Race Car Detection & Tracking Solution- Case Study Folio3AI

Race Car Detection Solution


A European tech company with many clients in the IT industry was looking for a technology partner who could help them develop an AI solution for race car detection throughout a race course. Folio3 AI developed a customized vehicle detection solution for them with the ability to track and identify race cars throughout the race-course area.

About the Customer

A reputable and long-standing Swiss company, that has offered the best solutions to many clients in the global IT industry. This company offers cost-effective cloud solutions, and software development services along with top-tier hardware and technology support, in addition to data centers, all to grow and scale their customer’s business.

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  • Team composition

    6 members

  • Expertise used

    Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Vehicle Detection

  • Duration

    10 months

  • Services provided

    Model training, Data capture, Custom Algorithm Development, Application Integration

  • Country


  • Industry

    SoftwareIT Services and IT Consulting

Understanding the Challenge

Our client was looking to streamline their car tracking and monitoring system during car races. They were facing issues with manually tracking each car across different camera feeds, ensuring that there were no gaps in data and video streams, and identifying any missing or off-track cars.


Folio3 deployed their prebuilt vehicle detection solution to process the input video/live camera feed in real-time. The algorithm was customized and fine-tuned for vehicle detection and tracking according to the client’s use case to detect and recognize the sports cars across the race track whenever they appeared in camera focus.

Car ID Tracking

Continuously tracking multiple assigned Id cars across the different cameras without gaps in the data and video stream.

assignment and tracking

Post Produced Videos

Produce a processed output file for each car on the race track tracked across all the cameras. Car zoom and panning functionality on the processed output video clip.

post produced videos
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detect and alert

Detect and Alert If the Car Goes off Track  

Tracking all race cars with assigned IDs and sending alerts in real-time if a car goes off track/ missing


real time

Live Camera Tracking and Results in Real-Time

Taking live camera feed as input and viewing results in real-time. Live camera tracking with an automatic camera switch, the focus shifts on the camera which has detected the car in view.


With an accuracy of up to 90%, the system detected and tracked cars with assigned IDs, sent alerts in real-time, and produced processed output files for each car on the race track. The solution was built to scale with the addition of more race tracks and more race cars.