemia status of patients and helps histopathologists to make error-free diagnosis efficiently.

Revolutionize Your Diagnostic Processes and Systems with Folio3’s State-of-the-Art Healthcare Ai Services.

Why Choose Folio3?

With over a decade of experience in delivering digital transformation solutions in different verticals, from AI solutions to enterprise applications, and mobile apps, we have the expertise to become the technology provider you need to create a lasting competitive advantage.

HIPPA Compliant Frameworks

Our frameworks make sure that all your organizational and patient data remains secure and can be accessed only by authorized personnel

In-Depth Industry Experience

Deep industry expertise helps us approach the challenges with a better understanding, hence providing the perfect solutions

Customized Solutions

The AI solutions can be easily tailored according to customer use case and demand

1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

By working for over 15 years in the industry, we are proud to have built a vast network of highly satisfied clients


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    AI Healthcare FAQs

    what are the core symptoms identified by medical diagnosis software?

    Medical diagnosis software can identify various symptoms like through image processing, it can find the unusual growth of molecules in cells, which could be a symptom of any potential disease. Like it is used to count the HER2 genes in molecules, which could be a factor for potential HER2 positive breast cancer.