Case Study- Opsis

Opsis Health

AI based food detection and health tracking application


Using Human-centered technology, data science, and AI Opsis Health works to improve human health and well-being everyday. Opsis needed an AI-based application to help customers keep track of their calorie count and carb intake by tracking their serving size and nutritional facts.

About the Customer

Founded in the US, Opsis uses Human-centered technology, behavioral science, data science, and AI to simplify nutrition and optimize human health. Opsis intends to help people live fuller and healthier lives knowing about the impact the foods they consume have on their bodies and the world.

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  • Team composition

    15 members

  • Client name

    Opsis Health

  • Expertise used

    Object Detection and Counting, AI Analytics, Health Tracking

  • Duration

    6-8 Months

  • Services provided

    Backend Platform Development, Data Management, Content Management, AWS Deployment

  • Country


  • Industry

    Wellness and Fitness Services

Understanding the Challenge

Opsis Health wanted to incorporate computer vision functionality into its platform by adding an AI-based application that would help customers recognize the serving size on their food plate and nutritional facts to keep a check on their calorie count and carb intake.


Folio3 developed an AI-based application for Opsis customers, that detected the food on a user’s plate and helped them keep a check on their calorie counts and focus on their fitness and well-being goals.

AI Food Detection

The developed AI model detects, classifies, and categorizes all the food items present in a user’s food plate into different food groups

AI Food Detection

Nutritional Facts in Real-Time

The user can capture an image of their plate on the application, and learn about the portion size and nutritional facts about all ingredients used

Nutritional Facts in Real-Time

Deployed on AWS Cloud

The developed platform is deployed on the cloud, making it easier for Opsis health to scale the platform and add more services whenever needed.

AWS Integration
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Serving Size Recommendation

Serving Size Recommendation  

The application recommends the portion size for each person, collecting their health analytics and insights from the Opsis platform

Data Authorization and Authentication

Data Authorization and Authentication
The integrated platform performs data authorization and authentication, ensuring data privacy and security for many users.


Integration with third-party Platforms

Integration with third-party Platforms
An extensible platform built to be scalable, that can be integrated with various third-party platforms making it possible to connect with other platforms and collect and compare insights.


As a result of the new AI application and platform, Opsis Health attracted around 20% more users and observed up to 30% increase in engagement among users using the food detection application, in addition to choosing healthier food options.