Agriculture Drone Software – The Technology Powering the Food Security of the Future

The agriculture drone software market is expected to reach over USD 4.8 billion in the next five years. Get a Free Demo of Folio3 Drone Agriculture Software
Agriculture Drone Software

It is estimated that the world’s population will reach over 9 billion in the next 3 decades. That’s 2 billion more souls to share the already dwindling resources, and 2 billion more mouths to feed. At present, the agricultural produce across the world is already under stress to keep up with the ever-increasing number of people to feed and the massive increase in the coming decades will eventually lead to widespread hunger and deaths; provided we aren’t able to bring in new technologies to significantly enhance the overall productivity. 

The agriculture industry today is already moving towards new ai drones technology; embracing innovations and looking to breakthroughs that may further improve the overall process and yields. The most impactful technology to gain traction in the agriculture industry is drones. Drones have become the next “Big Thing” in the agriculture industry; opening up massive new avenues for farmers to automate traditional processes and manifolds the crop yield with robust farm management.

The agriculture drone market is expected to reach over USD 4.8 billion in the next five years with a CAGR of over 31%. That’s one reason why tech companies and big businesses are already investing fortunes into the development and manufacturing of a new breed of agriculture drone software, which can cope with the pressing needs of the future.

Folio3 is Your Custom Farming Agriculture Drones and Applications Partner 

Folio3 is a well-established name in the agriculture drone software industry; bringing in new and powerful technologies to assist farmers in better and robust field management. Over the past many years, Folio3 drone agriculture software solutions have made their way into various agriculture practices including terrain mapping, livestock management, and solar power management for farms. The company has been working in close collaboration with farmers in the USA to come up with AI drone agriculture software to transform and automate the traditional agricultural practices.

Some of the potential benefits offered by folio3’s drone agriculture software include;

Aerial Data Collection

Coupled with powerful imaging sensors, and cameras drone agriculture software from Folio3 enables farmers to have bird’s eye view imagery for the farm for faster and better management. Some of the imaging sensors that can be used as payloads on agriculture drones include; thermal, LiDAR, infrared, visual, and others; enabling comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of crops.

Data Analytics

To even further automate the crop health management, Folio3 AI-based drone agriculture software enables automated analysis of the imagery and delivers real-time interactive reports to farmers; enabling them to spot any crop health issues before it affects the crop yield.

Delivering Action

The automated AI-based agriculture drone software from Folio3 can be sued to pre-program drones for specific tasks like monitoring routes, terrain mapping, spraying, and others, fastening the farm management process, and reducing the cost of the agriculture practice.

Below, we have come up with some specific applications of Folio3 drone agriculture software solutions that are already enhancing the agriculture industry massively;

Folio3 Agriculture Drone Software for Terrain Mapping

The ability to capture bird eye view imagery of terrain makes drones the perfect solutions for farmers to monitor and evaluate terrain for agriculture. Folio3 terrain mapping solutions offer farmers programmable solutions to perform detailed and real-time terrain mapping of the fields to better prepare for the harvesting. 

The AI-powered algorithms from Folio3 can be used to create 3D terrain maps of the farms using point data from LiDAR. This is especially helpful to promote high-potential farming practices in mountainous terrains, by giving farmers the clear reconnaissance imagery for land preparation. Also, large farms covering hundreds and thousands of hectares can be easily mapped and managed using automated terrain mapping drones.

Folio3 Agriculture Drone Software for Solar Inspection

Another brilliant agriculture drone software solution by Folio3 that has helped hundreds of farmers across the United States is solar inspection solutions

Solar panels are being widely used by the farmers as an alternative to traditional energy. Farmers rely on these solar farms to produce the energy required to power tube wells, and other related farming activities. This isn’t just a greener approach, but also enable farmers to save fortunes in energy expenses.

Folio3 advanced integrated agriculture drone software solution enables farmers to keep up with the maintenance and management of the solar panels. The drones can be preprogrammed to conduct aerial surveillance over the solar panels and send real-time imagery for monitoring and maintenance purposes. This not only saves much time and costs compared to manual surveys but also enables farmers to identify any malfunctioned or broken panels for timely repairs or replacement.

Folio3 Agriculture Drone Software for Livestock Monitoring

Last but not least, Folio3 has also developed integrated livestock management and monitoring software solutions for the agriculture industry. The AI-powered agriculture drone software can be preprogrammed to ensure consistent and real-time surveillance and monitoring of livestock across the fields. 

What are the Advantages of Agriculture Drone Software for Startups?

While big farms have already started to adopt agriculture drones into daily farm management, small farms have been somewhat hesitant to adopt; primarily due to the upfront cost of the technology, as well as, unawareness about the potential benefits.

Below are some of the advantages of agriculture drone software for startups and small farms;

Reduces Production Costs

For startups and small farms, the production costs are always the top of the mind. While the upfront cost of the technology may be on a little higher end, the overall benefit of automating various agriculture practices like crop assessment, precision agriculture, and field scouting, significantly reduces the overall production costs.

Overcome Labor Shortages

Farms in the USA have been dealing with labor shortages for decades. Now with powerful drone agriculture software solutions, it’s possible for farms to comprehensively manage farms without much need of laborers, as drones take over various laborious tasks.

Technology is becoming Cheaper

The massive R&D activity and involvement of big tech firms like Folio3 in the industry have made a significant impact on the availability and prices of agricultural drones. Today, it’s possible for startups and small farms to adopt the technology without breaking the bank.

What are the Benefits of Agriculture Drone Software for SMEs and Enterprises?

Similar to startups and small farms, the agriculture drone software technology brings a myriad of benefits to SMEs and Enterprises including;


While previously farmers may have their suspicions towards the reliability of the technology, today the technology has matured greatly and offered consistent reliable solutions for farmers. Whether it’s for surveillance purposes or precision agriculture practice, you can rely on agriculture drone technology to deliver precise results every time.

Real-Time Insights

The key to success in agriculture today lies in the ability in real-time surveillance and monitoring of the crops to identify any crop health issues and take precautionary measures. With AI-powered programmable drone software, it is possible for farmers to keep up with consistent surveillance for crop health monitoring with real-time insights and take timely actions for higher yields and better productivity.

Drone Ecosystem Has Emerged

Drone technology today doesn’t offer discreet solutions; rather companies like Folio3 and others are offering a complete agriculture drone ecosystem that can be used as an integrated solution for complete farm management; from terrain mapping to surveillance and from harvesting and spraying to precision agriculture.

What is the Other Drone Software for the agriculture industry?

Some of the best drone Software for the agriculture industry includes;

SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, SZ DJI Technology is among the biggest agriculture drone software solution provider. The company is involved in the manufacturing of powerful drones, along with integrated software solutions to automate various traditional practices related to the agriculture industry. SZ DJI technology maintains a strong presence in China, the USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Africa.

PrecisionHawk Inc.

PrecisionHawk is a US-based drone manufacturer founded in 2010. The company is actively involved in the development of a new generation of powerful drones along with specific software solutions for agriculture, energy, construction, and other industries. PrecisionHawk maintains its geographical presence across Latin America, North-America, Europe, and Australia.

How can drones software be used in the agriculture industry?

Some of the applications of drone software in the agriculture industry include;

Precision agriculture

Prevents infestations

Moisture Mapping

Crop health monitoring

Livestock management

Crop quality monitoring

Precision spraying, and

Seed Harvesting

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