10 AI Chatbot Tools in Shopify

The best Shopify ai chatbots allowed eCommerce companies to utilize the data and provide personalized, immediate resolution to possible customers
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Artificial intelligence (AI) changed the way we view e-commerce. It is undeniable that AI, together with machine learning (ML) opened a lot of doors in the field. One good example is the introduction of chatbots.

Having chatbots gave us a ton of advantages. Especially that one of its edges is that they can respond 24/7 without the need to call any service teams during office hours. This allows a faster response rate that provides a better customer experience.

The benefits chatbots provide can be seen in Shopify. Why? Well, the platform’s revenue in 2020 alone is around $3 billion. This is a 300% increase from its 2015 revenue. And we cannot deny that user experience played a huge part in its phenomenal growth.

Much-Needed Traits of Chatbot Tools in Shopify Store

The best Shopify chatbots allowed eCommerce companies to utilize the data accessible in Shopify to provide personalized, immediate resolution to possible customers. Thus it is only fair to pick the best chatbot tool that has the following traits:

  1. Reinforce Thorough Systematic Reports

This helps you understand the efficacy of the eCommerce web. The reports should assist you to see the leads and those who interconnect with the chatbot, whether they finished the discussion or not.

  1. Provide Emotions While on Discussion

To know a human’s point of view, a chatbot should be backed by artificial intelligence. This should be the first trait you look for when finding a chatbot.

  1. Provide Flexibility on Changes in a Discussion at Anytime

Choose a chatbot that can change the flow of the discussion for different scenarios and give other options.

  1. Offer Security of Customer Data

Chatbots are a great platform to help you get data which are essential for your eCommerce system’s growth. But as you capture more data, customer security becomes quite a crucial factor. Therefore, you should bring a chatbot that has good customer data security reviews.

With these functionalities, you can find the most suitable chatbot for you. But what are the best chatbot tools you can find in Shopify?

10 Best Chatbots in Shopify

  1. Ometrics Ochatbot

Ometrics provides a variety of templates containing synced product feed, tracking bots, and many more. It might look old-fashioned but its analytics is big in that it offers you snapshot reports and customer journey insight.

Some feature Ochabot have are:

  • Zapier integration for CRM
  • Advanced analytics
  • Open API

The pricing plans are:

  • Free
  • $69/mo
  • $109/mo
  • $495/mo
  1. Chatra

Chatra is a Shopify chatbot app that also gives live chat. It enhances the experiences of the customers by keeping your clients tangled with your team 24/7.

Chatbot features:

  • Unification with Instagram and Facebook
  • Notifications of targeted messages and triggers
  • Online and offline bots
  • Unificatperating hours
  • Contact form bot

            Chatra consist of three pricing plans:

  • Free plan
  • $22/mo
  • $27/mo
  1. RelishAI

RelishAI is built to automate customer services; it also expands sales and conversion rates. RelishAI offers a variation of Shopify AI chatbot templates based on product discovery assistance and abandoned carts.

Chatbot feature:

  • FAQs
  • Conversational campaigns
  • Order tracking
  • Cross-selling and Upselling templates
  • Newsletter Signup

RelishAI has four pricing plans:

  • $29/mo
  • $6/mo
  • $199/mo
  • On-demand
  1. HeyDay by HootSuite

If you are looking for a chatbot that offers NLP-based chatbots that work on all of the most famous platforms, HeyDay is what you’re looking for. It is a conversational AI platform for mid-market and enterprise retailers. It also offers virtual shopping tools such as video consulting and live chat.

HeyDay features include:

  • NLP-based chatbots
  • Automated tracking of order
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Bot to human handoff
  • AI product search

HeyDay only has two pricing plans

  • $49/mo
  • Starting at $1k/mo
  1. Formilla

Formilla is an ideal chatbot for business owners who need a more advanced widget on their Shopify website. Formilla provides automated marketing tools, such as real-time visitor monitoring, a multi-channel dashboard, and contact management.

It features:

  • Lead classification
  • Menu-based messaging chatbots
  • NLP based chatbots

Consisting three pricing plans ranging from:

  • $15/mo
  • $25/mo
  • $35/mo
  1. Gorgias

Ideal for medium companies that look for easy tracking and segmentation tools to supply personalization to their clients. Gorgias is effective at increasing sales.

Gorgias contains features like

  • Easy chatbot history view
  • Tacking updates
  • Issues categorization

Consists of Four pricing plans

  • $60/mo
  • $300/mo
  • $750/mo
  • On-demand
  1. MaisieAI

Built for eCommerce owners, MaisieAI is a digital assistant that can provide ready-made and custom builders. MaisieAI’s clear UI and its sleek look aid any starting business owner who prefers simplicity.

Its features are:

  • Lost sale recovery
  • Human handoff
  • Issue routing and tracking

The pricing plans are based on monthly visitors

  • $9/mo per 1000 unique monthly visitors
  • Custom managed plans on demand
  1. Re:amaze

If the chatbot you are looking for is simple yet flexible, Re:amaze is the app for you. It is designed by GoDaddy—a famous domain registrar. It may only have a few chatbot templates but Re:amaze has a custom chatbot builder that enables one to create chatbots that can assist in real-time discussion at once.

This chatbot got a very good rating because of the multibranding option.

Other features that Re: amaze offers

  • Customizable chat bot identity
  • Human operator handoff
  • Custom chatbot builder

Have three pricing plans

  • $29/mo
  • $49/mo
  • $69/mo
  1. Gobot

Shopping quizzes and other pre-built quizzes to help the clients to pick the best products. This is what separates Gobot from the other chatbots.

Thanks to the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, Gobot can do a good job at collecting customer feedback and doing some product recommendations. It is also known to have a great rating at the Shopify store.

Gobot Chatbot feature

  • Zendesk, Gorgias, and Salesforce unification
  • Extensive knowledge base 
  • Drag and drop builder

Only has two pricing plans which are

  • Offers the first 5,000 customers free of all engagements
  • Pricing available on request
  1. Tidio

An all-in-one customer service platform, providing boosted live chat with chatbots. Tidio allows the client to follow hot discussions to influence the sales. The software also bases the chatbot triggers on what goods the clients are searching for. Tidio has the greatest rating among all the chatbots on the list.

It features:

  • “Human-agent Unavailable” notifications
  • FAQs
  • Pre-designed templates
  • NLP based chatbots

Have three pricing plans:

  • Free forever plan
  • $15/mo
  • $39/mo

AI In Shopify

AI definitely made a huge impact on our lives. And it is safe to say that e-commerce is joining the trend. Platforms such as Shopify made sure to maximize this and incorporated the current AI trends as well.

You must have at least a few favorites on the list to choose from before making the final selection. If you are still unsure make sure to make a recap of the must-needed traits to have the perfect chatbot for you.

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