Integration Engine for A Reputed Reproductive Genetics Company


The customer was looking to build an integration engine encoded in HL7 formats that could be used for Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) as required by the respective state health departments. This could help health departments in different states across the United States to streamline and collect data in an effective and efficient manner.

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Understanding Customer

The customer is a global research-oriented company who are pioneers in the field of Reproductive Genetics with more than 15 years of experience involving 460 scientific publications and 5 patents.

They offer innovative tests to help reproductive health professionals provide their patients with robust, high-quality solutions at the preconception, preimplantation and prenatal phases of their reproductive journey.


The customer has been working closely with the health department authorities in various states across the United States in conducting and reporting COVID-19 PCR testing services.

To streamline the process of submitting the COVID-19 PCR test results to the state authorities, the customer was looking for a reliable and fast paced technology partner to build an engine for Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) for test results encoded in HL7 formats as required by the respective state health departments to handle the massive amount of tests being conducted by their clinical
laboratories more efficiently and effectively.



With our expertise in working with HL7 messaging standards for electronic data exchange in the clinical domain, Folio3 proposed developing an automated HL7 encoding engine using a Java based technology stack.

Folio3 helped the customer in the study and understanding of the different HL7 encoding requirements set forth by the different states' health departments. An automated process was established to periodically read the incoming data from different sources in a raw format and encode it into the required HL7 v2 messages using state specific configured requirements. The customized approach enabled us to deliver the solution in a cost effective way instead of acquiring expensive commercial HL7 encoding engine licenses.

Execution Process

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In addition to the design and development of the HL7 messaging engine, Folio3 also helped the customer understand various data formatting requirements by individual states that allowed them to deliver the required data in HL7 format much quicker. The customized approach enabled the custom build solution in a cost effective way instead of acquiring expensive off the shelf product licenses.

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