AI in Sports

AI in Sports: The Future of Performance Optimization

AI is revolutionizing the way athletes and teams perform, from optimizing training routines
to predicting game outcomes.

Go Beyond Just Using Data and Take Actions at The Right Time With AI In Sports

Fusing AI and Sports for Smarter Decisions On and Off the Field

player performance

Player Performance Analysis

Analyze player performance data such as speed, agility, and endurance, as well as tracking player movements and interactions with other players to identify strengths and weaknesses

training and diet plans

Personalized Training and Diet plans

Keypoint skeleton models can be used to identify human joints and provide the user with guidance on how to exercise the right way with a customized diet plan for every individual player

game strategy

Game Strategy

Analyze game footage and predict opponent behavior with AI. Teams can develop more effective game plans, leading to improved overall team performance

fan engagement

Fan Engagement

By using AI to analyze fan behavior and preferences, teams can tailor marketing campaigns and promotions to individual fans, leading to increased engagement and revenue

AI coaching

AI Coaching

AI-powered coaching can help athletes optimize their performance by providing analyzing their performance data and providing real-time feedback on their technique and form


AI referee

AI Referee

A computer vision system combines the data streams to track each player’s location and pose. It watches for off-side violations and alerts human officials when an offside player touches the ball

match analytics

Match Analytics

Using data and visuals, coaches are able to gain insights into their teams’ strengths and weaknesses on any current day, allowing them to make changes to tactics and strategy, thereby exploiting any weaknesses of their opponent

Sponsorship Monitoring

Sponsorship Monitoring

With machine learning-powered tools, sponsors can track how often their brand logo is shown during live broadcasts of the games, how long it is displayed, and even how visible it is on the screen, measuring the ROI by analyzing video feeds.

Check out

Our Demo For AI Activity Detection

Use the AI Activity detection model by Folio3 AI for real-time tracking of ball and player movements to determine ball and player speed, size, and position

Customer Story

Activity and Object Detection for Tennis

With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, this organization is the top manufacturer of wireless portable digital magnification cameras that provide real-time video transmission and works with resellers and dealers worldwide. Folio3 developed a state-of-the-art computer vision-based AI solution that processed high-resolution images and videos of the tennis ball in real-time to determine the ball's exact location in a game.

Expertise used

Object Detection, Object Tracking, Real-Time processing




Wireless Camera Manufacturing


AI Custom Solution, Ready To Deploy Within A Month

easy integration

Easy Integration

Get real-time insights from your live video feed and monitor game score and analytics

ai model training

Continuous AI Model Training

With continuous model training, the integrated system gets smarter as more data is collected

Analytical support

Analytical Support for Decision Making

With faster, more accurate, and AI-powered personalization, customer satisfaction will be improved

Benefits of AI in Sports

Enable necessary efficiency and overcome challenges in your restaurant business with scalable and tailored AI solutions.

Revenue optimize
Revenue Optimization

By analyzing fan behavior and preferences, AI can optimize ticket sales, merchandise sales, and sponsorships

action driving
Action Driving

AI-powered chatbots can help answer fan questions and provide a personalized experience. Along with Real-time statistics, highlights, and interactive content for audience engagement

performance improvements
Performance Improvement

By analyzing data from sensors, cameras, and wearables to provide insights that help athletes and coaches optimize their game

task automation
Task Automation

Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as scheduling, data entry, and reporting. This can free up valuable time for athletes, and coaches

Why Do Customers Choose Folio3?

experience (Traced)

15+ Years of Experience

We have developed purpose-built AI solutions that help maximize performance based on more than 15 years of experience. We have worked in various scenarios that help us identify your problem quickly and develop insightful solutions!


Certified Software Engineers

With innovative tactics and tailored solutions created just for businesses, our AI professionals assist enterprises in resolving critical issues that limit performance.


1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

Over the last 15 years, we've built an extensive client base of delighted customers!

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20+ Pre-built Models Deployed

We have worked on multiple projects deploying more than 20 pre-built AI models on various projects globally

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