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With Folio3’s medical diagnosis software, analyze vast amounts of patient data enabling precise and timely diagnosis minimizing diagnosis time, and improving patient care.


Why Do Healthcare Organizations Use Medical Diagnosis Tools?

A medical diagnosis software utilizes deep learning to analyze various patient data points, comparing them with extensive medical data to diagnose and prevent diseases. It gathers patient information from wearables, smart implants, sensors, and medical records, including imaging exams and genetic data. Its primary purpose is to aid in diagnosing illnesses and implementing preventative measures.


Folio3 Medical Diagnosis Software Solution Offerings

Our AI-powered medical diagnosis software delivers accurate and efficient diagnoses, minimizing errors and transforming legacy diagnostic processes.

Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging

Utilizing AI for digital image acquisition and processing, enabling rapid interpretation of medical images with enhanced accuracy, facilitating prompt diagnosis and treatment planning, and improving overall efficiency in healthcare delivery.


Automated Diagnosis

Automated Diagnosis

The reduction of manual processes enables pathologists to improve their productivity considerably through the use of AI-backed automated digital diagnosis. It also helps in the enhancement of the pace of slow sections of report generation.

AI Lab Testing

AI Lab Testing

Intelligent algorithms are used in AI Lab testing to identify patterns that are general or specific. Using AI lab testing, it is also possible to make logical and accurate predictions about a patient's disease. As an alternative to manual procedures, automated diagnostic equipment is also used to provide a quicker turnaround time.

Image Analysis

Image Analysis

With the help of AI-based automated diagnostic technology, pathologists can now analyze medical images through pixels instead of traditional glass slides. This has significantly improved the efficiency and accuracy of medical image analysis, allowing clinicians to detect subtle abnormalities swiftly and accurately.

Integrated Healthcare Solutions

Integrated Healthcare Solutions

Seamlessly integrates medical data from various sources to streamline patient care, enabling doctors to access comprehensive information for informed decision-making, and ensuring patients receive coordinated and efficient healthcare services.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analysis

Utilizes data to forecast potential health outcomes, aiding doctors in early intervention and personalized treatment plans, while empowering patients with proactive healthcare management.

Intelligent Medical Diagnosis Solutions by Folio3

We specialize in crafting bespoke medical diagnosis software tailored to your healthcare needs, empowering physicians to make informed decisions with confidence.


Thalassemia Identification

Our Thalassemia Identification solution the efficiency of Gel Electrophoresis imaging, the procedure to identify Thalassemia. The analysis of this process was error-prone manually and with our state-of-the-art image analysis solution the process is automated and without error.

identify herb2

Identification of HER2 Subtypes to Diagnose HER2 Positive Breast Cancer

Our digital diagnosis solution helps professionals in conducting the FISH test quickly with accuracy, digitizing, and storing the image results for later use. The solution provides an automated pipeline for cell segmentation and spot counting, thus making the test procedure much faster and easier.

Benefits of Using Medical Diagnosis Software

Accurate Results

Accurate Results

Utilizing advanced AI algorithms ensures precise analysis of patient data, reducing the likelihood of misdiagnosis and enhancing treatment effectiveness.

Fast Diagnosis

Rapid processing and analysis of data enable quicker diagnosis compared to traditional methods, leading to timely medical intervention and improved patient outcomes.

Improved Patient Experience

Improved Patient Experience

Timely and accurate diagnoses contribute to higher patient satisfaction and increased trust in healthcare providers, resulting in a better overall patient experience.


Personalized Care

The software's ability to analyze diverse patient data enables tailored treatment plans, addressing individual patient needs for more effective healthcare.

Efficient Healthcare Delivery

Efficient Healthcare Delivery

Streamlined diagnostic processes and actionable insights optimize resource utilization, enhancing overall healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

Cloud-based Technologies Used in Folio3 Medical Diagnosis Software

The integration of Cloud-based technology in AI-based medical diagnosis enables pathology professionals to deliver data and imagery to experienced specialists located anywhere in the world for collaborative diagnosis without any physical effort to move a record from one place to another. for our clients.

Microsoft Cognitive
Google Cloud Vision
Google Cloud Vision
Microsoft Cognitive
Google Cloud Vision
Open CV


Facial recognition, object identification, human action classification, tracking movements and objects in video among are only some of the many ways in which Folio3 can help you with OpenCV in your AI Image Processing.



Stereo, video, structure from motion, probability modelling, GUI design, classification, robust estimation, feature tracking, topology, 3d imaging, and much more offer by folio3


Image processing, Neural networks, Genetic algorithms, Fuzzy logic, Machine learning and robotics are also some of the common services offered by folio3 using AForge.NET open-source libraries.



Robotics, Object recognition, Sign language and Gesture recognition. The primary goal of the LTI-Lib by folio3 is to provide an object-oriented library in C++, which simplifies code sharing and maintenance yet still offers fast algorithms for real-world applications.

Revolutionize your diagnostic processes and systems with Folio3’s state-of-the-art Medical Diagnostics Solutions.

Why Choose Folio3 Medical Diagnosis Software?

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15+ Years of Experience

With over 15 years of experience in delivering purpose-built AI solutions to our clients that help maximize performance, we have worked in a range of scenarios that help us identify your problem quickly and deploy insightfully built smart solutions!


Certified Experts

Our AI experts help organizations resolve key issues that hinder performance with out-of-the-box strategies and solutions that are developed specifically for them.


1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

By working for over 15 years in the industry, we are proud to have built a vast network of satisfied and happy clients.

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Customized Solutions

Our AI experts can tailor the desired solution to your unique needs, whether it’s custom dashboards, API access, or integrating an AI solution with your existing platform seamlessly.


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    Medical diagnosis software FAQs

    Medical diagnosis software can identify various symptoms like through image processing, it can find the unusual growth of molecules in cells, which could be a symptom of any potential disease. Like it is used to count the HER2 genes in molecules, which could be a factor for potential HER2 positive breast cancer.  


    As the world is transforming towards automation, the diagnostic procedure would also require automation for precise results and analysis. This would increase the demand for the use of medical diagnosis software in diagnostic equipment to ensure comprehension and absence of error in diagnostic results.