AI Story Generator – Best Software in 2022 For Generating Scripts, Articles and Editing Copies

AI story generator apps will help you to produce cutting-edge content and streamline creation across different departments.
AI Story Generator

Keeping up with the growing demand for content has become easier with AI story generators. These AI story generator apps powered by machine learning solutions can create content at unparalleled speed, whereby enabling streamlining of the work and both time & money-saving.

These AI story generator apps powered by machine learning solutions can create AI-generated paintings and content at unparalleled speed, whereby enabling streamlining of the work and both time & money-saving.

Best AI Story Generator Software

1) Grammarly

Grammarly is a great tool that helps create content that is concise, readable and error-free. It identifies and fixes writing mistakes in basic to complex material, depending on the plan. It finds problem areas and makes word & sentence structuring suggestions. It also allows you to add new words to the dictionary and receive reports on writing mistakes you make regularly. Premium plans start from $0 to $11.66 a month and business plan that can be shared with up to 100 people, costs $15/mo.

2) Textio

Textio is a good tool that enables augmentation of your writing to produce effective job listings. It scores writing skills and suggests the phrases that might be more apt for recruiting the most qualified applicants. It also reports on the key characteristics of your applicant pool, such as gender and diversity. Gmail and LinkedIn Recruiter integration allows you to write and post from anywhere, while also enabling you to share documents with other teams within your organisation.

The Textio Hire Package that facilitates job and email communication subscription ranges around $17-27k for a 12 month period. The final figure is based on the number of months, job postings and business size.

3) Articoolo

Articoolo is another great tool that is used by writers to create greater volumes of content in a more efficient manner. It helps find the best material, message and keywords to help you bring your project to life. While you pick the topic and length, it takes the material and utilizes NLP to rewrite it in order to produce unique material that can be used as a starting point. Moreover, it has a WordPress plug-in that can find images that go with the articles. The price is based on pay per use: 10 articles are $19,  50 articles are $75, 100 articles are $99. 30 articles per month can be subscribed for $29/mo, 100 articles per month at $49/mo and 250 articles per month at $99/mo.

4) ProWriting Aid

ProWriting Aid works as an online editor, writing and style guide – all in one. It identifies issues in your writing that are likely to go unnoticed such as overused or abstract words. The free version allows you to upload copies of your documents and receive up to 20 in-depth writing reports. These can be utilized to strengthen and bring clarity to your text.  ProWritingAid smoothly integrates with numerous other software, such as MS Word, GoogleDocs, Scrivener, Open Office, or Chrome. This means you can edit wherever you write.

5) Article Forge

Article Forge platform utilizes powerful algorithms that can automatically review existing articles similar to how humans do. The intelligent algorithms have the capability to conduct research and go through an infinite number of articles in order to write articles in their own words. It can also generate search engine optimized pieces. The tool allows for easy scheduling and automation of WordPress postings. You can pay $297 yearly or $47 monthly, plus it comes with a 30 days no risk and money back guarantee.

Key Difference Between Speech to Text and AI Generated Stories App

Speech to text software is a computer program that utilizes linguistic algorithms to understand auditory signals and converting it into words by using Unicode characters. In simple words, this  automatic speech recognition (ASR) software listens to audio and delivers precise and editable transcripts.

AI generated stories app is based on NLG, which allows generation of written narratives from data. This software is already being used for business intelligence dashboards, personalized email, data reports and more. Structured or raw data is processed by the software through the “conditional logic” to produce narratives that sound like human-generated content.

Folio3.Ai Offer Custom AI Story Generator Solution

Enable greater time savings and more control with our AI Story Generator Solution. Utilize Folio3’s AI story generator software to create unique, SEO optimized and information-densed content. Our Speech to text software also allows you to reword existing articles and add value. We have the expertise to generate custom article software with exceptional text generation abilities. We offer just the right coding expertise to help you utilize our text AI in your autoblogging projects. Our AI story generator can be used as a good source of inspiration and ideas.


Can AI write a story without plagiarism?

Most AI-generated stories are based on existing templates. These templates are semi-automatically generated sentences or stories that the machine uses according to the context that it is working in. These slots are then filled with relevant material to create an AI-generated story. Even though Predictive analytics has improved a lot over time, it still cannot generate human-like prose or produce fluid paraphrases. Due to this, AI stories often resemble works that already exist. Human intervention is therefore needed to make the AI-generated stories smoother and more original.

What is GPT2 for beginners?

GPT-2 stands for “Generative Pretrained Transformer 2”. Generative refers to the model’s automated predictive capabilities. This means that the model is trained to identify statistical features in a given data-set, raw or otherwise, to create more text. “Pretrained” refers to the enhancements made to the language model’s abilities to carry out specific tasks. This large and powerful model has become quite popular and we will see an upward trend moving forward. “Transformer” means that it is based on the transformer architecture, while “2” simply means this is not the first time GPT is being tried out.

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