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Livestock Apps – 15 Best Livestock Management Apps/Software in 2020

Livestock Apps - 15 Best Livestock Management Apps/Software

Muhammad Imran


November 30th, 2020

By keeping up with the best animal practices, livestock management apps enable farmers to ensure the highest quality standards and improved productivity.

livestock apps

The livestock management software has quickly become an important component that enables livestock farmers to keep up with farm animals’ health and well-being. The app help farmers to record and access all the important details they need to know from the time of birth to the time they are sold. The type of records managed by livestock apps may vary from one app to another. Some of the more important records maintained by all livestock management software include the date of birth, medical records, and others. Apart from tracking the records for health performance and costs, livestock management apps also enable farmers to better manage livestock at farms by tracking them remotely across the farms.

 Modern livestock apps are able to record all the procedures carried out in the farms on daily basis. These apps offer the most effective way to incorporate feed formulation, feed production, accounting, production, feed selection, and various other records, against specific components like land conditions, feed recipes, climatic conditions, and others. All of this information can then be access easily through interactive reports and charts, for improving the overall efficiency and productivity of farms. Livestock management software also brings in advanced analytical tools to help farmers identify and follow profitable practices.

By keeping up with the best animal practices, livestock management apps enable farmers to ensure the highest quality standards and improved productivity. Over the years, livestock software has proven to be an effective method to improve the efficiency and productivity of the farming business. It’s the perfect choice for livestock farms looking to design and implement effective procedures for higher revenue.

Below are some of the benefits of integrating livestock management software for farm businesses:

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1) Easy Farm Management

Livestock farming can be challenging, especially for startups and small farms with little experience. The challenge becomes even steeper for farms looking to manage multiple livestock. With the livestock management software, such farm businesses get access to an automated management platform. These platforms not only help them to automate various daily processes but also enable farmers to get access to updated information and best practices for farm management.

2) Improved Pasture Management

Apart from assisting farmers with the best practices in livestock farm management, these livestock apps also help farmers in moving herds from one pasture to another. Many of the latest livestock management apps come with intelligent features, which can be integrated with drone technology. Such technology not only helps farmers to keep close track of herd across vast pasture areas but also enable them to monitor and manage pasture area in a more coordinated manner.

3) Events Tracking

Event tracking is perhaps the most basic and widely used function of livestock management software. The functionality enables farmers to keep entire animal records against all events like medical treatment, animal sale, birth, death, breeding, and other events. In other words, farmers are able to record each and every event of the herd; right from birth to sale or death in an efficient and structured manner. This doesn’t only make it easier and more effective for farmers to manage livestock, but also help them to comply with livestock management regulations.

4) Improved Feed Management

With robust livestock management software, farmers are in a better position to identify and implement a structured feeding plan for animals. These apps enable farmers to track the feeding habits of an individual animal in the herd and adapt accordingly. The software also enables farmers to figure out the feed conversion ratio, which gives them an ideal to identify the expense of feed and subsequent ROI.

Folio3 is your Custom Livestock Management Software/Apps Partner

Folio3 is one of the leading companies working in the livestock management field. The company brings its strong experience in data analytics and business intelligence technology to develop intelligent and comprehensive livestock management apps. By utilizing its strong portfolio in artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and other powerful analytical technology, Folio3 has developed one of the most advanced livestock management apps that can be integrated with programmable drones.

CattlePal is one of the livestock management app developed specifically to automate livestock management for farmers. The software can be integrated with powerful programmable drones, equipped with thermal sensors. The app enables real-time monitoring of animal’s data using cloud servers, assisting farmers to keep up with the animal’s health and other important indicators.

The powerful software solution by Folio3 comes with advanced image processing techniques including image segmentation, and automated analysis. The AI drones solution by Folio3 is also being used widely across different industries including terrain mapping, solar panel inspection, and others. By working closely with the farmers, Folio3 ensures the development of customized functionalities required by farmers of all sizes and business models.

5 Top Livestock Software/Apps for SMEs and Enterprise


1) Ranch Manager

Ranch Manager is a crowd-funded livestock management software that comes with a voluntary licensing model. It’s an advanced platform that is designed to automate the various tasks associated with the modern-day livestock business. The software lets ranchers keep detailed records of the livestock including the breeding, pedigree, locations, treatment, and sales record. The platform also comes with in-built accounting capabilities for assisting farmers in managing day to day business transactions and estimate profit and loss.


- Detailed record storing in a structured manner

- Accounting capabilities

- Multiple ID tags

- Feed Management

- Easy data entry


2) Chetu

Chetu is an enterprise-level livestock management platform that’s known for the development of customized solutions for farmers. The platform lets farmers centralize livestock management operations and comes with powerful features including breeding tracking, ranch management, and even basic accounting features. Apart from livestock management, the platform also brings in powerful database management solutions for farmers, assisting them to enter, edit, and view detailed records of individual animals through the web or mobile devices.


- Custom dashboards

- Decision support system

- Grazing management

- Weather tracking system


3) Cattle Max

Cattle Max is an enterprise-level livestock management software that is widely used for the management of large farms. The platform brings in some powerful features to track performance, production, and marketing records of livestock. Cattle Max is currently being used in over 8,000 farms across the United States and other countries. Some of the features offered by the platform include; cattle notes, multi-record updated, electronic ID features, custom reports, and much more.


- Calving history

- Management snapshots

- Breeding status

- EPD and EBV status


4) MiHub

MiHub enables farmers to transform data into insightful information to track the herd’s performance and achieve higher efficiency for farm businesses. The livestock management app brings in powerful analytical solutions that let farmers access insights into the herd performance through interactive charts and reports. The reports can be accessed by users remotely through mobile devices.


- Interactive reports and charts

- Intuitive interface

- Easy data entry and management


5) Muuu

Muuu is yet another powerful livestock management app that lets farmers manage and market their livestock businesses with ease. The app lets farmers partner-up with other farms to share management activities and best practices. The data can be accessed remotely and in real-time using any device, thereby greatly improve the access to information for higher efficiency and more profits.


- Digital agriculture marketing

- Fieldwork planner

- Cattle traceability

- Record-keeping and traceability of animals

5 Best Livestock Management Software Apps for Startups


1) Angus Black Book by Folio3

Angus Black is a premium livestock management software developed by Folio3. The software comes with advanced functionalities and features meant to improve the management and productivity of farm businesses.

The platform comes with an intuitive interface for easy adoption by farmers, enabling them to record and access crucial records seamlessly. Angus Black’s structured data storing capability enable farmers to get insight into critical performance indicators of each animal and take timely decisions. Some of the functionalities offered by the software include; detailed reporting, operations management, reminders & alerts, and record management.


- Intuitive and interactive interface

- Structured and hierarchical record management

- Individual tracking of animals

- Real-time operations management


2) Livestocked

Livestocked is a leading and widely used livestock management app. The app comes with an interactive interface and advance functionalities to help farmers manage herd effectively and drive increased profits.

Since 2013, the software has helped hundreds of farms to improve livestock farming practices and boost profits. The app is available for download from App Store and comes with advanced features including; traceability, livestock management, inventory management, cattle management, and more.


- Simple and intuitive interface

- Affordable platform

- Structured record-keeping

- Multiple livestock management


3) Calf Book

Calf book is a reliable and effective livestock management app that can be used by farm businesses of all sizes to effectively manage essential livestock records. It’s a simple and smart platform, which can easily be downloaded and used by farmers.

Some of the functionalities offered by the app include; yearling performance, calving data, calf weaning, breeding data, and many other intelligence features. Over the years, calf apps have enabled hundreds of businesses to effectively manage farm businesses and make intelligent business decisions using interactive reports.


- Offline data accessibility for users

- Intuitive interface with highest user adaptability

- Insightful reports detailing important insights for farmers


4) Breeding Wheel

The breeding wheel is a great app for livestock management farmers dealing with cattle, pork, or any other livestock. The app is available free of cost on the app store and can be used straight away thanks to its easy and intuitive interface.

The app has been developed to make livestock breeding easier and more efficient. The breeding Wheel comes with intelligent functionalities that enable farmers to identify any potential breeding issues with animals. The platform also enables farmers with easy service scheduling, proximity forecast, and get reminders for the drying date of cattle.


- Easy management of individual animals

- Advance features of identification of reproductive issues with animals

- Easy sharing of records between devices

- Free to use


5) Cattle Breeding Calculator

If you are looking for an efficient and effective livestock breeding app, the Cattle Breeding calculator is the definite choice for you. The platform is ranked as one of the best livestock management apps in the play store and is developed specifically to assist farmers with calving dates, returns, and management of other breeding issues.

The app lets farmers record all relevant breeding data of animals in a structured manner, as well as, share the data via an email functionality. The gestation calculator offered by the app help farmers to estimate forward and backward dates with much accuracy.


- Intuitive and interactive user interface

- Free download from Google Play Store

- Accurate gestation calculator

5 Must-Have Free Livestock Apps


1) Ranchr

Ranchr is a complete livestock management solution ideally suited to manage cattle herd. At the moment, the app is only available for iOS platforms and is widely popular amongst ranchers for its simple and highly-efficient livestock management features. The app offer users insights for herd performance, as well as, let them track the health performance of individual animals.

With interactive and detailed reporting features, the app let farmers keep up with the herd performance in real-time, and identify any breeding issues timely. The app makes the complete process of cattle health tracking and treatment simple and effective for ranchers, enabling them to streamline farm operations for improved productivity and increased profits.


- Easy record management and sorting 

- Intuitive and interactive interface for higher adaptability


2) Farmwizard Beef Manager

The Farmwizard Beef Manager is another high-utility livestock management tool meant to automate the farming business for improved efficiency. Some of the key features offered by the platform include; livestock management, supplier management, and traceability.

The app lets farmers record and access records remotely for greater efficiency. With smart tracking features, it also lets farmers track the herd performance in real-time and identify any specific breeding issues timely.


- Detailed and insightful reports

- Seamless user-interface

- Free app


3) Stock Move Express

Stock move express is specifically developed for startups and small farm business management. It enables ranchers to maintain detailed records of animals from birth till death. Over the years, the platform has proved its worth as high-utility livestock management and tracking application for small farms and startup businesses. Stock move express also new ranchers to track the breeding cycles of the herd, giving them real-time updates of any issues in the reproduction cycle and take appropriate actions.


- Easy data sharing with other users of NLMD-LT database even without internet connections

- Free to use

- Great for cattle and sheep management

- Intuitive and interactive user-interface


4) Moocall Breed Manager

The Moocall Breed Manager is a light and interactive livestock management app that help farmers easily manage the farm operations with herd cycles. The app lets farmers segregate the animals based on the breeding data. The herd can be categorized into in-calf cycling, in-heat, or inseminated animals for better management.


- Free livestock management app

- Categorize animals based on breeding cycles for efficient management


5) iHerd

iHerd is a free livestock management software that comes with some high-end features. The app enables farmers to track the herd from birth to death and record everything in between. iHerd is a cloud-based livestock management platform that enables farmers for easy and efficient herd management by letting farmers store and access data from anywhere. 



Easy and effective herd management

Automated accounting and auditing features

Free livestock management app



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computer vision applications

Computer Vision Applications – 15 Best Computer Vision Apps and Case Studies

15 Best Computer Vision Applications for SMEs and Enterprises

Muhammad Imran


November 28th, 2020

Computer vision has changed the way that organizations from various verticals use of visual content. Explore the best Computer vision applications.

computer vision applications

Computer Vision is a disruptive technology that emerged from the world of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The ultimate aim of computer vision technology is to train machines/computers in a way that they recognize the visual world and understand the particular situation by analyzing digital videos, images, and other deep learning models perfectly, and respond according to that.

In the past few decades, Computer vision application has changed the way that organizations from various verticals use visual content. Organizations that have adopted computer vision application technology can easily process and extract high-dimension data and can produce real-time information by using digital images while empowering organizations to improve their processes and viably meet their objectives.  

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Folio3 is Your Custom Computer Vision Applications Partner

If you are looking for a partner who can work with you on the latest computer vision applications, then Folio3 would be your best choice. The company is rapidly innovating Computer vision techniques and bringing high-value solutions to clients. Some of the computer vision application solution offered by Folio3 includes;

Image processing

Virtual search

Picture handling: 

Object Recognition 

Biometric Identity Authentication

Event detection and recognition 

Compression and filtering

Advance computational imaging

Video Archiving and Retrieval

Image and video-based indexing


Augmented reality

Let's discuss a few of them.

Image processing

AI Image processing is a method to perform the analytical process on an image, to get an enhanced image, or to extract some useful information from it. It is a type of signal processing in which input is an image and output may be an image or characteristics/features associated with that image.

Virtual Search

It is another feature of Computer vision application using Artificial intelligence that made searching easier and simple. It uses screenshots or images for searching instead of text.

Object Recognition

Object Recognition is another Computer vision technique that focuses on identifying the various objects in videos and images. It is similar to when humans look at an image that consists of various creatures, they can easily spot objects, people, and other visual details. Face Detection is one of the most common areas.

Biometric Identity Authentication

Biometric identification Authentication is used to decide, "Who are you”. The main focus is to store the person’s biometric data, which can be either fingerprint, the sound of their voice, or a photo of their face, that data is compared to the other person biometric, if the data matches then the person get authenticated. Below are some other ways for Biometric Identity Authentication.

Fingerprint scanners 

Facial pattern recognition devices 

Hand geometry recognition devices 

Iris scan identification devices 

Retinal scan identification 

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is an advanced technology that overlays virtual objects and information such as sounds, text, or images in a real-world environment in real-time. It creates a new artificial environment by using the existing environment with some additional information.

Road Traffic Analysis Computer Vision Demo Application by Folio3

The road traffic analysis solution from Folio3 is an incredible practical application of computer vision technology that comes with higher performance and superior accuracy. The technology is able to process both offline digital and real-time image processing with the automated testing feature, data labeling, and analysis. The company’s extensive experience in embedded systems and huge sets of the tool enables the company to create high-value and innovative solutions which can be easily implemented and that can be integrated with video and image capture and any other computer vision application. 

Computer vision applications in road traffic analysis sense the license plate numbers, capture high speeding, break the signal, and more. Then the data can be reported and automatically issue fines without any administrative interference.

Folio3 partnered with various technology users to ensure the comprehensibility of the application and come up with a practical and high-value computer vision application. The experienced technology team at Folio3 ensured to pay close attention to every single detail to create a competitive application, which fulfills the client’s requirements. 

Face Recognition Demo Computer Vision Application by Folio3

Folio3 has strong experience and expertise in the development and design of computer vision and Artificial Intelligence. The company helped clients to stay ahead of the competitive edge with its innovative tech solutions. The company maintains distinctive proficiency in establishing seamless image recognition, facial recognition, and other similar solutions. 

Face Recognition is a revolution in the field of computer vision technology; it helps in identifying or verifying a face by using an image, video, or any audiovisual feature on the face, which improves safety and reliability. Folio3 provides facial recognition technology that helps in detecting and identifying, faces in videos and images. We can assist you in building comprehensive business plans like counting people in spaces or gathering, identification, and attention access only by using facial recognition.

5 Best Computer Vision Applications for Startups

Recent enhancement and development in the field of deep learning and artificial intelligence have immensely improved the efficiencies of the visual recognition system. Various companies have been rapidly adopting innovative computer vision applications to gain a competitive edge.

Let’s look into a few computer vision applications for startups

1) Defect detection

Defect detection is one of the most widely used applications of computer vision across various industries. Previously, defect detection was carried out by trained people, who were responsible to control the quality of the production. However, the manual operations aren’t just time-consuming and expensive, but also there remains a chance of human errors.

Today, automated defect detection technology powered by computer vision is enabling startups and small businesses to design robust quality control measures. The technology gives startups the qualitative edge they need to deliver superior quality products to compete with the major players in the industry.

2) Mineral Mapping 

The modern-day advanced sensors are able to capture images in hundreds of small electromagnetic bands. The hyperspectral sensors have the capability to take the most detailed images for target detection. The powerful image analysis techniques based on computer vision is enabling small businesses in the mining sector to effectively utilize the hyperspectral imagery for the detection of minerals across vast swaths of remote lands. The powerful computer vision algorithms are able to utilize all spectral bands of the hyperspectral imagery and identify the reflectance/absorption spectra of the target mineral to help startups fasten up the reconnaissance and mineral mapping process.

3) Agriculture

The advancement of computer vision technology has also seen the rise of precision agriculture. By utilizing powerful AI drones, farmers today are able to scan through their farms and get real-time imagery of the crops. This coupled with automated computer vision algorithms capable of performing image processing and analysis enable farmers to monitor crop health in real-time. Modern-day computer vision algorithms can also be used to assess the soil fertility, and chlorophyll content of the crop, thereby, greatly improving the quality of produce from the farms.

4) Assembly verification

The growing complexities in the assemblies of modern machinery and equipment can be a challenging task for startups, with no real experienced technicians. However, computer vision technology today is enabling startups and small businesses to ensure verification of assemblies in real-time. The technology not only brings down the cost of the operations but also significantly fasten up the operations for higher efficiency and productivity.

5) Retail Industry

While this may be still a nascent application, computer vision technology is already being used by Amazon for its flagship Amazon Go retail store. The technology enables retail stores to operate without the need for manual checkouts. The detailed camera system installed in the store is powered by robust computer vision algorithms that enable them to scan through the items as they are picked and placed inside the cart. The algorithms are able to scan in real-time as the items are placed in the cart and the total cost of the shopping is deducted from the account automatically. The technology can be game-changing for startups, bringing them the qualitative edge they need to compete with the retail giants.

5 Must-Have Computer Vision Applications for SMEs and Enterprises


1) Human Pose Estimation

Human Pose Estimation is a fascinating computer vision application. Posenet is a popular open-source model for human pose estimation. It is used to infer a pose of any human or object available in the video or image  

First, understand the "Human Pose Skeleton" before moving towards the working of pose estimation. It consists of coordinates to characterize the person`s pose. The pair of coordinates is called a limb. It works by finding, locating, and tracking the points of the skeleton in a video or image

Here are some Human Pose Estimation applications:

  • Activity recognition for real-time sports analysis or surveillance system.
  • For Augmented reality experiences
  • In training Robots
  • Animation and gaming


2) Image Transformation Using GANs

Faceapp is an interesting application among people. By using a filter, it transforms the images and works as an image manipulation tool. There are multiple filters available in application like aging and gender swap filter  

A few days back, it was a trend on the internet to share pictures after using the gender swap filter. Computer vision is working behind these kinds of applications.

Generative adversarial networks commonly known as GAN are an old concept although, but an exciting transformation in the computer vision field. It has made a lot of development since it was proposed again in 2014 by Goodfellow.


The following are some of GAN generated applications.

  • Image to image translation in style transfer and photo in a painting
  • Image super-resolution
  • Text to image generation
  • Image editing
  • Semantic image to photo translation


3) Computer Vision for Developing Social Distancing Tools

The whole world is suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic since the last year, and it will exist until the vaccine is not available. We all must follow all the precautionary measures like a facemask, hand sanitizer, and most important social distancing   

Computer vision application plays an important role in this critical condition. It allows tracking people in a particular area to make sure that they are following social distancing or not. The social distancing tool is an application of object detection and tracking in real-time. By using a bounding box in the application, we can find the person who is violating social distancing. The same bounding box can be to frame and calculate the distance among people. The box will lighten up if there is any social distancing violation.


4) Creating a 3D Model from 2D Images

It is another fascinating computer vision application. It converts a 2 dimensional (2D) image into a 3 dimensional (3D) model. For example, you are having an old picture of yourself, now you can convert it into a 3D model and enjoy, as you are present there. 


The following are its applications 

  • Animation and Gaming
  • Robotics
  • Self-driving cars


5) Medical Diagnosis and surgical operations

It has been a long time since the healthcare department uses medical images for diagnosis purposes like X-rays, CT scans, etc. computer vision allows doctors to understand the reports more precisely by converting those images into 3d models, which makes the analysis and decision making easier.

We can see that computer vision is highly in use of healthcare departments for detecting the COVID-19 cases using X-rays.

Top Computer Vision Applications and Case Studies in Different Industries

Computer vision bases on AI technology allows computers to label and recognize images, is now widely used in stores, medical diagnostics, driverless car testing, and monitoring the health of livestock and crops.

Various use cases of computer vision found in the following industries.

  • Retail and Retail Security
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Banking
  • Industrial

Retail and Retail Security

  • Amazon

Amazon has recently launched the Amazon Go store, which was initially opened for its employees but now welcomed the public. Amazon Go store refers to a place where shopper does not have to wait in long queues for payments and checkouts.

Just Walk Out is the innovative technology behind the Go store based on computer vision technology. Before entering the store shoppers need to activate the android or IOS mobile application. Cameras are allocated in the ceilings and on shelves; these cameras are efficient enough to detect the item when it is picked up from the shelf and a person who has picked it. The system is capable enough to remove the item from the shopper`s virtual basket if it is returned to the shelf. The app ensures to track all the people present in the store while generating bills of the right items to the right shoppers.

The shopper is allowed to walk out of the store after completing their shopping. The app will automatically generate the invoice and send them online while charging the amount of the items from their Amazon account.


Computer Vision technology helps in the healthcare department, that allows healthcare professionals to precisely monitor the illness or condition of a patient by reducing incorrect treatment or inaccurate diagnoses

  • Gauss Surgical

The company has been able to leverage the computer-vision technology to develop a powerful blood-monitoring system that can estimate the blood-loss in real time. The computer-vision driven solution is also more capable to determine the hemorrhage conditions in patients, as well as, maximizes the transfusions. 

Gauss surgical`s triton captures blood images on sponges and suction canister using an iPad based app. This application is based on Computer vision and machine language algorithms, Healthcare professionals in hospitals use this application to calculate the amount of blood loss during Caesarian deliveries or surgical operations.  

In 2017. Gauss surgical perform an analysis on the amount of blood on the suction canister or surgical sponges collected from the cesarean delivering during by using this application found that the result is more accurate than obstetricians' visual estimates.


Computer vision technology is now adopting by many farmers to enhance their operation. It helps the farmer to adopt efficient growth techniques, which return in increasing overall profit. 

  • Slantrange

The company is known for development of advanced AI drones powered by computer-vision technology with intelligent systems containing processors, sensors, storage devices, and AI software to monitor and measure the condition of crops. The camera supports a resolution of 4.8 cm/pixel when recording from a height of 120 meters, it can provide a better result if flying from less height.

The drone takes pictures of the field to show the different conditions of the crops, which can be compared to decide which crop needs immediate action. If stressed crops are found, then these stressors may have dehydration, pest infestations, and nutrient deficiencies, these conditions passed to the organization, which analyze the data, and provide better solutions to the farmer for better treatment.

Alex Petersen, owner of On Target Imaging states that if the farming approach changes from analog agriculture to digital agriculture then it will harvest more crops with minimum input and improves the overall farming method. 


Just like various other industries, the computer vision technology is quickly finding its applications in the banking sector, where it is being used to automate the various traditional banking procedures.

  • Mitek Systems

Mitek Systems has been able to leverage the computer vision technology to develop robust image recognition algorithms that are able to classify and authenticate various official documents, as well as, extract data such as ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, and checks.

The application works by taking a photo of the customer id via a mobile device which sends to the user`s bank to verify the authenticity. When their authenticity is confirmed then the check or application process.  

The process starts when the user enters his mobile number into an application form of bank. A message will be received on his with a link the user can tap to open an image-capture experience, the user can select an image from an ID card, passport, or driving license. As the image uploads the application, send real-time feedback while ensuring that the image is captured in high quality. The app corrects the pictures as well such as distortion and poor lighting conditions.  


  • Osprey Informatics

Osprey informatics are used in the industrial sector to monitor the status or conditions of complex infrastructures and manufacturing divisions, such as work activity remote, wells, industrial facilities, and site security

In one study, the online visual monitoring system developed by the company was able to lower the number of onsite visits significantly, while also greatly reducing the overall costs of operations. The customer was searching for ways to make oil production efficient. Osprey place virtual monitoring system for monitoring and identifying new applications to increase productivity. The site visits were reduced to 50 % by using Osprey Solution. The cost visit per person also reduced from $20 to 1$

As per the company Website, computer vision technology is using in many industrial facilities including chemical factories, oil and gas platforms, and even nuclear power plants. Data collected from cameras and sensors are conveying to AI software. Which notifies the maintenance departments to take safety precautions before any big damage.

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what is a computer vision technology

What is a Computer Vision Technology?

What is a Computer Vision Technology?

Muhammad Imran


November 15th, 2020

Today, with decades of research and refinement, computer vision technology has greatly matured and very much a reality.

But what exactly computer vision technology is all about?

what is a computer vision technology

At the turn of the 20th century, computer vision seemed little more than a crazy unrealistic dream of scientists and scholars. The Summer Vision Project was perhaps the first computer vision project that was assigned to undergrads back in 1960. The key vision then was to utilize the computing power (whatever existed then) to develop a computer program (algorithm) capable of understanding, analyzing, interpreting, and responding to stimuli from the surrounding.

Since then there have been growing efforts to develop more robust and intelligent computer vision algorithms that are able to understand, interpret, and interact with the surrounding. The fast-track technological advancement in the 1990s that significantly reduced the prices and increased availability of high-powered supercomputers further increased the development of computer vision technology as engineers rushed to come up with more complex and robust mathematical models.

Today, with decades of research and refinement, computer vision technology has greatly matured and very much a reality.

But what exactly computer vision technology is all about?

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What Is Computer Vision Technology For SMEs and Enterprises?

To put it simply, computer vision is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence that is meant to take understand the visual components (imagery or video) for identification, analysis, processing, and extraction of information. It’s the technology that fuels the limitless application of image processing software, image segmentation overcoming the inherent limitation of the human eye to process the information from visual components.  

Today, computer vision technology is able to train models for effective and efficient analysis of the visual components (imagery and videos) to yield discreet information which otherwise isn’t possible for humans to do it on their own.

Computer vision has remained an area of study as a machine learning concept for quite some time. As far back as the 1950s, the raw concepts of computer vision were used to analyze environmental objects and systems. Although still in its infancy then, the core concept for the technology has remained consistent – devising useful information from the visual components using intelligent machine learning models that are able to identify, analyze and process information from visual components. However, the technological restrictions of that time-restricted the scope and application of computer vision technology back until the 1990s, when finally supercomputers were started to mass produce and be available for scientists to continue their research for the development of robust computer vision technology.

Today, the technology has matured greatly with advanced algorithms being developed for practical utilization of the technology in daily lives, which have proved to be of great worth for personal and commercial use. Today, various companies are developing comprehensive and advance computer vision technology applications with cross-industry utility.

Read our detailed guide on how does computer vision works?

Applications of Computer Vision Technology

Computer vision technology is making its way into all aspects of commercial and personal lives. Today, nearly all industry sectors private and public included are utilizing the power of computer vision technology to track, process, and interpret the world around them. Below we have come up with some of the top applications of computer vision technology;

Improved Online Merchandising

For the past two decades, online merchandising has solely relied on tags to understand customers’ search queries. For instance, to define a bag, an online merchandiser attach various tags with the products like “bag”, “Polyester”, “Black”, “cotton” or other tags that enable to refine the search results for the users.

The system has been working fine for online merchandising for decades, even though this wasn’t the most efficient or effective system. Nonetheless, with the rapid adoption of computer vision technology, this is soon going to change, making it must easier for customers to find the precise merchandise they are looking for.

The technology will essentially eliminate the reliance on tags for merchandise search, rather it will bring into place comparison for actual physical characteristics of products in the image. In simple terms, in the future, customers no longer would have to rely on tags to find out the best product, rather they will be able to perform image similarity to find the exact product (size, shape, color, and other physical characteristics) they are looking for.

Redefining the retail experience

Perhaps the most fascinating and exciting application of computer vision technology is its ability to redefine the retail experience for customers. Amazon Go is a prime example of the capacity and capability of computer vision technology for users.

If you already aren’t aware of the Amazon Go stores and image analytics, there are physical stores with no checkout lines. Customers can visit the stores with no cashiers. You can just pick up whatever you want and leave the store. The store is fitted with a camera system all across, which is able to track and identify the movements of shoppers. The smart cart carried by customers also comes with scanners, which instantly detect any items that are placed or removed from the cart. The powerful computer vision algorithms running the cameras automatically detect and make transactions for the items from customers’ online account, thereby, saving them the hassle of going through the cashier lines.

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what is a computer vision engineer

What is a Computer Vision Engineer – Beginners Guide

What is a Computer Vision Engineer?

Muhammad Imran


November 4th, 2020

At the core of its job, a computer vision engineer is tasked to create computer vision algorithms that are meant to process large visual data ad solve real-world problems.

what is a computer vision engineer

Computer vision engineering is one of the fastest-growing fields that deal with the ability of computers to read, analyze, and process digital images or videos. It’s an interdisciplinary scientific field that is at the centre of technological advancements and seeks to automate the human visual system. The computer vision engineers excel in developing complex machine algorithms that are able to understand, analyze, and extract key information from imagery. At the basic, the field is closely related to machine learning and artificial technology, where the end objective is to enhance the capabilities of the machine in achieving automation for various computer vision tasks.

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Computer vision engineering along with machine learning and artificial intelligence has significantly enhanced the machine capabilities for visual data analysis. Today, computer vision engineers are responsible for the development of robust algorithms to extract key information from the visual content. The technology may be used to analyze high-dimensional data and extract information in real-time, enabling businesses to boost their workflow processes and achieve higher productivity.

Folio3 is among the leading tech companies delivering businesses innovative and robust computer vision engineering solutions for image recognition. The company comes with extensive experience and proven expertise in offering digital image processing solutions meant to automate various tasks related to visual interpretation. The complex computer vision algorithms developed by the Folio3 offers unmatched precision and performance for teal-time and even offline digital image processed solutions. With strong expertise in the embedded systems and an extensive portfolio of high-utility tools to create innovative solutions, Folio3 is able to work with individual businesses to develop customize computer vision algorithms for unique business needs.

Folio3 also often collaborates with some of the leading tech businesses across the world, as a means to share knowledge and build better capabilities to create innovative and robust computer vision applications. The massive investment in the research and development teams has enabled Folio3 to come up with some of the most innovative and comprehensive computer vision products available in the market.

Some of the key computer vision solutions offered by Folio3 includes;

Digital image processing

Image Segmentation

Image Similarity

Compression and filtering

Image Analytics

Bio-metric identity authentication

Image and video-based indexing

Advanced computational imaging

Visual search

Video archiving and retrieval

Event detection and recognition

What is a Computer Vision Engineer Job Description?

At the core of its job, a computer vision engineer is tasked to create computer vision algorithms that are meant to process large visual data ad solve real-world problems. For much of the time, computer vision engineers conduct extensive research and testing of machine learning primitives and implement algorithms for testing accuracy and performance. Computer vision engineers work in teams with personnel responsible to implement novel embedded architectures. Some of the key skills for computer vision engineers including machine learning, image segmentation, and image recognition.

Necessary Skills

A large part of the question; what is a computer vision engineer is described by the skills possessed by the person. Since computer vision engineering is an interdisciplinary field, computer vision engineers come with skills in various fields including linear algebra, machine learning, development environment, object-oriented programming, critical-thinking skills, and others.

Learn more about how does computer vision works in this detailed guide.

What is a Vision Engineer Use Cases in the Real World?

Today, computer vision engineering is used extensively in cross-industry applications, with the core purpose of creating a more efficient and effective digital image recognition technology that is able to analyze, process, and extract vital information from the visual data. Some of the leading tech companies in the world including; Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and others are investing USD billions in research and development of computer vision technology and come up with more powerful and comprehensive tools.

Some of the industries that have implemented computer vision engineering in their workflow processes to design and create better workflow processes include;








Below we have come up with some cross-industry application of Computer vision engineering;

Retail Industry


The latest sensation from Amazon is its retail outlet namely the Amazon Go store. It’s a futuristic retail concept with no cashiers. The shoppers don’t need to wait in line to pay for the things, rather they can just take up the things they want and leave the store. At present, Amazon Go has started in Seattle, Washington, where the store is fitted with an advanced camera system integrated with computer vision technology.

The computer vision technology that powers Amazon’s futuristic stores is called Just Walk Out. It enables people to take all the items they want, which are instantly scanned by the scanning devices, which in turn totaled the purchasing cost of the items and is deducted from the shopper’s digital wallet. The entire Amazon Go store is surveilled by cameras that are present on all the aisles and ceilings. The computer vision technology that powers that camera enables the comprehensive imaging system of the store to determine the place from where an item is removed by a customer, as well as when the customer put back an item to the shelf. The imaging system also enables the app to keep surveillance of the shoppers across the stores, ensuring the customers’ are billed correctly for the items they purchased.


Apart from the retail industry, the automotive industry is also fast integrating computer vision technology along with other data analytics technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to create the next generation of auto-drive cars. Here’s a use case of computer vision engineering in the automotive sector;


Waymo is a leading automotive business with a strong focus to create a better and safer transportation system. Google self-driving car project, or what we now know as Waymo is utilizing futuristic technologies like computer vision to create self-driving cars and robust sensors as a means to improve the safety and comfort of people.

According to the company, cars developed by Waymo are integrated with the sensors and software which are able to identify movements of vehicles, pedestrians, road movements, and others at 360-degrees. Waymo also claims that the company has already tested the software and sensors for over 7 million miles

on public roads, and has been successful in safe navigation of self-driving vehicles, through the daily traffic.

What is a Machine Vision Engineer Skills to look for?

Some of the key skills to lookout in a machine vision engineer includes;

- Computer vision knowledge

- Development environment

- Programming

- CV tools

Is computer vision a good career in 2021?

The demand for expert and experienced computer vision engineers has continued to increase for the past decade. With the projected growth of AR and VR technologies reaching over $200 billion in the next few years, the continuous development of self-driving cars and other digital image processing technologies, it can be safely predicted that computer vision engineers will remain in high demand for the foreseeable future.

How do I start a computer vision engineer career in 2021?

For being a computer vision engineer, you will need a Graduation degree in engineering (BE) preferably in the Computer Science field. You will also need to have a working knowledge of statistics, mathematics, programming, and other related fields.

What are computer vision engineer techniques?

Image Classification

Object Detection

Object Tracking 

Semantic Segmentation

Instance Segmentation 

Image Reconstruction 

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