Case Study- Whitelabel

UK-Based Niche Restaurant

Reducing customer waiting time and improving system efficiency


Based in the UK and known for its food quality, taste, and great customer service, this restaurant serves the highest quality food at affordable prices. To make the customer experience even better, Folio3 designed a computer vision-based solution that would allow customers to check out seamlessly.

About the Customer

This UK-based niche restaurant is known for its authentic taste and food quality. Launched in the early 2000s, this restaurant offers simple and tasty food at the most reasonable prices that leave its customers coming back for more. Along with the food taste and quality, it is well known for its quick customer service and pleasing ambiance that feels like home.

  • Team composition

    4-5 members

  • Client name

    UK based Restaurant

  • Expertise used

    AI Object Detection, AI Automation

  • Duration

    6 weeks

  • Services provided

    AI Application Development, POS Integration, AWS Cloud Integration

  • Country


  • Industry

    AI Application Development, POS Integration, AWS Cloud Integration

Understanding the Challenge

The manual self-checkout POS system at the restaurant resulted in increased customer waiting times and long queues on the POS system. The customers had to enter all their order details into the POS system, which was prone to errors and required the customer to re-enter all details again and again. The restaurant needed a solution to save customers’ time and automate the entire process for ease of use. 


Folio3 provided a solution that included a seamless self-checkout system, going from a manual checkout system to an automated checkout saving customer time and improving system efficiency.

AI Food Detection

After the AI implementation, the customer only had to place their ordered food tray under the POS camera for food detection

AI Food Detection

Automated Billing

Once the food Detection was complete, the system will fetch the food items' price and generate a bill on the POS system for the customer

Automated Billing
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Integrated with the Current POS System

Integrated with the Current POS System 

The trained and developed AI model was integrated with the current POS system of the restaurant

AWS Integration

Deployed on AWS Cloud Network 

The AI Model was deployed on the AWS Cloud for data fetching and processing to generate the billing information automatically on the POS system 



With the updated POS system, customers were able to check out approximately 5 minutes faster than the previous manual checkout, resulting in a 30% reduced customer wait time.