Staff Augmentation Revolutionizes Team-Based Projects For The Healthcare Industry

Some various phases and circumstances cause businesses to require extra team employees. If the company is expanding, it goes without saying that additional experts will be required to maintain this expansion; conversely, if the company is falling behind due to a lack of technologically aware employees, it will seek assistance in this area. People hire ML developers as IT staff augmentation is used in this situation.

Any business can expand its teams with seasoned and specialized employees by using the IT Staff Augmentation service, temporarily employing the resources it requires for the projects. And the field of health is another great place for businesses to hire machine learning experts and apply this.

“Staff augmentation enables health institutions to hire specialists for brief assignments and fill gaps in particular staffing requirements. According to an article in Health Tech magazine, this strategy can give health organizations more flexibility to finish important IT projects. It gives them access to specialized skill sets without hiring more full-time personnel.

This article will discuss healthcare IT staff augmentation’s benefits, objectives, and risks. We’ll discover the significance of this situation and the rising acceptance of our staffing strategies in the healthcare industry.

What Does Healthcare IT Staff Augmentation Mean?

With the fewest trade-offs possible, this particular outstaffing approach can assist American healthcare providers and health technology enterprises in enhancing their IT outsourcing initiatives (i.e., NO compromises on quality and security).

The following are the key lessons learned regarding the augmentation of IT employees in digital healthcare:

The traditional paradigm of IT outsourcing services is, and we are exempt from its obvious drawbacks. 

Without the additional administrative costs typically associated with the long-term hiring of software engineers and other health-tech specialists, our IT healthcare staff augmentation strategy can deliver benefits specific to in-house IT teams.

How The Addition Of IT Staff Augmentation Has Benefited Medical Teams

Given the setting of the medical facility we have been discussing in this article, we also want to highlight how the rise in staff benefits institutions working in the healthcare industry:

Engineers and programmers can develop telemedicine tools like “remote ECG monitoring software,” “remote chemistry/blood pressure monitoring tools,” “telepsychiatry solutions,” and many more during this epidemic. They explained in a post that these methods “may also let professionals visit more patients at once.”

  • Employing teams through IT Workers Augmentation, which involves hiring specialists temporarily to carry out certain duties, may be the answer if there isn’t enough money to hire permanent and long-term staff.
  • Quickly integrating into local teams, IT Staff Augmentation resources coordinate work schedules and complement expertise. The best part is that they will focus solely on your assignment without interruptions.
  • Since the Staffing team typically works remotely, there is no need to make infrastructure investments or establish an additional office.

Benefits Of Staff Augmentation Health Industry Has Reaped 

Team augmentation can significantly accelerate your projects regardless of how you find new team members. To achieve deadlines, your project ultimately needs skilled developers. The developer scarcity can be overcome with the help of IT staff augmentation.

  • Spend Less Time On Recruitment.

With IT staff augmentation, qualified temporary workers are accessible quickly. The hiring procedure may take a while, as was already explained.

Finding the ideal engineer for your company takes time. Even then, there is no guarantee that they will stay with your company in the current market. If not, you’ll have to start the hiring process again from scratch.

The expense of hiring new employees must also be considered. Once hired, your newest employees will need a wage guarantee. Overall, a team augmentation contract can be far more time and money efficient than a permanent hire.

  • Scalability

For digital health, staff augmentation is essential since it allows you to scale your teams. The field of IT development is continually changing. Various skilled individuals will be needed for your projects at various stages.

Depending on business needs, an IT staff augmentation service can provide qualified team members. Your squads might fill up pretty immediately.

Teams can be trimmed just as fast, too. Agencies that provide team augmentation can help you even if your project’s needs alter. They allow you to change the size of your team as needed.

The alternative is to hire everyone at once and make massive layoffs. Naturally, this would result in a negative company culture. In the process, you’ll probably lose even more skilled workers.

  • Clean Handovers and Clean Code

The scalability of complete outsourcing is offered through staff augmentation but without communication and handover issues.

Your project is returned to your company once an external vendor has fully developed it. The main issue is that your firm has little in the way of quality control. Once an outsourcing agreement is signed, the manner in which the work is done is not specified.

Increased staffing results in better quality control. The augmented workforce must integrate into your business rather than handle the full project as an outside team. As a result, they pick up your coding conventions, quality standards, and communication techniques.

The project can still be controlled once the members of your current team finish it. To best serve your organization, code should be standardized so that engineers are comfortable making any alterations down the road.

  • Diverse Skills Sets

You can access a larger talent pool by outsourcing to a staff augmentation company. If you can, it’s fantastic to hire locally. However, this is getting harder and harder because of the lack of developers.

Teams that are outsourced have access to a bigger pool of talent in the field of developing digital health products. Innovation is fueled by diverse abilities and experiences within your workforce. This is especially crucial in the rapidly developing and expanding health technology sector.

It’s also crucial to add digital health specialists to development teams. Healthcare is a difficult and heavily regulated industry. Therefore, it could damage a lack of healthcare and health technology knowledge.

When necessary, you can add professionals to your present team through staff augmentation. Business analysts, for instance, can assist in contextualizing your work on digital health and ensuring the success of your key IT initiatives.

Professional project managers are also essential in the world of digital healthcare. It’s difficult to find these people separately for one-off tasks. By enhancing your teams, you can incorporate the required experts in a scalable manner.

  • Use Case – The University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Experience

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is one of the healthcare organizations that has successfully used the IT Staff Augmentation service. This has surprisingly enhanced online patient care and sped up consultation times for individuals who most need them.

“Telemedicine is an excellent example; we went from zero to one hundred in telemedicine overnight […] We accomplished more in one day than in six months. According to Ed McCallister, vice president, and chief information officer of this medical facility, “We had a good staff, but we definitely needed Staff Augmentation to get us where we wanted to be.

The Risks Which Lurked on Staff Augmentation

We are aware that since all of a company’s data, flows, and operations are private and sensitive, it is crucial to protect them all. That is precisely one of the restrictions of using a staffing service, as businesses are ill-equipped to deal with the circumstance.

Of course, it is normal to feel this way, but in order for the IT Staff Augmentation service to succeed, you should focus on the following:

  • Conducting Individual Assessments

You can conduct technical assessments and individual interviews with IT Staffing personnel before integrating them into your team. It is crucial to assess this professional’s soft skills in addition to his technical abilities, such as his communication skills, capacity to work in a team, and willingness to collaborate.

  • Provider Background

Assuring the team’s integrity and discipline starts with the IT Staffing provider. You won’t get a bad surprise while working on your project if you do it this way.

  • With The Provider, Signing The Confidentiality Agreements.

You can both sign an NDA confidentiality agreement to ensure that the IT Staff Augmentation provider will preserve your data and prevent the disclosure of sensitive information.

In fact, trustworthy employment partners require the IT specialists they offer to be knowledgeable about data security and cautious when handling delicate business problems. The company that hires a machine learning expert will sign a confidentiality agreement.

Reviewing The IT Staff Augmentation Hiring Techniques

Depending on your demands, the technical capabilities your project requires, and how much you are ready to invest, you can hire a machine learning expert you need, either nearshore or offshore.

When we discuss nearshore hiring, we refer to vendors and workers who reside near the nation where your business is based. They frequently reside in the same or nearby time zones. The ideal situation is for them to communicate in the same language they specified in the Vertical portal.

The Nearshore modality has the potential to lower the project development budget. Reduced rates for development work are frequently available from nearby nations. This might not be as little as offshore agencies, though.

When we discuss offshore contracting, we talk about hiring ML developer suppliers located in a different nation than the business that is hiring them.

The primary distinction is the teams’ locations in distant nations—or even on the other side of the globe. Once more, offshore equipment augmentation companies can add to their current equipment based on their needs, but care must be taken due to time and linguistic disparities, the expert stressed. The fact that it is typically less expensive is a major benefit of this approach.

Summing It Up

Staff Augmentation will primarily concentrate on long-term initiatives in the healthcare sector, were more connected, engaged, and culturally compatible staff are required to provide the greatest results.

Folio3 is a leading staff augmentation company, and we are encouraging organizations in the healthcare industry to adapt and embrace this new outsourced model for lasting outcomes when hire ML developers and releasing innovation and ideas into the staff augmentation work paradigm.

To learn why your healthcare company requires a machine learning expert for staff augmentation and how we can immediately assist you, get in touch with our team.


In what ways should your team get ready for staff augmentation?

Actually, special preparations are not necessary when working with a reliable IT staff augmentation supplier (except for the usual onboarding procedures accepted in your organization.)

What makes staff augmentation crucial?

It’s a fantastic chance to get beyond the financial restrictions that the US and other industrialized nations’ healthcare organizations and providers face. This method is employed by medical IT personnel and is gaining popularity in other healthcare settings, especially among nurses.

For instance, AYA Healthcare, one of our clients for IT staff augmentation, provides travel nurses to fill medical workforce gaps in hospitals around the country effectively.

What is the concept of staff augmentation?

The idea of staff augmentation first emerged in the 1980s, a time when rapidly expanding businesses needed brilliant workers but did not want to bear the cost of full-time personnel. With the staff augmentation strategy, businesses can scale up or down their human resources as and when necessary without having to hire full-time workers or pay their set wages even when there is no work.
In the IT sector, where obtaining the right personnel for the right task is seen as one of the major hurdles, staff augmentation is essentially an outsourced method.
Due to the difficulties encountered, staff augmentation eventually required an upgrade and reform.

When should your healthcare startup select staff augmentation?

when none of the other types is suitable for you, for instance, you don’t want to hire a full-time local specialist because you only need to add one or two temporary specialists to your present healthcare project team (who might be too expensive for your current budget, or scarce in your local market.)

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