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Image Segmentation Service by Folio3 AI
Highest Degree of Efficiency and Accuracy

Folio3, a pioneer in the field of Computer Vision, AI, is revolutionizing the industry with the seamless image segmentation services. It is a solution that the world has been waiting for, and that is Human-powered pixel-level image segmentation and annotation by API. Folio3 has the best professionals on board, and it further enhances its performance by incorporating machine learning in unique ways.

Whether it’s an image, video, or a 3D shape, Folio3 will turn your unannotated images into annotated. Submit your data and get segmented and labeled ground truth data.

Producing 3D Tracks

Producing 3D Tracks

Folio3’s image segmentation solutions are designed to produce 3D tracking by accepting sequences of temporally linked frames.

3D Labeling

3D Labeling

The seamless 3D labeling functionality is what makes Flio3’s image segmentation solution capable of supporting a growing number of labels for 3D labeling.

Sensor-Friendly Services

Sensor-Friendly Services

The platform provided here is sensor-friendly, regardless of the type. You can send over data from any kind of sensor, and Folio3 will offer a complete 3D scene.

Identifying Objects and Analysis

Identifying Objects and Analysis

Our AI Segmentation Solution identifies objects in images using bounding boxes to convert the unannotated images into annotated images!

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We have created custom solutions for our clients to utilize the best in Image Segmentation & Analysis and create 

Applications of Image Segmentation

Process images with accuracy and speed by utilizing pixel-perfect semantic segmentation to get analyze images with improved efficiency. With our Image Segmentation services, you can break down images into meaningful parts and identify the contents or understand the scene at a more granular level. 

Self-Driving Cars

Self-Driving Cars

Image Segmentation can help self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles more accurately identify different objects, signs, and obstacles on the road. Therefore, it is a critical component in ensuring safety. 



With Image Segmentation, you process drone imagery and identify underlying information in the images or video feed. There is a range of use cases across different industries, like counting livestock, identifying terrain, urbanization, pasture management (grazing potential), fence inspection, Predator alerts, Gas/pipeline inspection, etc.



Our services enable organizations to take their automation to the next level by using 2D or 3D cuboids image annotation to train their AI-powered robotics and accurately identify objects of different dimensions at facilities like automated warehouses, factories, etc. 


Easily identify people and images through AI and processing images based on the data. Leverage the power of AI and Machine Learning to segment images from a video, picture or any other form of content. 



Accurately detect and categorize the type of disease and the condition of the patient by analyzing  X-Rays, MRI, and other tests depending on images. 



Create highly quality data and identify insights like customer footfall to optimize and improve inventory planning categorize items instore, and identify customer sentiments. 



Manage your crops and livestock by automating key operations and maintenance tasks like mapping terrain, livestock management, crop health monitoring, and 3D field mapping. 

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Image Segmentation Solution for Enterprise
Every Image Has Purpose

Image segmentation is revolutionizing computer vision and is paving the way for a high-tech future. With image segmentation, we have seen rapid innovations such as autonomous vehicles, drones, and robotics.

Image Segmentation is not only helping to power revolutionary technologies like automated medical imaging and diagnostics, autonomous vehicles, and other robotic automation but it is also capable of adding value to consumer-centric tools like photo and video editors, content creation platforms, and more. 

Let us help you transform your business by leveraging the capabilities of AI-powered Image Segmentation solutions and services. 

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Why Choose Folio3 As Your AI Solution Partner?

15+ Years of Experience

15+ Years of Experience

Our extensive experience of 15 years allows us to provide deep, powerful insights to our clients that leaders maximize performance potential. Our experience of working in a variety of different scenarios and companies helps us identify and predict production loss, and deploy smart solutions! 

Certified Experts

Certified Experts

We bring expertise along with experience to the table. With a team of skilled individuals, we help companies address the issues that lower their performance with genius strategies and solutions! 

1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

By working for more than ten years in the industry, we are proud to have built a vast network of fully satisfied enterprise-level clients!

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    Image Segmentation Services FAQs

    What is image the segmentation technique?

    Image Segmentation Technique Classifications

    • Structural segmentation techniques
    • Stochastic segmentation techniques
    • Hybrid Techniques

    Image Segmentation Techniques

    • Threshold Method
    • Edge-based segmentation method
    • Region-Based Segmentation
    • Clustering Based Segmentation Method
    • Watershed Based Methods
    • Partial Differential Equation-Based Segmentation Method
    • Artificial Neural Network Based Segmentation Method

    What is thresholding in image segmentation?

    The simplest technique in image segmentation is known as thresholding, which involves dividing image pixels based on intensity levels. There are basically three types of thresholding, including global, variable, and multiple.

    What is watershed image segmentation?

    One of the seven image segmentation techniques is the watershed image segmentation. It works upon the concept of topological interpretation. The intensity here represents the holes in basins having minima. It is the point from where the water spills. At the borders, adjacent basins merge. The pixels with a higher gradient serve as continuous boundaries.

    What is point detection in image segmentation?

    There are several discontinuities in a digital image, and the most basic one is the point. Point detection is an approach to finding discontinuities is to run an (n n) mask over each point in the image.