Animal Counting – How Drones are Changing Livestock Management?

We will be looking at some of the exclusive applications of animal counting and how it is revolutionizing the traditional ways.
Animal counting

Farming enterprises around the world are increasingly implementing Animal counting technology to beef up the efficiency of processes and access a faster and consistent approach to crop data collection. However, Livestock apps aren’t just limited to precision agriculture; rather, they are equally effective for livestock farming; one field which is often overshadowed by applications of AI drones.

Well, here in this blog, we will be looking at some of the exclusive applications of animal counting technology in livestock management and how it is revolutionizing the traditional ways of livestock management.

Automatic Animal Counting

Animal detection has remained a pressing challenge for ranchers who are always after better and more streamlined solutions to manage livestock count. AI-powered drones using powerful AI and ML algorithms are now making it easier for farmers to detect and automate animal counts from imagery. The drones are equipped with robust cameras/sensors to capture real-time imagery from the field, which is then automatically processed using AI/ML-based image processing techniques like image segmentation and others to identify, map, and count animals in the imagery. This significantly reduces the time for farmers and ranchers while also improving the precision of the counting process.

Field Security Monitoring for Animal Counting

Another simple yet highly effective application of livestock management is field security monitoring.

Almost all livestock farmers and ranchers would have experienced the dreaded phone call informing them that their animals were on the loose. And the very first thought after hearing such a call is to remember if you had shut the gate or not? However, no amount of regret can undo the damage that had been done.

Nonetheless, farmers and ranchers can keep up with periodic field inspections while sitting comfortably in their lounges by implementing AI drones. Today’s powerful drone technology driven by disruptive technologies can efficiently conduct flight surveys across the fields while capturing and sending back real-time video footage to farmers/ranchers. This significantly reduces the time and efforts required to keep up with the field security while also minimize the risk of losing livestock due to negligence. Also, it enables farmers/ranchers to identify any repairs required in the field and take timely actions to minimize chances of livestock loss.

Animal welfare monitoring

Managing animals health isn’t the easiest of tasks for farmers/ranchers. Most of the time, livestock farms manage hundreds or thousands of animals, making it next to impossible for them to keep up with animal welfare critically.

Thankfully, AI-powered drones are fully capable of getting this tedious job done; rather effortlessly.

Most of the modern AI drones are equipped with powerful cameras/sensors that are able to capture livestock images in various modes. For instance, AI drones may be equipped with a thermal sensor to measure the body temperature of each animal in the field. By using powerful AI/ML algorithms and proven image processing technologies, these sensors are able to automatically process the imagery to detect any anomaly in body temperatures and alert farmers/ranchers for the same. This greatly helps reduce the time and effort required to monitor and manage animal welfare while also minimizing the risk of animal loss by identifying sick animals through heat signatures.

Automated drone operation – taking technology a step further

While today farmers/ranchers act as virtual pilots to manage drone flights for all of the use cases above, the technology is fast changing for the future. Today, robust AI drones are fully capable of taking automated flights across the field perimeters and perform desired tasks without any need for human intervention. For instance, you can now pre-program the AI drones for periodic flights across the fields for specific purposes. This will ensure that you keep up with all important livestock management tasks and avoid losses due to inefficient management processes.

Getting started with AI drones for livestock management

If you, too, are looking to implement AI drones for livestock management at your farm, you can simply start by buying yourself a budget AI drone and getting used to the technology. However, since you need to operate on a commercial scale, hiring processing AI drone agencies with experience in developing powerful AI, ML, computer vision algorithms for agriculture or livestock management is highly recommended. This will ensure that they have the right industry expertise and experience to deliver effective animal count and livestock management solutions.

At Folio3, we are one of the leading tech companies globally offering reliable and consistent AI solutions to farms across the USA, Europe, and Australia. Our expert developers have created some most powerful and accurate AI drones algorithms that deliver exceptional results for farmers/ranchers. If you are interested in beefing up the efficiency and effectiveness of your livestock farms, just get in touch with our customer support representatives to arrange a meeting with our tech experts.

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