AI Drone Solar Panel Inspection

Our solution enables faster, frequent, and accurate inspection of your solar energy
farms to improve longevity by timely maintenance while reducing the cost.

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How AI and Drones Revolutionize the Solar Energy Sector

The solar energy industry is one of the key fields in the renewable energy sector which has seen considerable growth and applications in recent years. More than most industries, efficiency plays a very critical role in sustaining solar energy generation and operations which makes regular inspections of paramount importance. 

AI-powered inspections systems utilizing drones can cut down inspection times and costs drastically and quickly identify potential defects that could compromise power yield by catching them early on. 

How AI and Drones Revolutionize the Solar Energy Sector

Folio3 AI’s solutions are designed to utilize different drone hardware like thermal imaging cameras to identify various anomalies while conducting complete solar farm inspections. The solution identifies hotspots on cells, diode failures, detect shattered or dirty solar panels, other panel coating or fogging anomalies, etc. 

We build bespoke systems for our clients that are specifically developed for their operations and requirements, therefore, each one of our implementations creates a unique advantage for our respective clients.

Producing 3D Tracks

Thermal Vision Support

Utilize thermal imagery to identify hotspots, anomalies, and potential defects in your solar farm installation

3D Labeling

Analyze Mapping & Geospatial Data

Leverage AI to accurate map terrain and identify any anomalies within your solar farm.

Identifying Objects and Analysis

Insightful Analysis & Reports

Get in-depth analysis and reports regarding the health of your solar farm and operations.


AI-powered drones provide great cost and efficiency advantages to solar energy farms and operations. Traditionally, inspections would involve a team of experts checking each individual panel with thermal cameras and recording faults which in case of most farms may take from several weeks to months just for inspection.

On the other hand, a drone powered by our AI solution will accomplish this in a matter of days depending on the size of the farm. Not only is this remarkably faster than manual practices but it also drives down the cost of maintenance as well which is a recurring overhead contributor. 

Other AI Drone Applications

We have built solutions to cater to a number of different use cases and scenarios

Self-Driving Cars

Terrain Mapping

Utilize drones to identify and map terrain characteristics and anomalies. From identifying buildings and structures using LIDAR tech to detecting anomalies like landslides, etc.


Precision Agriculture

Leverage AI to detect pests, diseases, and other factors like water distribution to maximize yield and efficiency while driving down the costs and wastage.


Livestock Management

Maximize the efficiency of your ranch by keeping a count of your cattle and livestock, identify predators in your geo fenced area, and monitor the quality of pastures.


Pipeline Inspection

Conduct timely and quick inspections of your pipeline infrastructure by identifying anomalies such as damage, spillage, illegal encroachment, and theft.


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AI Drone Solar Panel Inspection FAQs

How is AI used in drones?

AI enables drones to do more than just capture images or videos captured with the mounted camera. With AI, drones can now perceive and identify areas enabling them to map areas, track objects, detect anomalies, and provide analytical reports.

How are drones used for inspections?

Once the visual data is captured by the drone, the AI-powered software analyzes the footage/images to identify specific characteristics like objects, anomalies, or other factors like temperature ranges and after crunching that data presents it in insightful reports. Thereby, greatly reducing the time and effort required by conducting a manual inspection.