Real-Time Age & Gender Detection using OpenCV

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Executive Summary:

In this topic, we’ll quickly explore how to use OpenCV to determine Age Gender Detection. A crucial task in computer vision is Face detection. We now had pre-trained models that can recognize a face quickly, when it took a lot of time and effort in the past. The OpenCV library’s pre-trained model will be used to identify faces and provide a ground truth label.

Gender Detection using OpenCV


In computer vision for monitoring, predicting age and gender is frequently employed. This prediction is now much more realistic and open to the general public because of developments in computer vision. This research area has advanced significantly due to its usefulness in sophisticated practical applications.

How does computer vision work?

The study of computer vision makes it possible for machines to recognize and understand digital images and videos just like a person would. However, the difficulties it encounters are largely a result of our incomplete understanding of the biological vision. 

Computer vision comprises the acquisition, processing, analysis, and comprehension of digital images to provide symbolic or numerical information that may be used to make decisions and extract high-dimensional data from the real environment. There is a lot of usage for techniques like object recognition, video tagging, motion estimation, and image recovery.

Mandatory Modules:

OpenCV: OpenCV is a technology that focuses on computer vision, video analysis, or image processing. When it comes to analyzing photos and videos using complex digital algorithms, OpenCV can be utilized to help developers tackle a variety of difficulties in your sector. The module includes frequently used methods, such as when recognizing faces. In addition, the module processes filters that turn input data from photos or videos into boolean values so features can be identified by comparison functions when they have comparable characteristics. OpenCV is a solution worth investigating if you’re seeking an alternative that helps you with this assignment.

Gender and age detection

We aim to develop a program to identify a person’s gender and age from an image. It might not be as simple to predict age as you think. Age prediction may be a regression issue. And you’d be right to believe that. Researchers encountered several unknowns when treating this as a regression problem, including camera quality, brightness, climate, background, etc.


The characteristics of a person’s face can be used to infer information about their identity, age, gender, emotions, and ethnicity. Examples of real-world uses for age and gender classification include safety and video tracking, electronic customer relations management, fingerprints, electronic vending machines, human-computer interaction, leisure, hairdressing, and detective art.


Age Gender Detection is frequently carried out as a two-step procedure:

  1. Stage 1: Recognize faces in the source image
  2. Stage 2: Apply the age detector algorithm to the face’s Region of Interest (ROI) and extract the face to determine the person’s age.

For Stage 1, any face detector that can draw bounding boxes for faces in a picture is acceptable.

The face detector produces the bounding box dimensions of the face in the image. For Stage 2, we establish the person’s age. We extract the face ROI while disregarding the remainder of the image/frame using the bounding box (x, y)-coordinates of the face.

By doing this, the age detector may concentrate only on the subject’s face and ignore any other unimportant “noise” in the background of the picture.

The real age prediction is then obtained by running the face ROI through the model.


To determine the gender and age range of a photo. These include the subsequent actions:

  • Importing Libraries

Gender Detection using OpenCV

  • Finding the coordinates of the bounding box

Bounding Box

  • Loading and Adding Weight and Model Files.

Gender Detection using OpenCV

  • Mentioning the Category List for Age and Gender

Gender Detection using OpenCV

  • Gender and Age Prediction Function

Gender & Image


  • Uploading photo

Gender Detection using OpenCV

face detection

Face detection


Anyone can start using OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) to complete computer vision tasks. To do tasks like picture segmentation, motion detection, and facial recognition, you can use various tools included in Age Gender Detection. This lesson demonstrated using OpenCV to determine a face’s age and gender. We examined how to utilize pre-trained OpenCV models to find faces and how to use the information about the face that was returned to establish the face’s age and gender. The OpenCV models we used are quite simple and could be more precise, but they are a decent place to start for those new to computer vision. 

Please do let us know if you have any queries or comments about this Age Gender Detection procedure.

Happy coding!

Gender Detection using OpenCV



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