What is a Computer Vision Engineer – Beginners Guide

What is a computer vision engineer? A computer vision engineer is tasked to create computer vision algorithms that are meant to process large visual data.
what is a computer vision engineer

Computer vision engineering is one of the fastest-growing fields that deal with the ability of computers to read, analyze, and process digital images or videos. It’s an interdisciplinary scientific field that is at the center of technological advancements and seeks to automate the human visual system. Computer vision engineers excel in developing complex machine algorithms that can understand, analyze, and extract key information from imagery. At the basic, the field is closely related to machine learning and artificial technology, where the end objective is to enhance the machine’s capabilities in achieving automation for various computer vision tasks.

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What is a Computer Vision Engineer Job Description?

At the core of its job, a computer vision engineer is tasked to create computer vision algorithms that are meant to process large visual data ad solve real-world problems. For much of the time, computer vision engineers conduct extensive research and testing of machine learning primitives and implement algorithms for testing accuracy and performance. Computer vision engineers work in teams with personnel responsible to implement novel embedded architectures. Some of the key skills for computer vision engineers including machine learning, image segmentation, and image recognition.

Necessary Skills

A large part of the question; what is a computer vision engineer is described by the skills possessed by the person. Since computer vision engineering is an interdisciplinary field, computer vision engineers come with skills in various fields including linear algebra, machine learning, development environment, object-oriented programming, critical-thinking skills, and others.

Learn more about how does computer vision works in this detailed guide.

What is a Vision Engineer Use Cases in the Real World?

Today, computer vision engineering is used extensively in cross-industry applications, with the core purpose of creating a more efficient and effective digital image recognition technology that is able to analyze, process, and extract vital information from the visual data. Some of the leading tech companies in the world including; Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and others are investing USD billions in research and development of computer vision technology and come up with more powerful and comprehensive tools.

Some of the industries that have implemented computer vision engineering in their workflow processes to design and create better workflow processes include;








Below we have come up with some cross-industry application of Computer vision engineering;

Retail Industry


The latest sensation from Amazon is its retail outlet namely the Amazon Go store. It’s a futuristic retail concept with no cashiers. The shoppers don’t need to wait in line to pay for the things, rather they can just take up the things they want and leave the store. At present, Amazon Go has started in Seattle, Washington, where the store is fitted with an advanced camera system integrated with computer vision technology.

The computer vision technology that powers Amazon’s futuristic stores is called Just Walk Out. It enables people to take all the items they want, which are instantly scanned by the scanning devices, which in turn totaled the purchasing cost of the items and is deducted from the shopper’s digital wallet. The entire Amazon Go store is surveilled by cameras that are present on all the aisles and ceilings. The computer vision technology that powers that camera enables the comprehensive imaging system of the store to determine the place from where an item is removed by a customer, as well as when the customer put back an item to the shelf. The imaging system also enables the app to keep surveillance of the shoppers across the stores, ensuring the customers’ are billed correctly for the items they purchased.


Apart from the retail industry, the automotive industry is also fast integrating computer vision technology along with other data analytics technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to create the next generation of auto-drive cars. Here’s a use case of computer vision engineering in the automotive sector;


Waymo is a leading automotive business with a strong focus to create a better and safer transportation system. Google self-driving car project, or what we now know as Waymo is utilizing futuristic technologies like computer vision to create self-driving cars and robust sensors as a means to improve the safety and comfort of people.

According to the company, cars developed by Waymo are integrated with the sensors and software which are able to identify movements of vehicles, pedestrians, road movements, and others at 360-degrees. Waymo also claims that the company has already tested the software and sensors for over 7 million miles

on public roads, and has been successful in safe navigation of self-driving vehicles, through the daily traffic.

What is a Machine Vision Engineer Skills to look for?

Some of the key skills to lookout in a machine vision engineer includes;

– Computer vision knowledge

– Development environment

– Programming

– CV tools

Is computer vision a good career in 2021?

The demand for expert and experienced computer vision engineers has continued to increase for the past decade. With the projected growth of AR and VR technologies reaching over $200 billion in the next few years, the continuous development of self-driving cars and other digital image processing technologies, it can be safely predicted that computer vision engineers will remain in high demand for the foreseeable future.

How do I start a computer vision engineer career in 2021?

For being a computer vision engineer, you will need a Graduation degree in engineering (BE) preferably in the Computer Science field. You will also need to have a working knowledge of statistics, mathematics, programming, and other related fields.

What are computer vision engineer techniques?

Image Classification

Object Detection

Object Tracking 

Semantic Segmentation

Instance Segmentation 

Image Reconstruction

Computer Vision Trends Evolution

Prior to the development of deep learning, computer vision could only accomplish a few tasks. Manual coding needed the efforts of several developers and operators.

Computer Vision Job Trends in 2022

In the past few months, 149 people searched for the term “Computer Vision”. The majority of the people that searched for Computer Vision were from India. The USA seems to take much interest in this technology as well. People have been constantly looking for information about this technology. This graph is expected to shoot up and is likely to get more traction in the coming days.

computer vision job trend

Source: Google Trends

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