Seamless Facial Recognition and Ethnicity Detection

Implement low-friction and advanced facial recognition features in your apps to accurately detect faces and identify advanced facial features to deduce demographic data and ethnicity. You can deploy our prediction model to improve your existing functionality or add a completely new module to your system.

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Ethnicity Detection & Identification With Efficiency

Our Ethnicity Detection Model model is well-trained on a diverse dataset representing various ethnic backgrounds.


Benefits of Our Ethnicity Detector Solution

Our facial recognition and ethnicity detection solutions can be easily deployed on top of your infrastructure and customized for the best results.


Precisely detect objects, generate count, and classify accordingly.


Don’t worry about scaling, we can help you scale the solution to fit your usage.

Built for You

Our solutions are built for your specific business and to create the best fit.

Easy to Deploy

We can deploy our model to work within your apps and ensure tight integration via APIs.

Advanced Features

Our solution utilized a range of different facial attributes to predict gender, ethnicity, age, etc.

Enterprise-Grade Security

We make sure your data and information being utilized are secured and the privacy of all parties is protected.

Ethnicity Detection Solution Features

The ethnicity detector model is a component of image recognition, a computer vision technique that may be used for various tasks. With the Folio3 Ethnicity Detection Model, you can expect the scalability, quality, and flexibility that the market demands from you.

High Accuracy
High Accuracy

The model provides accurate ethnicity detection results, minimizing false positives and negatives.

Diverse Ethnicities

The model is well-trained on a diverse dataset representing various ethnic backgrounds to ensure inclusivity.

Real-time Processing
Real-time Processing

The model can process data in real-time, enabling quick and efficient ethnicity detection.

Scalability (1)

The model is scalable to handle large volumes of data, accommodating different use cases and applications.

Robust Performance
Robust Performance

The model exhibits robust performance across different lighting conditions, angles, and variations in facial features.

Discover the Power of Ethnicity Detection
for Extracting Accurate Data and Informed

Ethnicity Detection Use Cases

Our AI-powered ethnicity detection model improves customer experiences, diversity, and security, enabling organizations to enhance customer experiences, personalize engagements, and foster inclusion.

Smart Digital Signage

Adapt content on digital signage based on audiences' demographics and preferences.

advertising and marketing

Advertising and Marketing

Target and personalize advertising campaigns based on customers' ethnic backgrounds.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Assess and monitor diversity and inclusion initiatives within organizations.

Trade shows and conferences

Trade Shows & Conferences

Measure audience demographics, returning visitors, and emotions during events.

Customer experience analytics

Customer Experience Analytics

Analyze customers' demographics and behaviors to improve retail store experiences.

Customer Insights focus Groups

Customer Insights Focus Groups

Gather instant results and insights from focus groups to understand different ethnic opinions.

Automated Copywriting

Historical and Sociological Studies

Study historical and sociological aspects by analyzing ethnic representation in media.

You Choose the Deployment Model

Whether you want the solution deployed on premises, on the cloud, or integrated via APIs, we possess the flexibility to help you setup your solution the way you want.

On-Prem Deployment

Cloud Deployment


Streamline Your Project with Our Step-by-Step Approach



Identify the problem


sucess criteria

Define success criteria



Determine the solution



Collect training data



Train & Evaluate



Deploy and test



Iterate on the solution

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15+ Years of Experience

15+ Years of Experience

With over 15 years of experience in delivering purpose-built AI solutions to our clients that help maximize performance, we have worked in a  range of scenarios that help us identify your problem quickly and deploy insightfully-built smart solutions!

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Certified Experts

Our AI experts help organizations resolve key issues that hinder performance with out-of-the-box strategies and solutions that are developed specifically for them.

1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

By working for over 15 years in the industry, we are proud to have built a vast network of highly satisfied clients!

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