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Use of Drones in Solving Your Livestock Management

This is the second project, in the series of projects where we use AI powered drones to solve real world problems. In first projects we used AI powered drones for terrain mapping for a civil engineering company.

AI Drones & Livestock Management

Use of drones in agriculture has been out there for a while now. The same concept can be used to track and monitor livestock. Ranchers, like farmers, can use drones to obtain an aerial overview to manage and monitor livestock. Drones mounted with thermal imaging camera can take high definition pictures to allow ranchers to track and monitor their livestock remotely, identifying any issues in real time, thus enabling them to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Folio3 & Livestock management

Folio3 has been working for the automation of various tasks that involves well being of livestock. In addition to developing conventional software, Folio3 recently has taken advantage of rising use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision and AI powered programmable drones like DJI drone series

Cattle Health

A calm cow, is a productive cow. Our proprietary solution CattlePal is designed specially for the well being of livestock. Drones mounted with thermal camera collects animal’s data and send it to cloud servers. Our smart camera system collects video data onsite, which is then used for supervised training.

Are You Ready to Leverage Livestock Management?

We offer our clients the opportunity to create their own machine learning applications.

Our Featured Work

ATM Cash Forecasting

The system helps banks in avoiding both out of cash and over stock situations. It is a per-ATM cash outflow predictor, proposing LSTM-based deep learning models on time-series data.

computer vision companyscreen-shot-ATM-cash-forecasting

Breast Cancer HER2 Subtype Identification

Our system provides an automated pipeline for cell segmentation and spot counting from a Computer Vision-based diagnostic-aid for the Fluorescent In-Situ Hybridization test.

computer vision companyslider pro slide screen

Road Traffic Analysis

A Vehicle Counting System Based on Vehicle Type and Classification which is Using Deep Learning Method to differentiate different types of vehicles along with the total count.

computer vision company

Thalassemia Identification

Our system provides automated analysis of Gel Electrophoresis Images Predicting Thalassemia and tests for mutant gene expression involving fine-granularity medical image analysis.

computer vision company

Converse Smartly ®

Converse Smartly allows you to make your conversations smart, intelligent and productive with use of machine learning, artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

computer vision company

Automated Authentication for Drive Thrus

Multi-Modal Automated Authentication for Drive-thrus via fine-grained car’s make/model classification and person identification using deep learning.

computer vision company

Facial Recognition System

A highly accurate facial recognition system which provides real time results, it is based on Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN).

computer vision company

Customer Churn Prediction

A solution based on Predictive modelling provides a data driven insight for businesses to identify potentially unhappy customers with business process validation.

computer vision company

Completion Time Estimation

Machine Learning powered solution which helps our client for an accurate and effective estimation of their digital marketing campaigns. It also simplifies the automation process for scheduling.

computer vision companyMachine Learning Company

Multi-Tech Support Experimentation Platform

Folio3 provided the client with an on-going multi support to develop their highly configurable dashboards, analytics dashboard with the ease of integration with the platform itself.

computer vision companyMulti-Tech Support for an Experimentation Platform


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    Livestock Management Solution FAQs

    What is livestock production and management for farmers?

    Livestock Production and Management are set of coherent processes that cover animal care and management, business management and related services that enable farmers manage their livestock enterprise more efficiently. It aims to streamline and refine processes of health and management of livestock such as nutrition, reproduction, genetics and carcass evaluation; plus the business aspects such as accounting and farm activities.


    What is nutritional management in livestock?

    Nutrient management covers the management of nutrients in animal feed and manure. It is a very complex process that starts with feeds, either produced or bought. From calculating the amount of feed for livestock, depending on their type and age; to urine, feces, bedding and waste feed to be used as fertilizers, it remains a key process throughout the livestock operation. 


    What are the key points of livestock management?

    The main objectives that livestock management aims to address are as follows:

    • Conservation of natural resources by utilizing capital better to enhance productivity. 
    • Expand production while keeping the costs to the environment in control. 
    • Optimize the allocation of development resources to enhance productivity. 
    • To make the planning process simple and transparent.
    • Analyse current performance and prescribe programmes accordingly.
    • Formulate policies to address constraints and potentials. 


    What are the limitations of RFID technology in livestock management?

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags allow farmers to identify livestock animals by stamping them with a unique number. Depending on the technology, these can be tamper-proof, electronic chips that can also be read by electronic reading devices. RFID facilitates livestock management to a great extent but there are some limitations to its usage, especially if the environment becomes non-supportive, for instance accumulation of dust. RFID generates huge volumes of data that can be difficult to manage. Moreover,  reduction in signal strength may not support longer reading ranges.