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Celeb DeepFakes are fake versions of celebrities recordings that appear exactly like the real thing. Learn more about along best celeb DeepFakes examples.
Best Celeb Deepfakes

Deepfakes Celeb exists in real world. Seek the greatest examples in this guide.

DeepFakes are fake versions of recordings that appear exactly like the real thing. Celeb DeepFakes utilizes machine learning solutions and computer vision technologies to draw deceptive capabilities for visual or audio content manipulation. People have been utilizing this to produce fictional, yet highly convincing photos and videos. Even audio is being deepfaked by creating “voice clones” of famous personalities. To many, this technology can be really helpful while others have used it to wreak havoc.

What are Celeb Deepfakes?

The general public was made aware of the deepfake technology in 2017, when an anonymous Reddit user posted fake adult videos featuring famous celebrities like Scarlett Johansson. These were not real-life footage but celebrity faces and adult videos were combined using deepfake to make the videos appear real. Over the years the technology has picked up where the algorithm does not require ample video footage, which is only available for public figures to create fake videos.

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How are DeepFakes Celeb Made?

The creation of Face-swap videos involves a series of steps. It starts with running thousands of face shots of two people through the encoder (AI algorithm). The encoder finds similarities and differences between the two and compresses the images to combine the common features in the two faces. 

Then a decoder is trained to recover the faces from the compressed images. A different decoder is used for each face. The final step involves feeding encoded images to the “wrong” decoder, for instance feeding the images of person A to the decoder trained on person B. The decoder uses the expression and orientation of person A to reconstruct the face of person B. In order to produce a convincing video, the process needs to be repeated for each frame.

Best Celeb DeepFakes Images

Check out this collage of Chris pine morph into some shape-shifting alien. LOL.

Deepfakes celeb

Best Celeb DeepFakes Videos

Artist Bill Posters in response to Facebook’s refusal to remove Nancy Pelosi’s video posted a fake video of Mark Zuckerberg in which he can be seen claiming to use Facebook users.

This video, Better Call Trump: Money Laundering 101 is based on a scene from Breaking Bad, whereby introducing Trump as James Gill.

A deepfake video was uploaded by Mystere Giraffe in which Will Smith’s face was plastered on Cardi’s body. It looked very real and was shared by both celebrities on their social media accounts.

Best Celeb DeepFakes FAQs:

How are celeb DeepFakes made for free?

People download apps like FakeApp generally and look at how-to tutorials online to train their computers to pull off face-swaps. Users in China can use easy solutions like Zao, whereas Carica is another app that creates deepfakes in a matter of seconds.

What software is used for DeepFakes?

Deep learning is a set of intelligent algorithms that can learn and make decisions on their own. DeepFake employs AI and Machine Learning as a service to create content. The method also involves training generative neural network architectures.

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