OCR Service for Business

Create fluid workflows by capturing data from documents and images instantly.OCR technology with AI-powered advanced features tailored to your business needs.

Capture Data in Seconds with OCR Service Powered by AI

OCR solution designed to produce the best results when detecting text in images and documents. Extract data from documents seamlessly and populate it in predefined formats.

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Advanced OCR Service Powered by AI

A customizable OCR solutions that can be integrated with third-party applications and business systems with ease supporting all kinds of data extraction and mulitlingual support.

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Unstructured Data

Minimize effort on extracting data from unstructured documents using OCR. Effortlessly identify and designate the specific data fields you want to extract from an unformatted document sample. By automating this process, you can efficiently extract recurring data from unstructured documents.

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Structured Data

Efficiently manage large volumes of structured documents by extracting and storing the necessary information. Simplify the process of extracting data from standard documents and securely store it in digital format on your servers.

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Multilingual Support

Detect and extract data from multilingual scripts, including complex scripts like Chinese, Arabic, Latin, and others.Retrieve predefined information from both structured and unstructured multilingual documents. The extracted data can be securely stored on your data servers for further use and analysis.


Enhanced Security

Our solution is deployed with GDPR and other security standards in mind.

Incredible Accuracy

We strive to exceed 90% accuracy of extracted data

Easy Integration

Integrate with other applications easily via APIs.

Data accessibility
Data Accessibility

Maintain extracted data on the cloud and download it in different formats.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Remove manual data entry and automate key processes for max efficiency.

Support Handwritten Docs

Extract data from handwritten as well as machine-readable docs.

Customer Story

Computer vision-based OCR Solution for Data extraction and management

Autocomplete is a US-based startup company that enables its users to choose their own automobile insurance plans. Combining artificial intelligence with strategic partnerships they have enabled a user experience that provides zero-effort auto-protection. Folio3 developed a state-of-the-art computer vision-based AI solution that processed the data from multiple insurance providers and input the extracted data into autocomplete application.

Expertise used

Optical Character Recognition (OCR), PostgreSQL & Django functionality






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15+ Years of Experience

We have developed purpose-built AI solutions that help maximize performance based on more than 15 years of experience. We have worked in various scenarios that help us identify your problem quickly and develop insightful solutions!


Certified Software Engineers

With innovative tactics and tailored solutions created just for businesses, our AI professionals assist enterprises in resolving critical issues that limit performance.


1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

Over the last 15 years, we've built an extensive client base of delighted customers!

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