Crack Detection Solution

Crack detection solution in app for a US-based insurance


Folio3 AI developed and deployed a crack detection solution in app for a US-based insurance  provider for electronic devices and appliances that allowed their customers to take a picture of their cracked phones to claim or activate warranties.


The client was a US-based insurance provider that offers consumer protection plans for mobile devices, appliances, and other electronics, both online and via retailers. Their services are focused around providing a smooth and fast service platform for warranty handling and resolutions between consumers and manufacturers. 


The client offered warranties and protection plans for consumer electronics and wanted a solution to automate the process of making sure that the screens of the insured devices were intact at the time of warranty activation, to avoid fake cases of screen damage.


Based on the requirementsFolio3 developed an AI-powered solution to detect potential cracks in an input cell phone screen image. 

Using openCV, Folio3’s designed solution detected real cracks on the cell phone using computer vision techniques. Using our own crack detection algorithm, our solution detects and flags potential cracks in the cell phone screens, utilizing a number of workflows based on the environment associated with the image of the cell phone screen to maximize accuracy and avoid false positives. 

The solution was implemented in their mobile app, which was also developed by Folio3, to manage warranties, their activations, and claims.


The solution ultimately enabled them to maximize efficiency with a detection accuracy of over 90%. Ultimately, the speed of service and the overall experience was greatly overhauled with the new app and crack detection system. 

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