HoloGAN – Unsupervised Learning of 3D Images

DeOldify is one such application which includes pre-trained weights, allowing you to colorize black and white images or video with minimal effort.

In the present age, deep learning and machine learning solutions are enabling enterprises and businesses to level up their functionality and enabling them to proceed towards a future that depends on smart decision making and intelligent learning. HoloGAN is yet another product of artificial intelligence that appears to be bringing remarkable improvements.

HoloGAN is a generative adversarial network (GAN) proposed by a group of researchers. It uses natural images in order to perform unsupervised learning for representations that are three-dimensional (3D).

Different from all other GAN models that use two-dimensional (2D) kernels to create blurry artifacts or images for tasks that call for strong and clear 3D learning, HoloGAN depends on 3D models to showcase a realistic representation. It allows for rigid-body transformations and provides excellent control over the generated objects.

What is Unsupervised Learning?

You might already be aware of machine learning solutions and their impact. However, there are still some advancements in deep learning that are yet to be explored.

Speaking of unsupervised learning, it is basically the training of an algorithm of artificial training which is done by making use of information that is neither labeled nor classified. The algorithm is allowed to act on the given information without having any further guidance.

An artificial intelligence system, in unsupervised learning, works to group information that is unsorted based on similarities and differences without requiring you to provide categories. Such AI systems that are capable enough are mostly associated with models of generative learning. Though they will probably also make use of a retrieval-based approach (that is not associated with unsupervised learning). Self-driving vehicles, chatbots, robots, facial recognition programs, expert systems are examples of systems that will either use supervised or unsupervised learning.

In unsupervised learning, uncategorized and unlabelled data is presented to an AI system and the algorithms of the system act on that information with having no prior training. The output entirely depends upon the algorithms that are coded.

Unsupervised learning algorithms are capable of performing tasks that are complex to process and which cannot be performed through supervised learning. Unsupervised learning is however unpredictable. It can surely sort dogs from cats on its own but it might also add unnecessary categories such as their breeds which will only create clutter rather than order.

What is the Novel Generative Adversarial Network (GAN)

Generative adversarial networks (GANs) are known as algorithmic architectures that depends on two neural networks, posing one against another, so as to generate new and synthetic instances of information/data. These are widely and commonly used in image, voice, and video generation.

GANs were originally introduced by Ian Goodfellow and some other researchers in a paper at the University of Montreal, in 2014. The AI research director of Facebook referred to GANs and called adversarial training as the most amazing idea of the decade in ML.

The potential for generative adversarial networks is huge in both good and bad terms because they are capable of learning to mimic any sort of distribution of data, which is to say that GANs can create worlds very much similar to ours and in any domain including music, images, prose, speech, etc. They are robotic artists and their performance is extraordinary. But they can also be used for creating fake and false media content.

Hologan GitHub

Here is the HoloGAN dataset for GitHub

Hologan Youtube Video Tutorial


HoloGan Data Set

Cats: https://github.com/AlexiaJM/RelativisticGAN/tree/master/code

LSUN: https://github.com/fyu/lsun

CelebA: http://mmlab.ie.cuhk.edu.hk/projects/CelebA.html

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