OCR Service for Business

Capture data from documents and images in seconds and create fluid workflows.

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Advanced OCR Service Powered by AI

Our OCR solution is designed to produce the best results when detecting text in images and documents. Extract data from documents seamlessly and populate it in predefined formats.

Unstructured Data

Structured Data

Fully Customizable & Multilingual Support

The solution is fully customizable and can be integrated with third-party applications and business systems with ease. Detects and extract data from multiple languages with ease.


Enhanced Security

Our solution is deployed with GDPR and other security standards in mind.

Incredible Accuracy

We strive to exceed 90% accuracy of extracted data

Easy Integration

Integrate with other applications easily via APIs.

Data Accessibility

Maintain extracted data on the cloud and download it in different formats.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Remove manual data entry and automate key processes for max efficiency.

Support Handwritten Docs

Extract data from handwritten as well as machine-readable docs.

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