Azure Machine Learning Service

Azure Cognitive Services combine machine learning and
AI to analyse text for emotion and sentiments and images
to identify objects and people.

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Azure Speech-to-text Services we offer

Machine Learning Based Automation

Machine Learning
Based Automation

Get productivity improvements at all levels with our automated Azure Machine Learning Service. We enable rapid deployment and with our robust models.

Azure DevOps Services

Azure DevOps Services

Robust Azure Machine Learning Service for DevOps powered by machine learning that streamlines the ML lifecycle from model building to execution and monitoring.

Custom AI Solutions

Custom AI Solutions

Custom AI solutions built to offer better security and efficiency. Each AI solution perfectly syncs with the needs of your business for better management and control.

Azure Support Services

Azure Support Services

We offer some of the best support available in the market. We have a team of dedicated professionals geared to address every Azure Machine Learning Solution query you may have.

Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive

Folio3 offers an Azure Cognitive Service that is built to stand the test of time. Using the best API's, we help businesses automate functions by embedding the ability to hear, speak, listen and talk to create the most intelligent apps.

Azure API Integration

Azure API Integration

We effectively leverage Event Grid, Service Bus and other Logic Apps, including comprehensive API Management to create winning, robust integration solutions with a variety of platforms and third-party apps.

Custom IBM Watson App Development

Custom IBM Watson
App Development

At Folio3, we excel in developing custom apps for using Watson technology to take your business to the next level with our Azure Machine Learning Service.

Support & Trouble shooting Services

Support & Trouble-
shooting Services

Our developers are available at all time for troubleshooting, administrative services, productivity enhancements or routine maintenance with minimal downtime.

Products made using Azure ML Service

Converse Smartly - Speech to text converter

The development of an advanced speech recognition web application Converse Smartly® helped establish Folio3’s strong footprint in the use and application of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

Converse Smartly® enables organizations and individuals to work smarter, faster and with greater accuracy. The advanced features of the application can be used to analyse dialogue or speech from team meetings, interviews, conferences, seminars and even lectures into text - feel free to give it a try today!


Applications of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Services

Azure Machine Learning Services are ideal for most speech conversion purposes. At Folio3, we pride ourselves in offering only the best in Azure Cognitive service utilisation with some of the following applications:

Azure Bot Service

Develop AI bots using Azure Machine Learning Service, including Q&A bots and virtual assistants.

Azure Databricks

Azure Databricks is a robust analytics platform that helps make sense of your data.

Azure Cognitive Search

Index-based search powered by AI for unstructured data from images using Azure Cognitive Service.

Bing Auto Suggest

Smart and powerful Bing auto suggest features for your app with Azure Cognitive Service.

Bing Custom Search

The Bing Custom Search API gives you a robust search index with quick setup parameter adjustment.

Bing Entity Search

Automatically add entity data from the internet to help refine search and indexing.

Bing Image Search

Enable comprehensive image search with Azure Cognitive Service.

Bing News Search

Bing News Search powered by Azure Cognitive Service provides relevant results every time.

Bing Spell Check

Never miss a beat with automated and accurate spell check powered by machine learning.

Bing Video Search

Effortlessly search through videos based on advanced Azure Speech to Text services.

Bing Visual Search

Image input-based search made easy with Bing Visual Search powered by Azure Cognitive service.

Bing Web Search

Get the best in web search capabilities with Azure Machine Learning service.

Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive service enables contextual interactions with digital assets in a powerful way.

Computer Vision

Get meaningful insight from visual input automatically with Azure Machine Learning Service.

Content Moderator

Content Moderator API for automatically flagging visual content for potentially offensive material.

Custom Vision

Custom computer vision for optimising operations without the need for machine learning expertise.

Data Science Virtual Machines

Get holistic, ready virtual machines for data science modelling and development.

Face Recognition

Automatically detect, organise and tag faces in photographs with Azure Cognitive Service.

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning Service brings powerful AI to ML applications for superior automation.

Machine Learning Studio

Comfortable and smooth environment for building ML solutions with our Azure Machine Learning Service

Microsoft Genomics

Take advantage of Microsoft's experience in running exabyte-scale workloads for genetic sequencing.

Translator Speech

Seamless, front-end speech translation with Azure Cognitive Service and REST API call.

Language Understanding

Customise cues and commands from users in the context of your organisation and business processes.

Form Recognizer

The Azure Form Recognizer uses advanced ML to extract critical data from forms accurately.

Ink Recognizer

Automatically identify digital ink content, such as handwriting and shapes and signatures.


Personalised our Azure Machine Learning Service to better suit your particular needs.

QnA Maker

Make useful and engaging Q&A conversations with Azure Cognitive Service that encourage further action

Speaker Recognition

Identify multiple speakers and distinguish between them automatically for a complete transcription.

Speech Translation

Seamlessly integrate speech translation with your app in real-time and in context

Speech to Text

Effortless Speech to Text conversion for better understanding and communication.

Text Analytics

Analyse text for sentiment and emotional evaluation to determine further action.

Text to Speech

Easily convert text back to speech with Azure Cognitive Service and its powerful AI

Translator Text

Easy to use and contextually accurate machine translation for quick processing of text.

Video Indexer

Comprehensively tag and index videos with Azure Machine Learning Service automatically.

Kinect DK

Developer kit and PC peripherals equipped with AI for building computer vision and speech models.

Anomaly Detector

Incorporate anomaly detection capability for apps with Azure Cognitive Service and minimise loss.

Azure Open Datasets

Expertly organised, cloud-based Azure Open Datasets to accelerate the development of ML solutions.

Immersive Reader

The Microsoft immersive reader enhances the reading experience by improving the readability.

Do you require Azure Machine Learning/AI Services?

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Why Microsoft Azure ML/AI services is the best choice for you?

Boost productivity and access  ML for all skills

Boost productivity and access ML for all skills

Encourage productivity improvements by augmenting your processes with our Azure Machine Learning Service. We help you deploy machine learning models that meet your every need regardless of the challenge. You can accelerate the creation process with automated machine learning UI and unrestricted access to built-in features for developing highly accurate models.

Operationalise at scale with robust MLOps

Operationalise at scale with robust MLOps

At Folio3, we offer Machine Learning DevOps or MLOps specifically intended to streamline the entire Azure Machine Learning Service delivery process. Our DevOps simplify the machine learning lifecycle with end-to-end development, deployment and management services. You can use specialised ML pipelines to build replicable workflows, and efficiently manage your assets with a comprehensive and in-depth registry. Smoothly scale-up workflows and operations and develop an enterprise-ready solution.

Build responsible AI solutions

Build responsible AI

Azure Machine Learning Service gives you advanced tools for managing fairness and transparency of your machine learning models. You can use model interpretability to understand predictions and their subsequent applications better . You can also apply fairness metrics to make comparisons and use the recommended mitigation strategies automatically.

Innovate on an open and flexible platform

Innovate on an open and flexible platform

Azure Machine Learning Service is one of the most flexible platforms available with the right mix of tools to see you through most application deployments. With Folio3, you can get built-in support for a variety of open-source tools and frameworks specific to machine learning model training and inferencing. Azure Cognitive Service also offers support for other common frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow and scikit-learn as well as the ONNX format.

Advanced security governance and control

Advanced security, governance and control

With Azure Machine Learning Service, you can build machine learning models using enterprise-level compliance and security policies and virtual networking technology. You can effectively protect your assets using built-in identity, data and network access control, including assigning custom roles to individual members of your team. In the same way, you get governance controls with a comprehensive trail of audits, quotas and an extensive compliance portfolio.

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Why Choose Folio3 as your IBM Watson Partner?

15+ Years of Experience

15+ Years of Experience

Folio3 offers extensive expertise and experience by leveraging in-depth industry insight. We help clients achieve maximum potential by predicting loss points and providing actionable vision.

Certified Experts

Certified Experts

Our team of professionals includes more than 300 skilled developers with the right certifications and qualifications to address your every requirement.

1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

1000+ Enterprise-Level Clients

Our extensive list of satisfied customers includes companies from a wide range of industries both public and private, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail and traffic management.


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    Azure Machine Learning FAQs

    Where is Azure Machine Learning Available?

    Azure Machine Learning is available in Canada and the United States

    Can Azure Speech to Text API be integrated with my app?

    Yes, it can be integrated with most apps built on compatible platforms.

    Where are Azure Cognitive services available?

    Azure Cognitive Service is available in most countries around the world. Click here to learn more

    Is azure machine learning service studio free?

    Partially. The first 12 months are free after which you have to pay for your services.

    How would you best define the azure machine learning service studio?

    The Azure Machine Learning Studio is the leading resource for machine learning services. It provides a central workspace for data scientists and developers for building, training and deploying machine learning models.