What is Staff Augmentation in Consulting

Learn What is Staff Augmentation in Consulting and how it allows you to extend your team for specialized projects.
What is Staff Augmentation in Consulting

Businesses worldwide are going far from conventional practices of recruitment. They have evolving business needs and market demands to meet, for which they need experienced and competent professionals. 

While a company has the option to recruit new talents, it takes a significant amount of time to train them to work on specialized projects.

Additionally, for big projects, involving hefty investments, delegating inexperienced staff is risky. That’s why businesses are opting for staff augmentation, which is an alternative to traditional hiring strategies. 

Staff augmentation helps businesses extend teams without hiring and onboarding full-time employees, especially when they are stretched thin. 

If your business also has great strategic planning and ideas but lacks resources for execution, you must adopt the staff augmentation strategy to hire a consultation partner that backs up your project execution.

To help you learn how this recruitment approach is a feasible solution for your business needs, let’s go over how it works:

What is Staff Augmentation in Enterprise Consulting? 

Staff augmentation is a prevalent outsourcing strategy used for hiring temporary staff.  

For IT startups, hiring and onboarding are challenging, especially when they have fast innovation-based development.  Since staff augmentation is about outsourcing staff temporarily, it works on a contractual or project basis helping startups independently and quickly choose teams to meet their industry-specific needs.

Companies follow this approach for the hiring flexibility it offers, allowing them to easily scale their talents on-demand.

With staff augmentation, what matters most is to determine goals and priorities. So, the first step for companies is to assess existing employees and determine what additional skills they require. 

Staff augmentation companies provide those additional skill sets. They help you augment your workforce with skilled professionals to cut down costs and save time on training and development.

Now that the concept of staff augmentation is clear to you, let’s jump right into comparison and learn how it differs from other types of approaches.

What is the Difference Between Staff Augmentation and Enterprise Outsourcing?

Both hiring strategies: staff augmentation and outsourcing are quite different. 

For outsourcing, an enterprise sends work outside to get done by third parties. In staff augmentation, an enterprise brings skilled people within the organization to work on their niche projects based on the enterprise’s needs.

Staff augmentation is good for building external teams for short-term projects but is not ideal for long-term projects that take a year or so to complete. However, staff augmentation providers are often open to negotiating exceptional needs. 

Contrastingly, outsourcing sometimes involves offshoring and nearshoring and offers great budget flexibility and control to only pay for the functions you need and when you need them. Often, outsourcing projects to companies that have different work cultures do not complement your working culture which can be challenging for your teams.

But staff augmentation gives you the flexibility to run operations under your control, so you can get the work done within your organization by bringing experts to handle your projects. It allows your in-house workforce to focus on core company functionalities while your hired teams handle the rest.  

What is Enterprise Staff Augmentation Vs Managed Services?

In staff augmentation, companies hire experts with the relevant skillset through external providers to work for them in-house. The company’s needs determine the number of employees it can hire and the amount of time they work for it. 

This involves administrators borrowing staff from other organizations to fill roles temporarily in the absence of their permanent employees due to illnesses, vacation, or other grounds.

Conversely, in managed services, a project is outsourced to an external team to maintain and anticipate project needs. Although managed services sound similar to outsourcing, they offer more than that to improve operations and reduce expenditures. 

Both services involve partnering with an external organization, but managed services cover a more comprehensive range of services in one or more than one areas, such as ERP or IT. 

However, organizations often prefer bringing in the teams to support their existing workforce by opting for staff augmentation.

For the staff augmentation strategy to work for your business, you simply need to communicate to the staff augmentation provider, who will provide you with a team of skilled professionals.    

Folio3 is Your Best Enterprise Staff Augmentation Partner

Some enterprise tasks are infeasible to execute in-house and finding the best outsourcing company is not as easy as you may think.

To help you succeed with your tasks and timelines, we offer you our expert solutions and dedicated professionals to complement your in-house teams.

Our teams at folio3 strive to be an ideal partner for you. We assess your current infrastructure and operations to understand your pain points. 

As your enterprise staff augmentation partner, folio3 provides you with a one-window solution across various technology verticals. 

Here are just a few of them:

Hire ML developers: our verified ML developers are vetted and hand-picked for your business needs.

Machine Learning solutions: innovate ML solutions with our experts and use predictive analytics abilities to make informed decisions.

Machine Learning Ops: with our ML DevOps (development/operations) teams, you can develop and deploy high-precision ML models anywhere.

When you partner up with us, we also determine whether any operations are affecting your performance and create a plan for troubleshooting problems, leading your business to long-term improvements.

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