Easing Differentiated Learning by Creating Efficient Platform

About the Customer

The client’s learning program helps and observes the progress of students on their path to success. Client’s core belief is that for a learner to do well, encouragement and guidelines according to their unique learning needs are required. Thus, the programs involve opportunities for teachers to differentiate instructions.

Requirement & The Idea Behind It

1. Automate tedious process of teaching, testing and reporting.

2. Make it easier for teachers to identify and provide different instruction.

3. Create a highly interactive Learning Management System (LMS) where students could watch lessons or additional material, later be tested and the results could be posted on the dashboard.

4. Based on the results, differentiated instruction could be implemented to groups or individuals.


1. Developed an interactive UI making quizzes, books, videos and other learning materials available for the students.

2. Created dashboards that reported number of logins, marks scored and time spent by user on a specific course.

3. For speaking quiz, recordings of students are pushed to Google AI integrated server. The AI judges students’ recording and marks it on the guideline provided.

4. Allows district admin to review the dashboard of all the schools of the district. The dashboard reports details about the number of students enrolled, teachers and schools rank.

5. Project is still ongoing as features keep on adding based on client requirements and Folio3’s recommendation.


1. Guarantees a 100% STAAR passing rate for all students.

2. Expansion of the development team by 2x and the content team grew from 2 to 40.

3. 65% of the 100 largest districts in Texas use the project.

4. Project is developing over a million dollar revenue.

Technology Used

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